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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Risa
Played by: wynnushaar

Physical Appearance

Kael'ko is tall and in excellent physical condition. A typical Risian, he is considered classically handsome by human standards. He wears his chestnut brown hair a little long, hooding his jet black eyes. He has a several tattoos, though none are visible when he is in uniform. Kael also has a four-inch jagged scar on his left pectoral from a Klingon mek'leth.


Kael'ko is good-natured and highly intelligent. He is assertive and speaks with confidence. While not always able to be with his family, Kael is a dedicated husband and father. He is a true Federation patriot and is willing to do whatever he has to to protect the Federation. He is used to being part of a small team, and can chaffe under strict Starfleet protocols.

Pre-Service Biography

While Kael'ko's parents cared deeply for one another, there is no concept of marriage in traditional Risian society. Eventually they drifted apart, around the time Kael'ko was three years old. He would spend the majority of his youth with his mother, Siriiana, in Suraya Bay, a beautiful beach haven where she conducted research on the local marine life. Kael was an active and adventurous child, spending his free time swimming in the crystal blue ocean waters and climing the surrounding cliffs. He proved to be an excellent student and athlete, and while Suraya Bay offered good schools, it turned out that he needed better opportunuties. His father, Dana'di, had been a frequent visitor throughout Kael's childhood, but lived in the planet's capital city, Nuvia. At age 16 Kael moved into his father's apartment in the capital and finished his secondary education there, where the schools were considered to be better.

Kael was directly recruited by Starfleet Academy thanks to his standardized yest scores. A part of Omicron Squadron, Kael proved to be a top notch cadet, and developed a mentorship with the squads faculty advisor, Commander Alexander Beckett. It was during his second year on Earth that he became romantically involved with Beckett's oldest daughter, Elisabeth, who was studying for a medical degree at a San Francisco university. This caused a temporary rift to develop between Kael and Commander Beckett. This rift worsened before it began to heal, when Elisabeth found out she was pregnant with Kael's child. Because of his Risian heritage, the idea of marriage never crossed Kael's mind. Elisabeth was aware of the lack of a marriage concept in the Risian culture and took the initiative, proposing to Kael herself.

It was just after the birth of his daughter, Varaya, that Kael's squardon spent most of their third year aboard the U.S.S. Mystique, a training vessel deployed along the Cardassian border. The Dominion War had concluded around the time Kael entered the Academy, but tensions in the area were still high as the terrorist organization known as the True Way experienced a ressurgence. A Sabre-class vessel, they were armed for combat if necessary, and it was unfortunately necessay on more than one occassion. During one encounter with the renegade Cardassian, the ship was boarded and most of the crew taken captive. Commander Beckett, Kael'ko, and Suraf, a Vulcan cadet each escaped the True Way soldiers and eventually allied together to retake the ship. Unfortunately for Beckett the encounter forced him reveal the Mystique's nature as a front for a Starfleet Intelligent data gathering operation overseen by the commander. This led to Beckett immediately recruiting both men to work with Intelligence.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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