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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: simm USS Defiant
Played by: rich

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Physical Description

Tall thin individual standing at over six feet. Typical caitian looks with reddish fur. Slight limp in right knee due to a previously broken leg. Yellow eyes. Messy brown hair.


Fun, easy going guy. K'Muss is ready to find humor in most any situation. Loyal to his friends and CO's.

Easy to get to know, and very approachable. He is not averse to introducing himself to a stranger. He is a very driven individual. However, his first care is his friends and he is willing to put his life in danger to save them.

On the other side of the coin he can go into bouts of depression. He likes to work his way out of these however by using cooking as a coping mechanism

Pre-Service Biography

K'Muss was a firefighter paramedic who still does some cooking on the side. He led a pretty much normal life. School, Community college, etc. Well, as normal a caitian orphans life can get. According to his information he was born to two Starfleet officers attached to the regional Starfleet office in a small town in North Carolina. Then one day while he was left on Earth the ship that they were assigned to was attacked by Orion pirates. The ship survived but his parents weren't so lucky. On that day they were killed by an exploding EPS Conduit. Young K'Muss was devastated. It was then his life changed. 

Having lost his parents K'Muss had nowhere to go. Luckily his schoolmate offered him a place to stay. Tt was a mixed household. Andorian mother and father and two adopted children, one human and one catian. Needless to say life became interesting after that. The human boy was named Roy Jesilva, or RJ for short. The pair became fast friends and went on many adventures together. They also did may stupid things. An example would be one day just before their high school graduation. Both were set to join Starfleet so they decided that one last hurrah was in order. The pair climbed the schools bleachers and tried to jump and land on a prearranged spot. RJ landed gracefully, K'Muss wasn't so lucky. He lands a few inched off right smack into a mudpuddle. He slipped and broke his leg and cut his face on a rock. RJ In a panic decided to call EMS and the cait was taken to the local med center. 

This threw everything off. While he was recuperating RJ stopped by for a visit, in Starfleet uniform. The pair had a good talk before he had to ship out. Devastated, K'Muss fell into a depression. So bad that he spent his days flipping through the TV and he fell upon an old Earth show called Emergency! He loved it so much that he decided to try out for his local fire department.  After physical therapy on his knee and a few cooking classes he applied for firefighter training. This is where his cooking classes helped him immensely. He was able to apply the math he learned for recipe's to make conversion easier for certain measurements, and also to please hungry firefighters 
He worked in his hometown as a member of the fire department and EMS. He also had to find his place being a cait amongst and all human crew, which was made easier by the curveball life threw him. After a few years of rising through the ranks he finally got the opportunity to go to the local college to earn his AA Degree in fire science. During this period he applied to be assigned to a firehouse in San Francisco. He was delighted to hear that it had been approved. 

On the Endeavor he excelled. On his off time he hung out with RJ sometimes, being careful not to do something stupid. One day he was working Gamma shift in the shuttle bay office when he was called to the bridge to relieve the helmsman on duty. There he was basically put through OJT as he had to navigate through an asteroid field at full impulse to check some engineering modifications. His heart beat like never before, adrenaline was coursing through his veins. 

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