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Adamya Ryon

Adamya Ryon

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Rakantha Provence, Bajor
Played by: sylar_ryan

Physical Appearance

Ryon keeps a healthy lifestyle that keeps him in great shape. His love of Springball as well as his past experiences have led him to keep this lifestyle out of a feeling of necessity rather than vanity. He has a bright smile and intense eyes that offer both a calming ability and a certain fierceness.


Ryon has a complicated relationship with the Prophets to say the least. Coming of age under occupation and the destruction wrought in the final days of the Dominion War left him with the view that the Prophets are really only Wormhole Aliens. He views it as a person’s duty to forge their own destiny.

With that, he takes pride in his career and in his place in the center chair. A favorite quote of his is “Risk is part of the business.” Ryon doesn’t take blind risks, but knows the value of pushing the envelope.

Pre-Service Biography

Ryon was born in the Rakantha Provence of Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation. His parents served the Bajoran Resistance as co-leaders of their own cell, meeting both the spiritual and military needs of the people. Because the cell was operated from below the monastery, both Ryon and his sister were given a proper education by the priests above. They got a monastic education as well as learned more practical elements such as rudimentary engineering and the proper care of weapons. It was learned early on in the Occupation that even children would have to contribute in order for the Resistance to survive.

By the time he was 16, Ryon had participated in his first mission for the resistance. It was an intel gathering mission, that was fortunately uneventful. While being an operative, Ryon learned unconventional warfare and learned how to predict security patrols, both of which would aid him in his Starfleet career. During the same year, the Occupation began to ease as the Cardassians were losing more and more ground to the Federation. Having given up his faith in the Prophets and feeling the need to leave home, Ryon applied to Starfleet on his eighteenth birthday.

Ryon was accepted into Starfleet and moved to San Francisco to get away from it all. While on Earth, he dove into his studies as well as met with all sorts of cultures represented in the Federation’s capital. He chose to go through the Tactical and Security path as he had experience and thought it would allow him to make his own mark.

The peace he had long sought was not given to him. Almost as soon as he entered his third year, the Dominion War broke out with his homeworld as focal point. Seeing many of those who graduated before him on the casualty reports, Ryon doubled his efforts to graduate. He was assigned the Akira-class USS Yokohama as a Tactical Officer. His first missions were filled with away team firefights as well as assisting with training. He was able to use Bajoran Resistance techniques during ground fighting to great effect.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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