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Kenna Leslie Wolff

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: is a Boomer
Played by: phoenix-lalor

Physical Appearance

Height 5f9
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue/Green
Physical Description Slim build, looks like she does not eat enough. Doctors suspected anorexia but she just is naturally skinny. Her hair length wavers between Shoulder length and long. Depending on her mood when she visits the hairdresser.


General Overview Kenna’s personality has changed a lot since she joined Starfleet. The effects of the brutal attack on herself and her family changed Kenna from a happy go lucky young woman with a ready smile, to one of stoic silence in the face of most things. She is quiet, watchful and has very little patience for idiots, suck ups and people who look down on others. She knows she is seen as a ‘Spacer brat’ by some who have Starfleet lineage and she doesn’t care.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
She has knowledge of the fringe worlds from her life as a child. She understands the life of Cargo haulers and the price you pay when you cross the bad guys in the universe.
She has an eidetic memory, and knows several languages. She also has very good computer and navigation skills.

Everyone has secret. Kenna has hers. She fears the Orions will find her and kill her as she knows too much. She tries to avoid away missions in the Orion Sectors and she avoids old classmates as she does not remember them.
Ambitions To one day have her own ship.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Reading, Swimming,Running, and wall climbing

Languages: Federation Standard, Romulan, Klingon, Binari

Pre-Service Biography

Personal History Year: 2234 Year of Birth

Born on the Freighter Abound, enroute to Andoria. 3rd born of five chn. 1st daughter of Karl and Miranda Wolff.Her parents were the captain and first officer on the family owned Freighter.

Year 2237 - Aged 3

Younger sister Jael was born, and brought the family to 4. Kenna learns to read early and spends time on the bridge. She makes cautious friends with the other children on the ship, and spends time playing hide and seek.

Year 2239 - Aged 5
Markus was born when Kenna was 5. Kenna starts school in the small ship school where there were only 2 other children her age, a boy and a girl. Her brothers are there as well as three other older children. Enjoys studying star patterns and looks to be a navigator or a teacher. Her parents hope she goes into Starfleet.

Year 2244- Aged 10

Kenna was studying an accelerated program of science and history. She wanted to go to Starfleet and had the dream of captaining her own ship, after a brief meeting of a Starfleet captain who was investigating

Year 2251 - Aged 17

Kenna went to San Francisco and set about working towards her goal of the centre chair. She chose Tactical, Intelligence with a minor in Astrogation and Navigation. She was a social girl and dated a number of fellow cadets, both male and female. She wrote often to her best friend Leanne on the Abound, the ship’s new Navigator, sharing what she was learning and sending her texts with the goal of getting Leanne to take the tests when Kenna finished the Academy.

Year 2255 - Graduation and Family tragedy

Kenna graduated from Starfleet with honors in Tactical and Intelligence, with a minor in astrogation and navigation.

After Graduation she returned home to the Abound. But tragedy would strike before she could take up her placement on the USS Ulysses.

A gang of Orion Syndicate pirates attacked the Abound, and slaughtered what crew and families they could find. They were after another crew member who had been involved in smuggling illegal drugs and items and who had crossed them in a deal. Kenna was badly injured and spent time undergoing reconstructive surgery on her face and upper torso. After her release from hospital, Kenna buried her family, her best friend, who had been raped and burned by the Orions, and her parent’s crew, collected all of her belongings and sold off the remains of the Abound. She found also that she hada number of blank spaces in her memories, she could do the job, but people, faces, people she knew from the academy... she could not remember all of them, if any of them. It would lead to awkward situations in her life.

2256 -2257- Ensign, USS Ulysses (Constitution Class), Tactical Officer

Kenna worked hard and stayed to herself. Counselors stated it was her way of coping with the tragedy. She avoided classmates when she ran into them on Shore leave, and often hid herself away in secluded nooks and crannies when not on duty. The Ulysses in 2257, had a run in with Orion Pirates and Kenna coldly shot two in the head without flinching during a confrontation. She found herself brigged for the incident. But she was released after counselors spoke with her and she was given a reprimand for shooting boarders without orders. She was transferred off the the USS Olympus at the end of 2257.

2258- 2259 - Ensign, USS Olympus, Tactical Officer(Miranda Class)
Important events: 2258 – Vulcan Destruction

Kenna was not present in the battle of Vulcan and the subsequent battles as she was assigned to patrols along the Klingon Border on the USS Olympus (Miranda Class). The Olympus narrowly missed the Narada and they were recalled to Earth too late to assist. Something their captain took rather badly and took it out on the crew by getting drunk and berating them on the bridge while broadcasting it to Starfleet command. This time, Kenna stunned his arse and was praised for it.

2259-2261 - Lieutenant JG, USS Olympus, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer.
Important Events: 2259- London Bombing; 2260 – Launch of the Enterprises’ 5 year mission

The captain was replaced after his tirades and the crew reshuffled. Kenna was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made assistant chief of Tactical. She would spend the next two years working hard towards her Lieutenant Rank and a chief posting.

It was during this time, that she became re-acquainted with one Lieutenant Harrison Michaels, a man she had known in the academy. This did not end well with Harrison expecting Kenna to be friendly and remember him, and Kenna not remembering him. Harrison left very irate and yelling that Kenna was a lying bitch and obviously a cold bitch as well.

Kenna ignored it and went back to her work.

2261-2262 - Lieutenant, USS Europa,(Nimitz Class), Chief Tactical Officer

In 2261, She was transferred off the Olympus and moved the Europa where she would work as their chief of Tactical for one year. She earned a new reputation on the Europa as a cold stern commanding officer who expected the best from her team. That said, she was not one who didn’t tolerate failure and worked hard to make sure her team was totally trained.

2262-2263 - Lieutenant Commander, USS Europa, Chief Strategic Operations Officer

When the Europa’s Chief of Strategic Operations was transferred to another posting, Kenna was moved to that department. She found it different but very challenging and she enjoyed it.

2263 - A year of Changes- In 2263 a lot of things happened within the Federation: Starbase Yorktown is activated for active duty. Launch of the Defiant; Ambassador Spock Dies, The Enterprise is destroyed; USS Franklin is discovered intact (relatively after Kirk finished with it.)

Transferred to the USS Defiant, as their Chief Strategic Operations Officer in late 2263

2263 - USS Defiant, Constitution Class, Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Lt. Commander.

Kenna arrived on the Defiant rather quietly when it was requested that a new Strategic Chief be assigned to the ship.

Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain Karl Wolff (d)
Mother Miranda Wolff (d)
Brother(s) Mikail Wolff (d)
Jacques Wolff (d)
Markus Wolff (d)
Sister(s) Jael Wolff (d)
Other Family none that she knows of or mentions

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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