Kevan 1

Kevan Dash

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Trill
Played by: Omen064

Physical Appearance

Kevan is tallish and athletic, with boyish good looks. He obviously takes very good care of himself physically, and while toned he manages to keep himself from being overly muscle-bound.
As with all Trill he has a series of spots that run from his head down to his feet.


Kevan has retained a lot of his youthful need for excitement and fun. He remains a sort of person who will leap before he looks, but the Academy tempered the worst of that in him and he stands as a competent young officer. He remains a firm believer in following his instincts rather than logic, which has more often than not proven correct.
He has been known to push the line in terms of protocol, however Kevan has a great deal of respect for the rules and regulations, and a strong dislike of injustice wherever he might see it; bullies in particular aggravate him more than most.
His father is still a sore spot for him and he won't open up on this topic, and mentions of the Borg in particular can lead him to be more withdrawn.

Kevan's ambition has always been to repay Starfleet for saving his life, and to do this his aim was both service and success. He wants to win in everything - if only to prove his previous detractors wrong.

- Kevan enjoys popular Federation music. His trivia knowledge of popular culture is excellent, and he will regularly publicise his brief relationship with renowned Betazoid singer Tora Lora.
- Is a self-proclaimed expert in various alien ales and keeps a personal collection of half a dozen rare bottles.
- A bit of a sports enthusiast, Kevan also tries to keep up with the latest happenings in zero-gee soccer and Pareses Squares.

Pre-Service Biography

Kevan's sheltered youth made him quite brash and arrogant, and his time growing up was filled with the sort easygoing lifestyle where he could enjoy the benefits of his family's standing and his own boyish good looks. He would party late, not worrying about the consequences of his happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

All that was changed after the death of his father. During a Borg incursion, Kevan's father, who was a passenger aboard a Federation starship, was killed. Gone was the figurehead of his family, replaced with a deep, shattering hole and a spiral of depression for a teenage boy.

Kevan had never previously had any intention of leaving Trill, yet the loss of his father and being surrounded by the memories of him meant Kevan eventually left his home behind to make his own way out in the stars. His lack of real education made it hard to find 'real' work. He found limited opportunities on cargo haulers and in a number of less-savoury bars, but never managed to settle or set down any roots.

When a chance encounter with some nasty Nausicaans left Kevan in a bind, it was the intervention of a group of Starfleet officers that saved his life. Inspired, Kevan decided that joining Starfleet might give him a better direction in life – as well as give him an opportunity to give something back to the men and women that had helped him.

Although it was tough for a young man with very little formal education to pass the entry exam, the Academy instructors recognised something in Kevan that they liked, and he was accepted into Starfleet.

Despite the urge to fall back into his former was, Kevan knew that he had to prove himself much harder than the so-called 'educated' cadets around him. Never an elite student, Kevan rather excelled at leading others in less conventional ways, showing a great aptitude for improvisation under fire and unconventional thinking.

Graduating the academy in itself was a great personal achievement for him, but Kevan was ever looking forward, eager to prove that through determination he could achieve more than anyone expected of him.

StarFleet Service History

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