Kate Banninga

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: Kate Banninga

Physical Appearance

Kate is slim and toned, with long brown hair, what she has up during duty. She misses her lower left arm, after being taken by the Borg. It's been replaced by a prostetic that looks and works as a real arm and hand.


Due to the fact that her parents died when she was only 4 years old she has serious trust issues, and a very close bond with her twin brother. Kate can be cold and hard to the crew, but is a good leader. She would do almost anything for her crew. She can't understand the fields of Science and Engineering, even after many attempts. Her tactical and diplomatic skills are very good, just as her ability to handle hand weapons.

Growing up she was quite the tom-boy, climbing trees, playing with her grandparents' animals and exploring the farm on which they lived. She'd always come home covered in mud.

Kate has always been a fighter. Not a that she looked for fights, but if one came her way, she wouldn't back down either. Especially if she was protecting someone physically weaker from a bully. She didn't always win, but bullies were unlikely to tangle with her more than once.

Pre-Service Biography

09-2382-05-2386: Studied Interplanetary Business and Economics at Sorbonne University, Paris, Earth.
05-2386-06-2387: Worked for The Banninga Company as the CFO.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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