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Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: South Africa, Earth
Played by: sylar_ryan

Physical Appearance

There is a certain intensity behind Michael's eyes. His eyes seem to hold more experience than his 34 should hold. He walks proudly like a good soldier, every movement is the result of rigorous training. He is not the bulked up beast of a soldier, but looks as though he could hold his own despite his rather skinny frame.


Starfleet was founded upon the ideals of discovery and exploration. However, those are not why Michael joined. He joined in order to keep Earth safe. In a sense, Michael followed in his parents' footsteps. Instead of threats on Earth, the threats now come from the stars and Earth is not strong enough to stand alone. Michael is pragmatic but he is also Human. He is driven by a sense of duty and "the right thing."

Pre-Service Biography

Born in Johannesburg, Michael grew up a military brat. Unlike kids of previous generations he was never worried about his parents' well-being. Earth was changing and true war was never very likely as the nations of the world united to form the United Earth government.

As he grew up on the military bases after military base in the African Confederation, Michael received a mixed education. He found the newly invented armaments fascinating and would often find ways to tinker with some of the new phase-pistols and rifles. HIs dream growing up was to join the United Earth Military, maybe even the MACO division.

However, as long distance space travel became more and more feasible with more powerful and faster warp engines being developed, Michael decided that Humanity's future was in the stars. However, with a true Starfleet Academy still a few years away, Michael was forced to enter the United Earth Military. He went through basic and rose through the ranks until he was eligible to undergo MACO training.

Just before he could enter MACO school, his unit was called to off-world for some survival training with Starfleet personnel. En route, his shuttle went down on an Class-L planet and was the lone survivor. Instead of returning to his spot in the MACO program he asked for and was granted his transfer to Starfleet. With his six year agreement completed, there was no issue in command. He was able to enter Starfleet Academy in the Officer Training Program.

After his two years of Officer School, Michael graduated with high marks. He received commendation for his marksmanship ability and even had an instructor jokingly ask if he had even fought ship-to-ship before. Taking his degree, Michael was given his first assignment aboard an Intrepid-type starship. Due to the limited numbers of ships in the fleet, he got to know many of the officers in the fleet as he impressed with his skill, drive, and inquisitive nature.

StarFleet Service History

NX-05 Atlantis, 2154 - Present
- Chief Engineer, Dayy 100, Ensign
- Chief Armory Officer and Second Officer, Lt. Commander

Valiant, 2146 - 2154
- First Officer and Chief Armory, Commander

Starfleet Academy, 2144 - 2146
- Officer Training Program

United Earth Military, 2138 - 2144
- Sergeant - African Confederation Command
- MACO - Transfered to Starfleet prior to MACO School

Awards Won

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