Karl Scheer – entry for Kyle Haynie

Karl Scheer

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: ianabevan1986

Physical Appearance

Karl clean shaven and looks very younge for his age. So much so that most people have a hard time taking him seriously because he looks like a kid. That hasn't deterred him though. He keeps his uniform clean per regulations but doesn't treat it like it's the Holy Grail. He walks with an air of confidence that is almost unsettling, entering any room as if he owns the place.


Karl likes to have fun and make a wise crack whenever he finds an opportunity. However when it's time to get serious you want no one else at the helm. He is cocky due to his flying abilities and sometimes gets carried away. He's the kind of guy that can be your wingman in the bar at night but you also want to check his attitude the next day. He's loyal to those who show him respect but is easy to make enemies of those that doubt him and must prove them wrong.

Pre-Service Biography

Karl was born in a small town just outside of Berlin where his father was stationed at the time. His father was what people called a "lifer" in Star Fleet. Karl's family moved from Germany to San Francisco when his father, a ship designer, was promoted and transferred to Utopia Planitia. Karl grew up working on old planes and learning to fly them thus beginning his love with flight. He had to learn to fly everything. He went to Star Fleet Academy at the age of 18 and was easily the top in his class for the first few years. He was always pushing the boundaries of the instructors on what considered "the right thing to do." His time in flight training g was the only thing that mattered to him. He did the bear minimum in his other studies. This put him in the very center of the microscope that was his instructors' vision. Everything changed when on one of his last assessments everything went wrong. The students were doing a fully manned flight within the Sol System where they had to visit each planet and circle back to Earth. On his approach to Saturn, Karl's runabout suffered a breach in its warp manifold due to a gravitational anomaly. The proctors of the test as well as the instructor on board told him to shut everything down and wait for rescue. Karl, realizing that they were caught in Saturn's gravitational pull and the ship was being pulled toward one of Titan's largest cities, decided to make a very well timed and pinpoint accurate micro warp jump back to Earth Space Dock and get everyone beamed aboard and the ship sent on an course out of the system before the breached manifold caused the ship to explode. This action caused Karl to fail his exam but he had enough points to graduate. However because he went against regulations no captain wanted him on any ship so he was assigned as a shuttle pilot based out of Starbase 50. A posting he felt was a death to his career.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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