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Lt Paul Michael

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Paul Michael

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Human (born aboard the USS Ticonderoga)
Played by: glenn

Physical Appearance

Paul Michael is a tall, lean male. His blond hair frames a handsome face, that includes piercing blue eyes.
His posture is always erect.


Michael is an easy going, fun loving male.
Easy to make friends.
Likes the ladies.

Pre-Service Biography

Paul was born in 2372, aboard the Federation Starship USS Ticonderoga.
Paul grew up in the military.
The family moved from posting to posting as his father advanced his career from lieutenant to captain to admiral.
His mother started out as a ship's counselor, then an opening came up to work in the diplomatic corps. She progressed from an assistant to an assistant to become the Earth ambassador primary assistant.
He spent his youth shuttling from starship to diplomatic missions around the galaxy.
His mother was killed in an ambush, on some dirt planet. The ones who planned the ambush were after the ambassador, they wanted to kidnap him and force the Federation to give them weapons.
After his mother's death, he returned to his father and decided to go to the academy.

StarFleet Service History

2389 - Enrolled in Starfleet Command on an early acceptance program at age 17.

2389 - 2394 Attended Starfleet Academy. Graduated in top 4th of his class. Holds degrees in Ship's Operations.

2394 - Assigned USS Baton Rouge as junior Operations officer, rank ensign.

2395 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned to USS Pioneer as Chief Assistant Operations Officer.

Awards Won

December 29, 2019

Lieutenant Michael has taken a vested interest in the sim over the past mission. Not only adding to the main plot line in a considerable way, but adding his own unique spin on a side plot. I have enjoyed reading these additions, and watching the Lieutenant begin to grow. I look forward to seeing where the character goes from here. Keep up the good work.

November 18, 2019

In the short year that he has been here Paul has made an impact into the storyline. In particular he adds to the mosaic of below decks. Writers who write characters that are not always on the bridge add life to the ship. They help paint a picture of what goes on aboard a Starship and in doing so make it more realistic. I would like to thank Paul Michael for being a part of this sim and for adding to that story. Thanks for the great year in this community and here is to many more.

June 1, 2019

Since coming aboard Paul has been a fantastic addition to this ship and it's community. Never hesitant to add to the "Love Boat" story-lines, I look forward to reading what antics he will get into next. Thanks for being a part of this community.