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Wade MacKnight

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: He was found rummage through the ruins of Starabase 151 after an attack by the Tolarians.
Played by: trevor

Physical Appearance

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance
Height 188 cm
Weight 41.3 kg
Hair Color Ebony
Eye Color Deep Coco Brown

Physical Description
MacKnight has a youthful appearance that some have wondered how he managed to get through the Academy at such a young age. His skin is a rich mocha color that contrasts quite well with the white of his eyes. His muscles are lean and well defined giving him a well-shaped form. Typically he shaves his head and sports some well-kept facial hair.


Personality & Traits
General Overview Pleasant and generally happy, Wade is often perceived as an easy going person. His co-workers might beg to differ. While on duty he is serious and absorbed within his duties to the extent that he may full skip meals and work extremely long hours to accomplish his assigned tasks. Short cuts are something he hates and his coworkers have complained that he takes his work too seriously though when his evidence makes its way to court it is trusted and well respected.

Though a JAG officer his primary interests do not coincide with forensic as his parents did. In spite of the fact that his parents were both forensic scientists it wasn't until he entered the Academy that he took any classes directly related to forensic. His first love in the sciences was quantum mechanics. Other degrees Wade possesses are in exobiology, temporal mechanics and molecular biology. His interests are divers and although he may not be considered an expert in any subject his diversity of knowledge has proved to be useful.

Wade is generous and caring. This is seen in his compassion for others and especially in the way he handles children. Though not a father himself he has a father’s heart. There is always a warm smile and a kind word of encouragement for them and for anyone for that matter who he feels could use it. He has been selected on occasion as the individual to guide young charges through the court system whether they face criminal charges or are victims of crime. When the orphaned offspring of federation officers are brought through the system he is occasionally called upon as one of the individuals to try and make the experience more bearable. When these children are to stand in court he is then when appropriate requested to stand with them in court. He refers to these individuals as his kids though they are not biologically related in any way.

Often his shipmates will confide in him regarding personal details they may not wish to share with a counselor. They know he can keep a confidence and will be supportive regardless of the situation. This does not mean he is not stickler for protocol. Wade will not hesitate to call individuals out if he sees they are not.

In the absence of a moral officer Wade has been called into service as one on more than one occasion. This is for two primary reasons. First, he may be the person most in need of a moral boost and second it may be the only way to pull him away from what he sees a very essential work. Once involved in the activities he can loosen up though his thoughts are never far from his duties.
Ambitions + Keen Mind: The scientists mind is incredibly sharp and can often see connections between information that others cannot.

+Dedicated: He is committed to doing his duties and is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish what is expected of him.

+ Extremely organized: This helps insure his research is accurate and precise.

+ Quick Thinker: his ability to calculate and reach scientific conclusions is exceptional.

- Perfectionism: Wade is never satisfied with what he does. resHe always feels he has done something either wrong or it could have been done better.

- Temper: This science officer can get upset quickly if he feels antagonized or slighted, especially if it has to do with his work.

- Workaholic: Knowing when to stop is not his strong suit. It often takes a direct order for him to stand down.

- Stubborn/ Uncompromising: Wade is not one to back down. When he believes something is right it is hard for him to let it go.
Hobbies & Interests Research: Wade is addicted to learning, so much so that he fills many hours with his pursuit of knowledge.

Cooking: Most of the food he enjoys cooking are what he sees a social foods, these are things that seem to bring people together rather than stuffy , formal sit down meals with a number of courses. He loves to barbeque or to make dishes that bring smiles to others faces. One of the things he will do on his holodeck time is take steaks, chicken, hotdogs or some other meat raw from the replicator and then fill the ship with the aroma of his grilling. Wade loves it when his crewmates start to show up expecting their fair share.

He enjoys helping bring some happiness to those who serve with him when there is a lull in their duties. This helps the officer feel not so guilty for neglecting these relationships while he is completely engrossed in his own work. He may not speak to them or visit the mess hall until a project is complete. On his previous posts he has been assigned to either be the moral officer or assist the moral officer just to get him to loosen up a bit and have some fun.

Languages Federation Common, Romulan, Trill

Pre-Service Biography

Personal History
Nothing is known about the first five years of Wade’s life. He was found rummage through the ruins of Starabase 151 after an attack by the Tolarians. Being helpless and alone he was taken through the court system and adopted by Doctors Christopher and Sophia T Lorance. The two civilian forensic experts were on their way to earth from a previous post and simply continued their trip with their new young child in tow.

He was a bright child and as Wade was on Earth it became clear he had a love of knowledge. By the time he was ten he had already been accepted into college level courses studying quantum mechanics from a highly respected university. Taking classes through correspondence allowed him to stay with his parents on their large expanse of land in what used to be the state of Colorado.

At the age of thirteen he graduated at the top of his class. His parents encouraged him to continue to pursue his education though they were concerned he was spending too much time studying while neglecting other areas of his personal growth. [i]They also were determined to push hi m in a different direction than they had taken but they didn’t have as much to worry about as they thought. Although forensics was interesting wade found things like quantum mechanics and Exobiology far more interesting than as he put it, “figuring out what bugs ate you after you die.”

His life was happy and although his parents worked long hours that required him to be in the care of a nanny. Shortly though his life would change forever. During that summer his parents were brutally murdered, an event Wade will never forget. He was literally forced to watch the event and left for dead in the ruins of what was their home.

Without his parents Wade recoiled from those around him unable to cope with life. With the help of counseling he was able to accept the loss of the most significant people in his life and begin to move on. The decision was made to send him to a boarding school designed to meet the needs gifted children. After completing another degree Wade found he still was eager to continue his education but was not as absorbed by his need to gain knowledge as he had been. While a student there an assault was made of the starbase and Wade was taken, he was 16 years old.

For two years the young man was listed among the dead though intelligence knew otherwise. It wasn’t until a raid on an outpost near the Gama Quadrant that Wade was discovered again. During his captivity he underwent what has been described as reprograming. By implanting false memories and creating an artificial reality the young man was made to believe he was someone other than who he actually was.

After being discovered he received counseling and an attempt at a partial removal of the false memories. For nearly two years the Federation worked on restoring the young genius and their efforts are considered a success. Wade was given the name he currently uses and some facial reconstruction in the hopes that no other attempts would be made for his recapture.

Near the end of his recovery he was offered the chance to apply to Starfleet academy. He did and by his junior year was approached with an opportunity to become a JAG officer upon completion of the necessary training.

After his graduation he began his service aboard the USS Donaldson until the ship was decommissioned and he was offered the position of Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Cerberus.

While there he began to assume the responsibilities for the Chief Science Officer who had been injured and unable to continue serving during his first mission aboard the ship.

Now because of changes made within the staff and the chances for advances available on the USS Sarek.
Service Record 2385-2390
Science Officer
Under the Judge Advocate General on
USS Donaldson

Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Cerberus

Chief Science Officer
USS Sarek

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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