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Mira Jayna

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Mira Jayna

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Bajor
Played by: denerian

Physical Appearance

She likes to wear simple clothes and dark colors so she can blend into the background and avoid notice as she's had to do that for most of her life.

Jayna always has at least one blade weapon on her at all times as there are a number of ways one can come in handy. She also has a non-standard weapon, just in case.

When she travels, she wears civilian clothes to be less conspicuous.


Jayna is quiet and serious. She is very observant and listens to what goes on around her. She prefers to watch people and sit on the outskirts.

She can be paranoid and mistrustful of strangers and dislikes Cardassians in general. But she is warm and friendly around those she considers friends.

She is fiercely loyal to her friends and those close to her. She is quick to defend those who are unjustly treated.

She also has a bit of a temper.

Pre-Service Biography

Mira Luuk was a teacher on Bajor before the occupation and took a dim view of the changes the Cardassians made and the way they ruled with an iron fist. He met and married Laira, a Vulcan scientist and the two of them found themselves frequently at odds with the ruling government. They found others who believed as they did and formed a cell to liberate their homeworld.

It was in this environment that Jayna and her twin, Jayde, were born.

From infancy their parents began to introduce mild forms of poison to the girls to give them both an immunity to most common poisons. This was as a protection to their girls as several members of their cell had been killed by poison when they were caught by the Cardassians. (The girls have continued to build up their resistance as they've grown older and discovered other poisons. They continue to build their immunities it in respect for their parents wishes than because they feel there is a real threat of poisoning.)

The two girls were taught to spy on the enemy and to get information. Children were often overlooked and could oftne get into places adults could not. Especially children who were willing to work for a coin or two.

The twins became expert trackers, hunters and computer hackers. The two would often work in tandem to gather information that others could not find. Their unique methods earned them respect in the underground and later the Maquis. Although they worked as a team, they were very careful to never be seen together. When one went undercover, the other created an alibi in a public area just in case there were questions later.

The girls were 11 when their parents were killed in an ambush. They stayed with their cell as they were "family" until they were old enough to join the Maquis.

The girls continued to work together, serving on the same Maquis ship. Their missions were primarily to gather information and to help other groups fighting for freedom from oppressive dictatorships. Jayde learned how to take out an opponent quietly without leaving any sign that she'd been there. Jayna learned the art of disguise and could mimic many voices and accents.

Twice their unique skills were used to hack into a Federation database to retrieve information on a known Cardassian sympathizer so they could give it to their Bajoran contacts. Once they gave information to a Federation colony to give them time to defend against an attack.

Because of their work in Intel and their desire to help others, when the Federation asked the Maquis to help in exchange for a full pardon, both girls accepted the offer and joined Starfleet. The rest of their crew did not and there were some hard feelings, but the girls never betrayed their Maquis friends and later re-established those friendships.

In Starfleet, Jayna focused on Intelligence while Jayde went into security and computer programming. The two started on the same ship, but were soon separated as some crew were uncomfortable with the two Maquis who, in their opinion, had too much access to Starfleet Intel. The Captain trusted the women, but felt it better to separate them for the good of the crew.


Jayna's desire to help the underdog and do what she felt was right helped smooth the way for her transition from Freedom Fighter to Starfleet Intel. She still has a weakness for people who are being oppressed. And she still has a tendency to use unorthodox methods to achieve her ends.

She is a non-conformist who will often use unexpected methods to gather information or work undercover. It has gained her respect from other Intel officers.

When she is undercover she will often use one of three names: Romi Hunt, Leia Solo or Lexa Steele.

She much prefers her reputation to be attached to a pseudonym so that she can remain just another Intel officer.

She still keeps up with her hand-to-hand skills and combat methods learned on Bajor and the latest Federation computer security protocols in case she ever needs them, plus the latest Intel protocols. She is discreet but she usually knows what's going on -- especially on the starship to which she is assigned.

StarFleet Service History

Maquis ships:
Retribution: Security/Infiltration/information gathering
Strident: Security/Infiltration/information gathering

Federation Ships:
USS Paloma as Infiltration Specialist
USS Pendragon as Infiltration and Computer Specialist
USS Miramar as Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Ares as Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Awards Won

June 15, 2020

It is with great pleasure that I look back at the wonderful year Mira Jayna has had with the Pioneer. From writing her own character to participating in the subplot with the Captain writing as the CO's wife. She is a large part of this community and we are overjoyed to have her as both a writer and a friend. Thank you for being here, and here is to many many more years with us.

May 5, 2020

This mission had a lot of large JPs and as such writers can get lost in the shuffle. I would like to recognize Mira for not only holding her own in the large JPs but for posting as multiple characters in multiple sub arcs. Her contributions in the Empok Nor retake sub arc were most noticeable. Keep up the great work, and this means that you have raised the bar for yourself. So now we expect to see more from you lol. Excellent work, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us as the Pioneer enters its next season.

December 29, 2019

I want to nominate Jayna for this award, because of the awesome sub plot story arc regarding the pirates in our holodeck adventure. This idea, has sparked several post entries, cataloging the crews holodeck adventure. This was a great sub plot, that brought the crew together to write.

December 12, 2019

I first met the Warrant on a different sim and quickly became friends. I find her writing to be interesting and lively. With interesting takes on some mundane points. She joined the Pioneer and I could not be happier to have her as a member of this crew and this community. I have some big plans for Mira Jayna and I hope you all do too. Thanks for being here and here is to many many more years.