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Kayleigh Harper

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Kayleigh Harper

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Memphis Tennessee, United States, Earth
Played by: prenar

Physical Appearance

Kayleigh is small frame petite lady, with a lot of passion. She has long golden blonde hair. She has no visible scars or tattoo's. Kayleigh is a little underweight for her height and age.


Kayleigh Ashleigh Harper was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. She is a 35-year-old Starfleet Officer who loves to make tea and enjoys duck herding, listening to music and cooking.

Kayleigh defines herself as straight, and has a good moral compass about despite being an introvert. She is learning to over come her introvert type personality. She knows, if she wants to command her own ship, she needs to be more outspoken.

Pre-Service Biography

Early Years (2127 - 2140)

Kayleigh grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in Memphis Tennessee. Kayleigh was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents. Her Father John Harper was a Surgeon. Her mother Mary is a Management Consultant.

From a young age Kayleight loved to eat carbonara and ice lollies. Kayleigh was almost to the point of obession when it came to eating ice lollies. She loved to make her lollies with her Mother.

Teen Years (2140 - 2145)

Kayleigh's first job was a health center receptionist at her father's practice. At the age of 16, she started to process paperwork, learning early on, that she did not want to be a receptionist. She wanted to join Starfleet and explore the universe.

In 2144 Kayleigh decided to leave her fathers practice, because she wanted to learn more about tea making. She become an understudy to her uncle. She learned how to make fresh tea with real leaves, she really enjoyed the time she spent with him.

Kayleigh felt a little isolated from her Father, he was always working so Uncle Eddie, was more like a surrogate father for her.

Kayleigh was an average kid during her teen years, she had a few mentionable relationships. But from a young age, she knew she wanted to serve in Starfleet.

Kayleigh met her best friend Alison Adams, who preferred to go by Ali in middle school. They two are inseparable, when they get a chance to see each other. Ali did not join Starfleet, she is a fitness trainer in their hometown of Memphis Tennessee.

Kayleigh learned to become friends with a Robert Wilson, who is the boy friend to her best friend Ali Adams. The three of them went everywhere together during high school.

Kayleigh was never close to her brother due to their 5 year age gap between them. By the time, Kayleigh became a teenager, her brother was starting his life as a young adult. Jerome Jeffrey Harper (Her brother) joined Starfleet Academy in 2140 at the age of 18.

In 2143 Kayleigh started to date Woody Jaiden Johnson in the Fall. Woody was attracted to her looks, and did not have a deep invested interest in being tied down. And given the fact they were both 16 years old no one would blame him.

Kayleigh was young and in love, she was already thinking about their future and scared Woody away. She was not interested in having a lot of romantic flings, this was probably caused by her introvert personality. She did not want to expose herself, more than she had too.

In early January of 2144 Woody ended his relationship with Kayleigh, which devastated her emotionally. She had a hard time getting over thr break up. She spent the rest of high school alone. There where other guys interested in her, but she had a hard time trusting others. After the breakup.

Starfleet Academy (2145-2149)

Woody Johnson was furious when he learned that Kayleigh was joining Starfleet Academy. He assumed she did this, to try to get together with him again. He had no idea that she wanted to be a Starfleet Officer, since she was a little girl.

Unlike Woody, she spent the remainder of her high school years getting ready for the academy. She was going into tactical operations and security operations field, while Woody was studing to become a scientist.

Kayleigh did her best to avoid Woody, because she was not interested in any drama. But she found it hard to avoid him. To get him off her back, she decided to date Arnold McDonald, and the two of them had a romantic interlude, which lead to an unplanned pregnancy.

Kayleigh struggled with being a new parent and completing the Academy. But she managed to pull it off. After Kayleigh got pregnant she broke off her relationship with Arnold, because she was not really in love with him. after the birth of their son Karl Harper.

Arnold was very active in their son's life. But she never forgave herself during her time in the Academy for getting pregnant. She was a little resentful about her decision. She managed to stay friends with Arnold, for the sake of their son.

Starbase One (2149 - 2152)

Arnold and Kayleigh where both assigned to Starbase One, out of the Academy. Arnold was offered a position on a starship, which he turned down to be closer to his son.

Kayeigh never tried to rekindle their romance, she focused on raising their son together. At times during their three year tour that Kayleigh was leaning towards a reconsile with Arnold, nothing ever came of it.

Starfleet Head Quarters (2152-2155)

During this three year tour, Kayleigh focused her studies on command operations, after her Uncle Eddie convinced her, that she needed to think about her life, after Karl grew up.

Arnold was transferred to Starfleet Intelligence, so he was close by, but they never rekindled their romance for each other. By this point Kayleigh had enough on her plate, raising a child, and practicing to get into the command program.

Starfleet Academy (2155 - 2162)

Kayleigh managed to into the Command program, despite never serving as a department on a starship or an outpost. Her instructors, immediately assigned her to the NS-45 Republic a training vessel that rarely left the Sol System.

Kayleigh excelled her way through the program, and on the NS -45 Republic and older Intrepid Class Starship. Within a year she was promoted to acting Chief Armory Officer for the program. She loved leading her fellow officer in the program. By 2157 Kayleigh had exceeded all expections placed on her.

In 2157 she completed the command program, and was offered a role as instructor and second officer of the NS-45 Republic. Kayleigh gladly took on the role as second officer, and instructor, teaching the next wave of command training officers.

In 2161 Kayleigh loved being an instructor, and second officer on the NS-45 Republic. She became a little to comfortable in that role. Her mentor and Uncle, had to remind her to think about her future, now that her son had left for Starfleet Academy. By 2161 she started to apply for some command level first officer positions. And in 2162 she was accepted as Executive Officer of the NX-14 Artemis.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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