Lamar David

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Armstrong City, Luna
Played by: Lamar_David

Physical Appearance

While not in his peak Parrisses Squares shape, Lamar holds on to his athleticism with all that he has left. He is on the average side of tall. He has a scar on the right side of his chest from when a console blew during the Dominion War.


Aside from his time during the war with the Dominion War, Lamar’s career has languished in obscurity. He prefers the seeking new life part of being in Starfleet more than he does the bureaucracy of navigating the Admiralty.

Pre-Service Biography

Lamar was the first born to a Franklin and Zoey David. His father was part of Starfleet’ Corps of Engineering R&D while his mother taught third grade. His family life was the picture of stability. Even adding a brother, Bryan to the mix when Lamar was three.

His parents pushed their kids to always seek to become better today than they were yesterday. School was taken seriously and extracurricular activities were encouraged. At the age of ten, Lamar picked and and fell in love with Parrisses Squares. He also had a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together, sometimes better than before and sometimes in a non-working condition. The young boy also had his eye ever to the stars, even if he had to look around Earth to see them.

As he grew up, the two brothers stayed best friends with Lamar always looking out for his little brother. High School was a smooth and uneventful four years. Aside from winning there Luna League Parrisses Squares Championship. Lamar graduated with honors and decided to take the next natural step, apply to Starfleet.

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