Keegan Winter 1

Keegan Winter

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: Myrkul Sharr

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Caucasian
Height: 1.84m
Weight: 158lbs
Build: Muscular
Sexuality: Homosexual


Physical Description: Well kept appearance with a stylish look to his personal grooming, while keeping in shape and active.

Demeanour: Calm, collected and thoughtful. Warm to people in general, approachable mannerisms and kind-hearted.

Pre-Service Biography

Personality & Traits

- Strong willed
- Kind
- Compassionate
- Empathetic
- Approachable
- Thoughtful
- Witty

- Strong willed
- Stubborn
- Sarcastic Humour
- Single minded
- Dreamer

Ambitions; To serve his people to the best of his ability, to find someone to settle down with and to enjoy what life has to offer.

Hobbies & Interests; Painting, Reading, Outdoor Activities

Languages; Federation Common

Personal History;
Born on Earth, Keegan enjoyed a typical childhood. He was active as a youngster, taking enjoyment from playing with friends and enjoying the bright and warm days while reveling in the harsh winter snow in snowball fights and competitions as to who could make the largest or rudest snowman. He was not exceptionally bright at school, achieving average scores and floating through life with his friends until his graduation.

His passion for life flared up once he joined Starfleet Academy, encouraged to do so by his sister who Keegan was twined with, and his specialty showed for his simple explanation and understanding of the timelines. Which was, by this point, standard teaching of all Starfleet Cadets. He found the world of temporal mechanics and the workings of the Timefleet fascinating, often reading late into the night on topics and reports which had distracted him from his assignments, he'd found he was a procrastinator at heart.

During his time in the Academy he had developed a small, but meaningful, number of friends. They were a close group that spent their waking hours together, both studying and enjoying their social activity. This would be a trend that Keegan would take through his life, having many acquaintances but very few close friends that he would ever trust.

Graduation was not a time that Keegan wanted to remember, a huge event for all the students of the Academy. Large groups had always made him uncomfortable, he didn't know what could happen and he couldn't predict any outcome as in large groups people could take on a mob mentality which could cause untold damage. He'd often said a smaller, closer team or group, would do better and he always thought large events could be trouble. He did what he wanted, uncomfortable in this public displays, and he was more than happy to see the back of the place.

His first assignment was to Starfleet HQ as an aide, something he enjoyed as he was working for a Vice-Admiral within the Timefleet department, its executive officer, she was a logical officer and knew her job well. The Temporal Cold War had been harsh to her but she had survived and rose through the ranks, Keegan had come to think highly of the Vice-Admiral as she shared her stories of the travels she had to make to and from different offices around the Federation, inspections of the ships and more. Keegan got a first-hand experience of timeships through Vice-Admiral Williams and had decided that is what he wanted to do, to serve on a timeship and to protect the integrity of the timelines.

Several years within Vice-Admiral William's service she had found him a position as a coordinator for temporal missions board the USS New Khitomer, an older style Wells-class vessel that had not seen an upgrade in many years. The Captain was a veteran of the Temporal Cold War and a cold-hearted swine.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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