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Lt Edruj

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Edruj Daughter of Thrawn

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Qo'Nos, Klingon Empire
Played by: prenar

Physical Appearance

Species - Klingon
Age - 37
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 150 lbs
Hair Color - Brown
Eye Color - Black
Edruj stands at a height that would be tall for a human woman but is average for a Klingon. She keeps her hair long to about the shoulders. Her shoulders are broad and body muscular. Edruj is not a lithe woman in combat she is an aggressor, while not lithe her movements do have a certain grace to them. She is considered attractive by most standards.


GShe is a gruff Klingon there is no other way to put it. She has a tendency to gravitate toward the rough and tumble despite her profession. She has a brilliant mind and has been known to evaluate situations with the logic of a Vulcan. She enjoys sharing cultures and learning about others. She loves that humans are resilient where Klingons are honorarble.
Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Loyal
+ Honorable
+ Genius
- Stubborn
- looks at everything with science
- Gullible especially when it comes to humans
Ambitions - To earn a posting at the Daystrom Institute
Hobbies & Interests - Mok Bara, Poker, Alchemy, Chess, Strategema, Telling ancestral tales.

Pre-Service Biography

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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