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Melody Jones

Melody Jones

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: melody-jones

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9'
Weight 135lb
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green

Melody wears her hair straight and it's long, right past her shoulders. She is tall and slender but has more strength than people first give her credit for. She has some borg implants still in her body leftover from her time spent in a Borg maturation chamber before being rescued by the USS Thunderchild.


General Overview:-
Fresh out of the academy, Melody is a highly motivated and dedicated young Ensign with exceptional maths and special orientation. She is rather detached from her emotions at times due to her past and sometimes finds it hard to integrate.

Strengths & Weaknesses:-
Calm and level headed
Does not frighten easily
Fast reflex's
Traumatic history from memories of being matured and being partially assimilated
Can take a while to trust and warm up to people
Can act spontaneously without thinking things through sometimes

Rise through the ranks and be a good officer
Travel faster than anyone else has ever travelled
Make a connection and find and understand the true notion of family

Hobbies & Interests:-
Speed freak
Classical pianist
Plays chess

Pre-Service Biography

Melody was assimilated along with her parents at 18 months old. They were attacked by a borg cube on the USS independence during a mission to explore the Chrstolis system on the edge of the beta quadrant during a deep space exploration mission.

She was placed in a maturation chamber that accelerated her growth to about 12 years old when she and a handful of drones were rescued by the USS Thunderchild 3 months later. Unfortunately, her father a former Starfleet commander and her mother a famous holonovel author were not. The borg cube severely damaged managed to retreat.

She was brought to earth and rehabilitated. She has seen many counsellors over the years, however, she found the correct words to say that they wanted to hear but never truly believed them.

Starfleet medical were not able to remove all the implants without killing her and due to this fact, there is a lingering telepathic connection, augmenting her mother's latent telepathic side. Occasionally when her drone mother is regenerating there is contact. Melody puts this down to nightmares and doesn't really understand the nature of it.

She joined Starfleet as she was rescued by them and saw it as a potential way of rescuing others in need. So they too had a chance at life.

At the academy, she held the title of the fastest pilot on the Earth-Mars supply run.

Piano music was used during her rehabilitation, heavily to relax and help with the healing process. A hobby she picked up. To this day classical music is the only thing that can fully relax her.

StarFleet Service History

Upon graduating from the Academy, Melody was assigned as the new Chief flight control officer aboard the USS Merlin with the rank of Lieutenant junior grade. Melody made a big impact very quickly and soon found herself promoted to the ships Second officer with the rank of full Lieutenant.

Melody made a big impression on the Merlin and was soon promoted to Executive officer with the rank of full commander.

Later that year, Starfleet started a training program for officers wanting to expand their careers and Melody took the opportunity to retrain as an engineer with a speciality in advanced warp technology and warp field theory joining the USS Sarek as Chief engineer. An accident in engineer resulted in a fellow crewmember briefly being trapped in a static warp bubble. The incident further developed the chemistry between Melody and Lieutenant Draxx which led to a drunken one night stand and the conception of a child. Due to Melody's unique blood chemistry after spending time a in a Borg maturation chamber as a child, her baby developed at a highly accelerated rate and Melody gave birth to a baby girl after only a few months.

Due to her expertise in warp fields, Melody was asked to command the advanced starship development team at Utopia Planitia on Mars.

Melody returen to the USS Merlin as it's executive Officer and has assumed Command after the recent loss of Captain Barstow.

Awards Won

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