Leah Bailey 1

Leah Bailey

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: Omen064

Physical Appearance

Leah is petite, though she does manage to keep in shape through regular fitness training and cardio work.


Leah is naturally inquisitive, creative and genuinely excited by a mystery. She definitely has something of a spark for the sciences - particularly astrophysics and stellar phenomenon. Having taken several courses in warp field theory, Leah also showed something of a talent for engineering and the more theoretical technical side of things. Determined and deliberate, Leah is at her best when facing adversity and trying to come up with a solution. She is a particularly strong team player, seeking to promote harmony and putting the group ahead of her own desires.

Pre-Service Biography

Leah was born on the USS Odyssey, while her father was a Lieutenant and her mother lived with him on board ship. The Galaxy-class vessel was Leah’s home for a number of years and she became very accustomed to starship life; so much so that after the Odyssey’s destruction during the Dominion War she found it nearly impossible to spend the year living on Terra Nova.

Displaying a natural aptitude for the sciences, her father encouraged her to bond with some of the science officers on board his next assignment, the USS Bellerophon, where she truly managed to grow in wonder at the marvels the universe had to offer. She was actually able to bear witness to the moment when the USS Voyager returned to Earth, a moment that inspired her to follow her father into Starfleet.

Following her Academy graduation, Leah worked with a group of scientists on the Federation’s specialist crisis response team for a number of years, including joining a team working on the Hobus Supernova incident, before taking up a post on a the USS Archer.

Three years into the vessel’s mission, tragedy struck as the ship collided with a cosmic string and suffered crippling damage. Almost 80% of the crew were killed or critically injured, including the Captain and First Officer. In the days that followed, Leah distinguished herself under pressure, helping to maintain the ship’s barely functioning life support until help could arrive. Her colleagues were quick to lay their survival on her actions in keeping the remains of the ship intact as well as keeping the survivors alive as long as she did.

With the USS Archer in semi-permanent drydock, Lara was reassigned to the USS Europa, one of the newer Titan-class vessels entering service. There she served as Deputy Operations Officer until a posting became available for her to take up as Chief Operations Officer on the USS Elysium.

StarFleet Service History

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