Ezekiel Lucas Bagwell

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: jlgalloway99

Physical Appearance

Luke is six feet tall and a slender build, he works out in the gym, but notices he hardly ever puts on weight. He has no scares or tattoos but his muscle tone is average for a man of his height and stature.


General Overview

Luke is a very quiet person that prefers to be seen but not heard in the lounge, to maintain the illusion he is a socialite among the crew. He is very determined and takes his responsibilities seriously. Mainly because he has nothing else planned in his personal life. He tends to live for the moment and hopes that things work out for the best.


Luke is very attention to detail kind of person and he is very determined to achieving his goals. He focuses on his work, and always gives 110% effort.

Luke tends to be very quiet and observing human behavior. When he needs to reach out to others he tries to adapt to the environment by mimicking their behaviors and adapting to his surroundings.


Luke has a hard time reaching out to men, this is due to his lack of a male role in his personal life. He learned to mimic the surface level behaviors of men, but really never connected to anyone. He relies on his family for support.

Luke needs constant validation, almost to the point of upsetting other people, he feels the constant need to prove himself. He does not want to be in anyone’s shadow. He wants to achieve his goals on his own merits.

Luke can be very direct when he feels he has something to say, he feels that he needs to get his message out, even at the risk of upsetting other people.


Luke really has no personal ambitions. He felt that he has already accomplished it. Creating separation from his father. He tends to set goals for himself, but he has no idea what he wants to do in the future. He tends to live in the moment.

Hobbies & Interests

Typically you will find Luke in his quarters except on Friday's when he makes his customary appearance at the lounge to draw away attention. He prefers to read a good book on his down time, most of the time, is he self reviewing his own flight paths, and looking at ways in improving his career.

Luke has never truly explored the ideas of having hobbies or interests. He was determined to get away from his father and never truly allowed himself to have any recreational time. If he has some down time he mimicked his mother's behavior of reading a novel, typically novels she has read, so he can discuss them with her when they talk by subspace.

Pre-Service Biography

Luke as he prefers to go by, comes from a loving family. A Starfleet family. The family is a very close knit family. He and his siblings were mainly raised by his mother, Dad was constantly gone due to the nature of being a starship captain.

Luke was raised on Earth, near Starfleet Head Quarters in San Francisco. On the surface the family presents a close unity bond, but that bond realistically only extends to his mother and his two older sisters.

He has a lot of resentment towards his father. On the surface, they seem to be a good father/son dynamic. Below the surface, Luke has a lot of repressed aggression.

Luke also hates the name of Ezekiel. The name was given to him by his father, his dad’s best friend died during the cardassian struggle, and his dad promised to name his son after his fallen friend.

Luke feels the name is a keep sake for his dad, but it’s not who he is, and he never the man, and his father being gone all of the time has only made him resent the name.

Luke, Margret and Lynn are very close, and keep in contact by subspace. They talk weekly. Lynn really tries to help Luke embrace his namesake, but Luke will have no part of it.

Margret hardly ever brings up her father to Luke. She knows it’s a sore subject for him. She does wish that he would reach out and resolve their differences.

Lynn and Margret do not share his frustrations, they were excited to see their father, every time he came to visit. For Luke it was not a happy reunion. He hated saying goodbye over and over again. Having your father be constantly deployed, was hard. He felt that he needed his father, and his father chose Starfleet over him. So in response, Luke chose Starfleet over his father.

Relationship with Thomas Bagwell:

Luke and Thomas do not have a strong connection or a family bond. At the surface level, they present a united front. Luke was the third child born to Thomas and Carol, he was also the child who spent less time around his father.

Luke resented that. He hates the fact that Lynn and Margret both spent years being raised by him, it was not till he made Captain, that he was gone on a regular basis. Thomas was a 10 years old when his father became a starship captain.

He could not handle the separation. Before becoming a captain, the longest point of separation was 6 months out of the year. But his father became a deep space exploration captain. A dream that Thomas wanted, not Luke.

Until his 11 birthday, Luke was called by his first name, but as an act of rebellion, he insisted everyone call him by his middle name. A decision that did not go over well with his father. But a decision that his father eventually had to accept. It created a tear between them.

Thomas wanted to respect his friend that had fallen many years prior with his son carrying on the name, and his son openly rejected the concept. Stating he was not his friend, and he owed his father’s friend nothing in return.

Thomas has reached out, since Luke completed the academy, and gained a Starfleet commission, however Luke has been resistant towards him. He has gone out of his way to create as much separation as he knows, he can get away with.

Relationship with Carol Bagwell:

Thomas is close with his Mother. He bends over backwards to help her. She was there for him, when his father left to become a deep space exploration captain. Carol wishes that her son could forgive his father it tears her that he still holds this grudge. It was always her hope, as son as he joined Starfleet, maybe he could see why his father choose this career path.

In the opinion of Carol, her son joining Starfleet has only separated the two of them, even more.

Luke is a momma’s boy, he always calls home and tries his best to put on a smile for her. But calling home is hard for him, because now that Luke is out of the home, his father is now home, he took a promotion and became an Admiral.
He spends hours at a time talking to his mother when he does call home.

Carol did her best to raise her son to be polite, even if he angry. Kill someone with kindness, was a message his momma told him on a regular basis.

Relationship with Margret Bagwell:

Luke and Margret are close, they talk on a weekly basis. She is the middle child of the family. She is currently the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Larkspur.

Relationship with Lyn Bagwell:

Luke and Margret are close, they talk on a weekly basis. She is the oldest child of the family. She is currently the first officer of the USS Riverdale.

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