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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Remus
Played by: hurin

Physical Appearance

K'Tox is a well defined, muscular Reman that towers at a height of 2.1 meters. His body is covered with several scars. K'Tox is exceptionally athletic for such a large frame.


General Overview K'Tox looks meaner than he truly is. He is quick to defend the weak and helpless. He will kill, or die to defend his shipmates, and his vessel. He will go into battle without hesitation, but would prefer to find a peaceful solution first. His gruff and sometimes harsh wordings can upset others, but his primary concern is completing the mission, and protecting The Federation and her citizens, no matter the cost.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
+ Strong Telepath/Psionic - Rambunctious
+ Loyal - Vengeful
+ Integrity - Protective
+ Calm under pressure - Honor Driven
+ Quick witted - Demanding

Ambitions: K’Tox, while content to be over Starbase-80, he hopes to one day sit in a command chair of a Federation Starship and eventually serve as head of Starfleet Tactical Command or Starfleet Intelligence; but for now his focus is completing his duty aboard Starbase-80.
Hobbies & Interests:
K’Tox enjoys reading murder-mystery novels. He also enjoys ancient Terran rock and blues music and plays both bass guitar and harmonica. He is also a strongly read student of combat tactics, both ship and ground. He is also fluent in Reman, Federation basic, Romulan and basic Breen, both written and spoken.

Pre-Service Biography

K'Tox was born on Remus, but was raised on Earth once he was older. His parents were political activists, and fought for Reman Civil Rights during a time when it was exceptionally dangerous. His father, Xermis, was given information that his family were going to be assassinated by the Romulan secrete police. His father and older brother, Kal’Tar, commandeered a small Romulan scout vessel in hopes of escaping to Federation Space and be granted asylum. They were ambushed just before they could board the vessel. K’Tox father and brother, armed with disruptors, made a stand so K'Tox and his mother could escape. Both his father and brother managed to escape the fire-fight.

By the time he was sixteen he was excelling at wrestling and gymnastics. It was difficult being the only young Reman in Chicago. K’Tox was strong willed, and stood up for anyone that was being bullied. During this time of his life his mother worked with K’Tox on his psionic abilities, which he seemed to excel at. He graduated from high school with a B average, and went right into the Law Enforcement Academy.

He was top of his class in marksmanship, and hand-to-hand self defense. It wasn't long and he was leading a Special Weapons and Tactics team. In 2336 K’Tox completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and was promoted to Lieutenant. K’Tox then took command of the Species Smuggling Investigations Unit (SSIU). K’Tox uncovered a large network of the famed Orion Syndicate alive and well in the Sol System.

After seven years, and two promotions later, K’Tox was asked to help with the administration of the newly organized Terran Advanced Investigations & Undercover Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. K’Tox became Dean of Student Affairs and sat as Head Chair of the Disciplinary Board. The Reman also was Head Chair over the Criminal Infiltration course. It seemed fitting as he was one of very few that were able to infiltrate the Orion Crime Syndicate, and live to tell about it. Two years later K’Tox was given his own precinct, and it covered the entire city of Paris. As Inspector his job was more of a political one, than one of hands on crime fighting. In four years though, Paris’ crime went down by 8 percent, a massive feat for a city that only had a 12% crime rate initially. During this time the Reman Inspector befriended the Deputy Director of Federation Security. The two became fast friends. He was an El-Aurian, and several centuries K’Tox’s elder. He helped arrange for the Reman’s father to make transport to Earth. In 2351 the Reman was made the Terran Security Force/ Federation Security Liaison and promoted to Deputy Inspector General. After three years K’Tox was yearning for something more hands on, and away from politics. He found it, and retired form police work.

When he was forty-five he joined the Marines, and after Boot Camp, was promoted to Lance Corporal and made a Squad Leader. K’Tox let his work ethic, and constant drive for success speak for itself. He quickly moved up to Platoon Sergeant, and then was selected to try his hand at the Marine Gunner School. After nine grueling weeks of intense schooling, K’Tox leaned everything there was to know about the ‘Hopper’, from weapons to sensors, to how to pull a few maneuvers….mostly. The next six years K’Tox received multiple awards and was promoted twice during The Federation-Cardassian War. His unit was heavily involved in ground operations support and supply, flying multiple missions, be it drops, bombing runs, or evac missions. 2364 Gunnery Sergeant K’Tox applied, and was accepted for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Marine Grenadier School. The six month training of dynamic entry and close quarters battle was just as physically taxing, as it was mentally. At the end of his schooling, K’Tox was placed with 1st Squad/3rd Grenadier Platoon on board the USS Independence. The Reman was promoted to Master Sergeant in 2367. He served two more years until 2369, when the Independence stopped at Deep Space 9 before embarking on a diplomatic mission, K’Tox was granted emergency leave due to his mother’s sudden death.

Two months after the death of his mother, K'Tox requested a transfer for admission to Starfleet Academy. Upon acceptance, he quickly took to the Tactical and Intelligence Division. He graduated 12th in his class, and was sent to serve on-board Starbase 375 just in time for the Dominion War. He served there as a Tactical Officer until 2375. Upon reviewing K’Tox’x file for promotion, the Admiral of the Starbase took notice to the Reman’s prior service record as a Starfleet Marine. The Admiral told K’Tox that if he agreed to take the Advanced Tactical Training, he would be promoted to Lt.,jg. K’Tox eagerly agreed, and was sent immediately to training. Upon completion of ATT, he was reassigned to the USS Constellation as Infiltration Specialist.

In 2380 Starfleet Intelligence approached K’Tox about a Top Secret Mission involving infiltration of the Breen Confederacy. SI felt K’Tox had a good chance of success with most of his scholarly work involving Breen society and psychology. K’Tox accepted and spent two years in deep cover on the Planet Breen, observing the culture, and gathering intelligence of the Breen’s military capabilities and instillation locations. Thanks to the Breen Resistance Forces, K’Tox was successful in his mission. After his return K’Tox was given choice of duty station. He decided to return to Earth, and attend Advanced Starfleet Combat Strategies and Tactics School. From there, he was transferred aboard the newest Defiant-Class vessel, the USS Pendragon and served for two years achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and being appointed Second Officer. In 2385 the ship was severely damaged in battle verse a Borg Scout ship. The Pedragon was eventually scrapped, and K’Tox was transferred to Starbase 22 as the stations Strategic Operations and Intelligence Chief.

He served for just less than two full years when he learned of the Opening of a position on board the Normandy Class vessel, USS Ragnarok. K’Tox’s request was approved, much to the disapproval from the station commander. K’Tox took the role of Intel Chief, and was active in many of the ships away teams and confrontations. His father was moved aboard at his request to the CO.

Once Captain Sharr was promoted to Rear-Admiral, and made TFCO, the Strategic Operations Chief position opened and K’Tox had planned on moving into that position. However, fate had other plans. Sharr approached K'Tox and offered him the Executive Officer role. K'Tox naturally accepted, and was then promoted to Commander and was installed as the new XO to the 'Rok.

After the decommission of the Ragnarok, K'Tox followed Admiral Sharr, and the majority of the 'Rok crew over to the new USS Elysium. After her maiden voyage, K'Tox was promoted to the rank of Captain by now Admiral Sharr after the Admiral's promotion into the Joint Fleet Command.  K'Tox had lead an illegal rescue mission while in temporary command of the USS Elysium into the Mirror Universe. Captain K'Tox brought the full force of the USS Elysium, its fighter corps, and Marine detachment the Earth of the Terran Empire in order to free his long time friend and mentor, Admiral Sharr. The rescue was a success, but the crew never spoke of the incident and with Admiral Sharr's contacts, the questioning was kept limited. Admiral Sharr was eventually returned to duty as the commanding officer, much to the relief of the Executive Officer, Captain K'Tox..

K'Tox eventually took a promotion and spent two years as a Fleet Tactician while working in Starfleet Tactical Command, and also given command of a small Sunbird-Class vessel so he could be where he was needed. After the highly classified Landoria Incident while assisting the USS Nimitz, the Reman was finally moved into an official Commanding Officer position, and moved to Starbase-80 as the Starbase Commanding Officer in hopes that his relationship with the Reman government would ease tensions between the newly arriving Reman delegates and the exiting control of the Romulans.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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