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Kentar Chinari

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Bajor
Played by: kentar

Physical Appearance

Kentar is 6 feet tall and lean. He does not have visible muscle tone though his strength is uncanny for someone of his build. He does not have the visible ridged nose bridge of typical Bajorans due to several surgeries. Some for undercover work, some done because of identity crisis. The right side of his neck sports a large scar resembling the neckline of a Cardassian due to experiments done to him as a child. Close medical inspection will find multiple breaks of every bone though Kentar shows no visible scars.

When called for infiltration work, Kentar can forcibly change his DNA to almost any species without any long term damage. The changes are painful and when given the choice his preference is to avoid the drastic but will not hesitate to utilize the ability if it is necessary to get the job done.


Kentar is highly capable of infiltration and undercover work and has been doing such since his early teens. His mindset remains on the consideration of others but will not hesitate to use his abilities to their fullest extent when pressed. The attack from Newell with the strange concoction he injected into him only enhanced the work of the Cardasssian Scientists.

Kentar suffers from occasional lapses in psychological reality, typically after an intense mission. Kentar knows that he has these episodes and allows them during off duty times so as to not affect his on duty performances. He has become a master of infiltration and disguise, learning to use dermal regenerators and other various medical tools to alter his appearance, speech and gait. Newell's 'poison cocktail' made the need for dermal regenerators unneccesary.

His disdain for the Cardassians is not unlike those of other Bajorans though he is not one to strike first. He prefers mind games.He is strongly opinionated and believes that he must always be right this works in his favor many times but makes it difficult to cultivate close relationships.

Pre-Service Biography

Born in the early part of 2352 to a young farming couple, Kentar was taken by a Cardassian doctor for study of Bajoran infant biology. He spent his first few of years as the doctors experimental tool before being sent home to his parents. During his time with the Doctors, they worked on manipulating his DNA which resulted in leaving him with several genetic scars, including a half-cardassian neck ridge.

Though he grew up in the farming communities, Kentar never had a gift for farming and always ventured into dangerous territories, including some of the penal camps in the nearby area. It was while returning from one of these excursions that he witnessed the slaughter of his parents by Cardassian Soldiers. He learned the Cardassian way of life and their moral systems through observation.

In his early teens, Kentar joined the resistance and quickly became a leader of various small factions that would raid Cardassian Supply ships and Compounds. Though his tactical skills warranted attention his teamwork skills were lacking and often resulted in the demise of several of his teammates. Always choosing the most dangerous of missions available gave him the nickname of Walking Corpse by the doctors that worked on his injuries.

In his mid-teens he began infiltration work, learning what he could from the doctors to make alterations his appearance. Just after Kentar's 17th Birthday, the Cardassians pulled out of Bajor. In 2370, at the age of 18 Kentar enrolled in Starfleet Academy in order to learn more effective ways of infiltrating and destroying the Cardassians. He was one of the few Bajorans in Starfleet Prior to Bajor's application to the Federation. While there, he learned that the universe was much larger than he ever imagined and used the skills learned on Bajor and in the academy for missions requiring discretionary tactics.

StarFleet Service History

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