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Ethan Brash

Ethan Brash

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Mailin
Played by: matt-davis

Physical Appearance

Ethan’s blood-red skin and piercing blue eyes give him an almost demonic appearance, in stark contrast to his bright, almost innocent smile and friendly demeanor. He is light of build with a slim figure, giving him both agility and speed many of his peers lack. His black hair naturally shines and spikes with near-perfect lacquer, kept in check by a stiff comb and daily scalp training. His beard is well-groomed and remains thin along his jawline. A single darkened scar covers his left eye, a reminder of his youthful mistakes.


To his co-workers and allies, Ethan is usually brimming with positivity and a wide smile. He’s always ready for the next round of trouble or a new problem to fix, even looking forward to it as another stepping stone of adventure. Ethan talks little of his past and prefers to keep it that way, changing the subject with a joke and a grin. Ever forward and onward, he prefers to course-correct rather than pre-plan. His desire to keep moving, however, leaves little room for slackers and casual friends. Most of his friendships don’t last long, a flash in the pan of his new life and future- maybe even a worthwhile sacrifice to keep him from being tethered down.

To strangers and enemies, Ethan is a cool-headed menace, dangerous and cunning like sharp teeth behind a deceptive grin.

Pre-Service Biography

In the year 2375, a cryopod drifted into the northern edge of Federation space. Picked up by the USS Saturn, a seven-year-old child was discovered inside. The technology was entirely foreign to the Star Fleet standard, but that didn’t deter the crew from digging deeper. Gabriel Reyes, the tactical officer assigned to secure the alien device, was fascinated by the small figure beyond the pod’s glass-like window. Eventually, the case was cracked open, leaving the young red-skinned boy wide awake and bewildered. The universal translator didn’t take long to pick up the boy’s speech, but that didn’t help matters much. He seemed unable or unwilling to remember how and why he had been in the pod or where he came from.

For the next few days, the alien child clung to Reyes like a magnet, wary of all others. Aside from the personal quarters he’d been given and a little interaction with Gabriel Reye’s wife, Nilani, he was lost and confused beyond consoling. Arrival at the nearest Starbase led him further into unknown territory, subjecting him to a full medical evaluation by more strangers. The medical exam wasn’t typical, as his species was strange, but by most Federation standards, he appeared to be in good health.

He had been processed for potential adoption and cleared for travel to Sector Zero One, only to be immediately claimed by two passersby. The pair of cargo haulers who wanted him appeared to be caring enough, and the Starbase staff didn’t seem keen on letting red tape get in the way. From that point on, he had a new family and a new name. His mother, Sheryl Brash, and father, Hans Brash, decided to call him Ethan. They taught him how to survive in the cargo transporting business, treating him like an apprentice to their work.

The Federation didn’t usually deal in currency, but those who transported goods often got their hands on a tradeable and refundable coin like the Ferengi’s latinum. This lifestyle caused many a standard cargo ship to become rife with secret dealings and greed-driven decisions.

It didn’t take Ethan long to realize that his parents were using him, sometimes for his exotic features and other times for his fast, small, and energetic body. Most days began with plans for riches and ended with running from the law. Nothing was guaranteed for him.

At the age of twenty-two, Ethan had finally had enough of that life. He saw an opportunity and took it, opting to join Starfleet after a chance meeting with an old friend: Gabriel Reyes.

StarFleet Service History

2390 - 2394: Starfleet Academy
2394 - 2396: (Temporary Assignment)
2396: USS Tesla, Chief Operations Officer
2396: USS Eagle, Chief Operations Officer

Awards Won

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