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Maracb Strongfellow

Marcab Revati Strongfellow

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Born March 12, 2357 on a hospital ship
Played by: marcab-strongfellow

Physical Appearance

His hair is worn in a traditional high and tight military fashion. He has a scar that runs under his chin, the result of an injury he sustained from an accident when he was younger. He has several tattoos, which can’t be seen while in uniform. He has a semi-athletic build. He has a slight tan that he maintains at all times.


He is a regal, tactful, compassionate, and reliable person. He has been referred to as a workaholic at times. He seems to be materialistic at times, until people get to know him and find out that he is just trying to accomplish a goal. He believes in accomplishing his goals. He doesn’t seek fame and wealth. He seems to sense other things that most people don’t, but he isn’t telepathic. He always watches out for his friends, especially since he hasn’t had contact with his family in many years. He shows a unique understanding in many fields and rarely complains about his work. He seems to be well liked by his peers and those who work around him. He is considered a fair person when dealing with others. He likes to delegate tasks to others.

Pre-Service Biography

Born March 12, 2357 on a hospital ship, the second of three (3) children. Harold and Judith raised their children the best they could while traveling constantly on starships. Harold taught all three boys how to survive on uncolonized worlds.

From an early age Marcab looked up to his father. Marcab learned basic hand-to-hand combat techniques, strategic and tactical planning, basic piloting skills, and received some weapons training from his father and some specialized schooling from family friends. While he knew his brother Justin would be unable to join Starfleet because of health reasons, Marcab thought Justin should help protect their people and always encouraged him to take whatever training he could serious.

Some Ferengi captured Marcab, Anthony and two of their friends, Nathan and Chris, while on a camping trip. All four endured confinement for three (3) months. Nathan and Chris were killed before the brothers made their escape. It was risky, but they knew no other alternative existed. Just before dawn on a cold and rainy morning, Anthony and Marcab put their plan into action. As they were about to escape, two guards spotted them. Anthony engaged the first guard, stabbing him in his side with the guard’s own blade. He encouraged Marcab to run as he struggled with the second guard. At first Marcab followed his brother’s advice and ran, but as he looked back to see if his brother was coming he witnessed Anthony’s death. Their eyes had met for a brief moment before he died. The Ferengi guard then turned to capture him, but Marcab fled as fast as he could.

Marcab laid low for a few days, pondering what to do. He knew that staying in the same area from which he had escaped would mean almost certain death, and he certainly didn’t know how to contact his family. Marcab looked for and found a warp-advanced city on the planet. He was able to secure passage on a shuttlecraft. Days passed, until finally they reached a starbase. Marcab tried to reach his family to no avail.

Hoping to one day help his family, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Due to his father’s training and the time spent running for his life, he excelled in tactics, strategic planning, and combat skills. Also, Marcab had acquired some skill in wound and combat trauma first aid before joining Starfleet Academy, which helped in his medical classes, which he struggled with most of the time. Through his courses, he became very knowledgeable with all ship weapons systems and security tactics. He was always near the top of his class. Security tactics became a favorite course of his as he took advanced level training in the topic. His professors were impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm surrounding hand-to-hand tactics.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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