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Logan Barrett

Logan George Barrett

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Spokane, Washington, Earth
Played by: matt-templar

Physical Appearance

Jet black hair typically cropped in a fade, combed to one side. He usually keeps a clean-shaven appearance, though is known to let it go for a day or two on occasion. He is of average height but maintains a healthy weight by a daily workout routine.


Logan is a man that sees his dedication to Starfleet as a vital role to protect the Federation. Years of service have defined the serious nature that tips the scale away from the more playful man he was years ago.

S & W:
+ Good listener.
+ Steadfast.
+ Skilled survivalist.

- Stubborn.
- Tends to view the world with scepticism.
- Struggles to come to terms with his wife’s disappearance.

Ambitions: Attaining starship command was the ultimate achievement that he could hope for before his wife disappeared. Accomplishing a command, while a feat he is proud of, has a cloud overhead. He focuses his efforts on making sure the Federation is secure from dangerous threats, while silently vowing to discover the truth about his wife.

Hobbies & Interests: He enjoys reading old fiction books, military history and scotch whiskey.

Pre-Service Biography

Logan was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, he appreciated the outdoors at an early age, as his family would make regular camping trips into the giant redwood forests in the area. He would cherish these trips all his life, returning to that region as often as possible in search of peace and quiet. During high school, he played shortstop for a local baseball revival team.

During his childhood, Logan befriended Nokomis, the daughter of the Kriosian ambassador to the Federation. They would spend many developing years going to the same schools and spending free time together exploring the surrounding woods. They became lifelong friends to this day. Despite both of them joining Starfleet and going on their separate ways, they always managed to keep in touch.

Joining Starfleet was a natural decision for Logan. He wanted to challenge himself and satisfy the urge to explore the unknown. He followed the security path, passing all required courses and especially succeeding in hand-to-hand combat techniques. After four years, he managed to graduate eighth in his class, despite a very active social life. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Galloway as she patrolled the Nekrit Expanse.

Sensing the opportunity to move up, he applied and was accepted to become the security chief aboard the U.S.S. Revere. It was aboard the Revere that Logan became romantically involved with Betty Young, a warp field specialist in the engineering division. Their relationship developed quickly with maddening speed. They married in November 2384. However, events would change that bliss.

In April 2385, Logan was selected to apply with Starfleet Intelligence. Initially, he had reservations but decided to apply with the encouragement of his wife Betty. He was accepted and was transferred away from the U.S.S. Revere to attend special training at an undisclosed location. Part of Intelligence training involved the official, uniformed side. That entailed learning about tactics, fleet movements, processing intelligence information, being the go-to person when other officers needed help. The other side involved interrogation techniques and SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) school. Logan stayed with Starfleet Intelligence, moving from one post to the next wherever needed.

Logan and Betty had two children along the way. Chris was born in 2385 and Emma was born in 2387. They brought special meaning to his life and he’s tried to be a good father as best as he could. However, the perfect family picture was not to last. In 2390, while Logan was on temporary assignment away from their post aboard the U.S.S. Columbus, the ship encountered an unusual patch of space. During the encounter, Betty disappeared. It is unknown whether she was killed or departed from some other point in space. She was officially listed as Missing in Action. The loss was devastating for Logan. Now he was left to care for two small children.

After Betty’s loss, Logan realized that being a single parent on a starship was not the best environment to raise a child, let alone two. He sent Chris and Emma to live with his parents on Earth in a more suitable living arrangement. To this day, Logan still seeks answers and closure for what happened to Betty besides the official investigation. He makes good use of his leave time, returning to Earth at every opportunity to spend time with his kids, typically on camping trips. At times he considered bringing the kids to live with him on a starship but he can’t bring himself to put them in such danger, considering the nature of the Orion’s current mission.

He’s had to keep reminding himself of the bigger picture to move forward after the disappearance of Betty. Realizing that it might be time to move on with his career, he accepted the position of first officer aboard the U.S.S. Orion, a newly-launched Galaxy-class starship as it patrolled along the Romulan Neutral Zone. It was while patrolling along the border that the Orion was attacked by a warbird commanded by isolationist Romulans. While the shields were still down, the Orion suffered a direct hit resulting in the death of Captain Rivaldi. It was this event that propelled Barrett into action as he assumed command and led the crew in a successful win over the Romulans. After the engagement, he was chosen to become the new Orion captain.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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