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Jonathan Reynolds

Jonathan Reynolds

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Betazed
Played by: liamreynolds

Physical Appearance

Height -6'2'
Weight -200lb
Hair Color - Short, light brown
Eye Color - Green with dark black betazoid iris

John looks very human, most people are not aware he is part Betazoid and can read emotions and engage in some telepathy with other species. He has toned arms from boxing and works out to keep his muscle


Jon is the firstborn of twins in one of the oldest houses of Betazed. Hes the less sensitive and naughtier one of the two brothers. To the point where he has on occasion made stupid decisions and got himself in trouble. Hes excelled in his career to date by a mix of hard work and sheer dumb luck. And intends to keep climbing and reaching for the stars.

Pre-Service Biography

John was born to his Betazed mother and Human father in Yorkshire, England. He and his brother Liam lived there until they were 12 and their parents decided to move to Betazed for their mother to take a job and spend more time with their Betazed grandparents. There Betazoid gifts were just emerging when they made the move and it took him time to settle down and embrace the culture and peoples gifts.

John took to it like a duck to water. Liam struggled, became a bit of a rebellious terror. John watched several times as his twin was hauled back for sneaking out, partying and general mischief and developed a respect for security. Liam eventually meeting a counsellor calmed down. Both brothers dreamed of going to the stars and both enrolled in Star fleet.

StarFleet Service History

USS Lexington as a Ensign.

USS Venture (Deep Space Vessel) posting came up and John applied out of adventure.

Promoted to Assistant chief of security after Rajor 5 Diplomatic incidents

USS Santiago - Went for Chief of security position and was successful
Promoted to Commander rank and became XO

USS Andromeda - Commanding officer

Awards Won

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