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Keval PTrell

Keval P'Trell

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luna, Earth Orbitial Bodies, United Earth Government
Played by: deletham

Physical Appearance

Blue skin and antennae found on all Andorians account for the most divergent features of Keval's body from your typical humanoid. Standing well over many of his Terran and Vulcan contemporaries, Keval would make for an excellent Starfleet pitchman. Easily classified as athletic, Keval is far from 'meat head' or 'gym rat' status.


Lieutenant Keval "Kitchen Police" P'Trell looks and the acts the part of the model Federation officer at first glance - no beard, hair kept within regulation, uniform neat and tidy, and equipment given the utmost care. Notes from commanding officers demonstrate an ability to show initiative, level headed under fire, and a certification in zero gravity maintenance procedures. When on the job Keval tends to keep things professional that is unless he comes across an old friend from his academy days - in particular Ensign Gregory Buck. The pair went through basic and the academy together and managed to land the same assignments within months or even weeks of each other throughout their careers. The stereotypical Andorian disposition for professionalism and privacy quickly falls to pieces when the two step into the same room. In jokes and wisecracks get traded back and forth and mischief on a manageable scale soon follows.

Having grown up on Luna rather than Andoria or one its colony worlds, Keval has a leg up over many of his colleagues in gravity deficient environments. Keval's zero gravity training certification serves as evidence of his abilities. Ten years in Starfleet have forged a capable and dependable soldier when push comes to shove. His father's occupation as a shuttlecraft designer imparted a better than average understanding of shuttle operations and maintenance. While he'd be the first to tell you he's no hot-shot pilot or miracle worker, in a pinch Keval is capable of performing emergency repairs or taking the helm if absolutely necessary. Routine maintenance and service is old hat for the Andorian. In addition, Keval doesn't suffer from ignorance of human idioms or expressions, and possess a keen understanding of Federation politics.

Andorians are known for having hot tempers, and Keval is no exception. While he's more even tempered than many members of his species, a direct challenge to his character or honor will likely draw the man's ire, and consequently some time in the ship's brig or on Kitchen Patrol. In addition, the sensory benefits of his antennae can just as easily be turned against him if the appendages are maimed or damaged in combat. His penchant for trouble making with Ensign Buck certainly doesn't help matters either.

Keval has flirted with the notion of trading in his gold uniform for a red one. The prospect of commanding his own vessel or administering a station is appealing, but for now the Andorian is committed to climbing the ranks and honing his skills as an operations chief. Despite his screw ups and successive dead-end postings, the Andorian seems determined to make the best of his career and make it as an officer in Starfleet- he just has to get his shit together first.

Hobbies and Interests
Growing up on Luna exposed Keval to an excess of Terran culture. Very few so-called 'aliens' lived on Luna, especially in New Berlin. The people of New Berlin and Tyco City come from a long line of Terran colonists - these ones in particular the first to establish a long-term settlement outside the safety of Earth's atmosphere. Terran culture dominates the people of Luna , and Keval wasn't spared from its pervasive nature as a child. He watched Terran films, read Terran books more than Andorian tales, played Terran games. His parents even feared for some time he wouldn't even learn the language of his people, but Keval never abandoned his Andorian roots - evidenced by the flag tattooed across his back. Keval found 20th and 21st century Terran culture of particular interest - television entertainment in particular. The notion that these people who say glued in front of a box for hours a day could survive three global conflicts, the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s, a conflict with the Romulans, and manage to found the United Federation of Planets after averting a war between the Vulcans and Andorians astounded him. He devoured whatever information on that particular time of human history he could find - a difficult task considering the decades of devastation faced by its people, but one he set out to accomplish nonetheless. When he enlisted Keval quickly learned he wasn't the only one in basic with the same fascination.

Pre-Service Biography

Shill and Kassar P’Trell relocated to Luna in 2362, two years before Keval’s birth, after his father, Shill, accepted a job with Saab AB Aerospace Defence (SaAB AD) as lead designer on the new Type-9 shuttlecraft project. Prior to Shill’s employment at SaAB AD, the Andorian served as an auxiliary craft designer for Katas State Enterprises of Andoria (KSEA). Keval’s birth during Shill and Kassar’s tenure on Luna was an unexpected but not at all unwanted surprise. Well aware Shill’s employment with Saab would last for several years, the couple elected to carry the child to term and raise a family in the foreign culture of the Terran colony. As a result of his exclusive upbringing on Luna, Keval lacked the resentment many of his fellow non-Terran classmates held for one of the oldest human colonies in existence. While he embraced Terran culture freely with his parents support, the couple went to great lengths to instill Andorian pride within their son, and soon to arrive daughter. Keval took Andorian culture and history lessons after school, and regularly spoke Andorian at home with his parents.

As all son’s do, Keval’s initial career interests lay in his father’s work as a shuttle designer. While he found his dad’s work as a designer fascinating, Keval prefered to tinker with existing craft rather than conceive new designs entirely. Often, Keval tagged along with his father to work on his days off from secondary school to the testing facility in earth’s orbit. While Shill and team worked out the kinks on their new design, Keval finagled with older craft and learned a thing or two about shuttle maintenance from the techs in the docking bay. Although Keval picked up a thing or two about keeping a shuttle up to spec and how to do field repairs, he’d be the first to admit he’s no miracle worker. As secondary school drew to a close and the pressures of the next phase of his education mounted, Keval elected to abandon the notion of a professional career in his father’s field. His younger sister, Rella, held a firmer grasp on the subject of design and technology, and in their father’s informal competitions regarding design and repair between the siblings, Rella always emerged the champion. Instead, Keval opted for a career in the Starfleet. The organization offered Keval the direction he needed, and he found the notion of serving the Federation and Starfleet rather romantic. After all, between the holonovels of Earth’s war torn history and the birth of the Federation, Keval’s mind had been instilled with grand visions of heroism and valor Starfleet. A few weeks of basic with Gregory Buck, however, would show him otherwise.

Keval's time in the academy proved fruitful. For the first time in his life he knew what he wanted to do. The academy provided the direction and guidance that the Andorian needed to forge a path outside of the family profession. At first Keval gravitated to security and tactical concentrations. Many of his fellow Andorians gravitated toward the field, but Keval found that it wasn't because of natural talent. Many were graduates of Andorian military academies that imposed rigid military doctrine. Keval did not blend in with these Andorians. Instead, his he found his talents lay elsewhere: systems management. The pivot to starship operations was just what he needed.

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