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Myrkul Sharr

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Myrkul Astus Sharr

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: El-Auria
Played by: sharr

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 133cm
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Physical Description: Short in height, Myrkul can keep himself quiet, however, he holds himself with great composure some find intimidating. His hair is of medium length which he styles differently from week to week, his deep brown eyes can either become warm and caring or as cold as his heart.


General Overview: Myrkul watches others with great care before he speaks unless riled when his temper is wild and hot. With his new role aboard the Elysium, this is a trait required for dealing with diplomats and other dignitaries, a job he finds enjoyable and entertaining. When angered to the point of rage, his quick reflexes have known to catch others off guard, though he rarely fights he has no problem with ending life should it pose any amount of threat to him or his loved ones.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Slow to Anger
+ Observant
+ Caring
+ Passionate
+ Relentless
+ Hard / Impossible to read by telepathy

- Vengeful
- Callous
- Low regard for life when pushed
- Devious
- Cunning
- Passionate
- Relentless in his pursuits
- Cold hearted
- Fickle

Ambitions: To enjoy the moment. He's explored new dimensions, new worlds and new times, but he has learned to enjoy the simple moment.

Hobbies & Interests
- Ancient Culture & Mythology
- Painting
- Male form
- Storytelling
- Temporal Investigation
- Sampling other cultures

Pre-Service Biography

Myrkul, as a child was quiet and always deep in thought, though it appeared he was daydreaming. His younger life was plagued with bullies and teasing because of his quiet nature. This did not deter him from his other passion, exploration. To him the galaxy was infinite, the wonders were limitless and he wanted to see as many as possible, the wonders of creation, destruction and of the creations of other races. Coming from a poor background, his family could not afford to give him his own vessel, nor pay for travel to another world. One night he awoke, packed his things and left a small note saying goodbye, thanking his parents for all they had given him but it was now his time to leave, to see the galaxy and for them to have their own lives back.

Things did not go according to plan.
He stowed away aboard a transport vessel and clutched his belongings close to him. The journey lasted several days, but finally the heat and dirt would be left behind. He shook out of the vessel and past the dock workers, slipped through the shadows and looked around at the city before him, it was similar to his hometown, a poor city, dirty and full of uneducated workers. His heart felt heavy and his bag slumped to his side, was it all like this? He brushed his hair back off his face and looked around once more, maybe he was dreaming it. His gaze fell to his hands, they were filthy and smelt awful. He needed to shower, but where would he do that in a city where he had no form of currency.
He wandered the city for many hours, people shoved him out of the way, his stature would never be able to fight back, he was thin and not even tall.

They sky was dark, the lights were dim and he had eaten the last of his food, the only thing he had left was a jacket, which he put on for the chill in the air was becoming bitter. His thoughts were in despair, what would he do? where would he sleep? The city was vast and he calculated that it would take him until midday to get out of the city to some form of field or forest where he could scavenge for food. He put his hands in his pockets and walked along the waterfront, kicking a rock which bounced and fell into the river.

He wandered for a short while before he crossed paths with a broad shouldered man, he was rough looking, scars down his face and his skin was marked by inks, "20?" he asked, his voice was like broken glass over rocks, Myrkul looked at him puzzled, but the man made his intentions very clear.
It was rough and painful, the mental scars would heal, so he thought, but he had money now and could afford to eat... The Dark Times had begun for him.
He stayed on the planet for 24 years, selling himself to the local brutes and sailors and marines who would pay the price. He ate what he needed and saved up the rest, faked his ID and started himself on the path he wanted to follow. Though it was not all pleasure, his life nearly came to an end several times, some liked it rough, some gentle and some wanted nothing but to kill, but the savage lifestyle of the docks had taught him how to survive. His luck would change one fateful day, he was sleeping in a small room with a family he had met. They had taken him in as they felt sorry for him and they had given him a day job repairing electrical goods. They knew nothing of his lifestyle on the docks. He awoke as normal and started to read any post that come for him, but one was from a legal representative. He opened it, wary of what it said. As he read the letter, one of his nicer clients had recently passed away, leaving him a small fortune. Finally, things were going well.

The money had been transferred after several days of waiting, as a small thank you he left his adopted family enough to get out of the slums, from there he would travel. He purchased a small vessel from the black market, capable of warp and defending itself, it was enough for him.

As the ship left orbit, he thought he would leave behind the memories of the last 20 years, how wrong he would be. He travelled and explored new worlds, using his skills in repairs to make him a small living, enough to eat and purchase parts for his ship. He visited landmarks of planets and explored caves, taking images of each place of beauty, he was finally happy.

Fate was never to be kind to Myrkul, as his vessel cruised to a new destination and he was working on making the engines more efficient, it suddenly dropped out of warp. He rushed to the Conn and looked out of the windows, before him were several vessels engaged in battle, he recognised one style of vessel, it was El-Aurian!

"This is the El-Aurian Vessel White Star to unknown fighter, state your intentions"

"I have none, my ship just exited warp for no reason"

"Prepare to be transported aboard" The ship shook violently and conduits exploded, the small ship had been hit by one of the larger vessels, it was slowly coming about to target her fully. Myrkul slumped back in his chair, propulsion was down as were communications. He gave a sigh and decided that if he was going to die this day, he would do some damage to those who were going to kill him. He slipped off the chair and headed towards propulsion controls, he tore at the wires and parts and rigged them to fuse together, forcing the ship to reach maximum velocity, essentially, ramming the other vessel. Seconds felt like hours as he worked, but he finally got it, he stood up and walked to the window, watching as his pride and joy sped up.

He looked around, he was not on his bridge, this was not even his ship. A male approached him and started talking, but his words fell on deaf ears. Myrkul just looked at him blankly, then all went black.

He awoke laying down, someone standing over him asking questions of another person elsewhere in the room, "He's Defiantly El-Aurian" he heard.
"Ah your awake, Welcome to the White Star"
Myrkul pulled himself upwards and looked around, "El-Aurian Navy?"
The man before him nodded, "You are very lucky, young man. Your ship damaged their weapons systems, without you we would have not survived this day"

"I thought... we never..."
"Never initiated combat? We do not, they were pirates, well armed ones at that, just they never build their ships too well"

Myrkul sighed and took a moment, before he could start asking questions the officer started answering, "I am Commander Benloe, Captain of this vessel. We are heading back to El-Auria in a few weeks after our mission, you are to be our guest here until then."

Myrkul nodded and gave a fake smile, "Thank you"

Myrkul would never see El-Auria in her beauty again. The ships mission was cut short due to a distress call, as she sped towards their home world they could feel something was wrong, something terrible had happened to their home.

Myrkul ran onto the bridge just as they arrived, El-Auria seemed to glow a toxic green and orange from space, the Commander was too preoccupied to notice the civilian on the bridge, each officer was shouting reports to the Commander who was taking it all in and issuing orders. Myrkul walked off and ran towards the transporters, he grabbed his camera and a rifle from the open armoury on the way. As a team was beamed down, he ran onto the pads and joined them, it was too late for anyone to argue, he was on the planet.

Before him the Capital burned, half machine half humanoids moved about the surface, everything he had ever seen as a child, ever learned about, was destroyed or being destroyed, he turned to one of the officers, "we need to leave, now" but he was ignored, the team leader was giving orders but Myrkul knew they were useless, "No, you must leave, we have to leave!" he cried out, but the only attention he got was from those creatures down the hillside, he did what his instincts told him to do, and that was to run.

He fled the area and headed towards the only place he could think of that would save him, the Spaceport. His luck was in this day, there was a shuttle left undamaged. He removed the rubble he could from around it and found his way into the vessel, He powered it up and forced it out of the dock. He thought about saving those souls he transported down with, but he saw the White Star falling from the sky, he moved the shuttle out of the path of the White Star and searched for the survivors, they were locked into a fire fight with the enemy, he cursed these ships for not having inbuilt transporter systems, he flew low and found a landing spot, the ground was soft but it would hold, for now. He opened the doors and ran to them, yelling for them to come and join him. Only 2 of the 8 of the team survived the run, but that was enough, he leapt back into the forward seat and forced the shuttle into the air, and out into the cold darkness of space.

That day he swore revenge on the creatures that did this, they would become known as the Borg Collective.

2265, Myrkul encounters a Starfleet Vessel, their kindness to him exceeds expectations as they allow him transport aboard their ship to their home world, Earth.
At the age of 126 Myrkul joins Starfleet Academy, from there he progresses through his courses, passing 5th in his year.

During his time in Starfleet he has hopped from Department to Department, learning new things and opening up new opportunities for himself.

In 2299 things changed, Having been assigned to Starbase 23 several months previous, he was sent to Romulus. He was to liaise with the Romulans and help in improving relations with the Federation. This is where he started creating contacts and friends within the Star Empire.

In 2320 He returns to Earth and is promoted to Commodore and given command of Starbase 157. En Route to the Starbase a tragedy befell the Captain on the U.S.S. London to which caused irreparable damage.

He stood atop a mountain ledge, watching as the clouds in the sky floated past with the gentle breeze which so gracefully brushed past his skin, the sun was low and everything was bathed in a warm orange glow, the villagers in the town beneath the mountain were going about their normal business for closing up for the day. The shops were calling time, the taverns were starting to get full and wives were busy making food for their families returning from work and school.

The smell of the food wafted up the mountain side and filled Sharr's senses with the love and admiration to which they were made, the smell of the meat and the veg as well as the spices took him back to the actual moment in time he stood on the very same mountain and then it dawned on him, the realisation as to why he came here in moments of arrogance and when things got out of hand. Here he could remember a time before he was seen as a bastard, a time when he had fallen in love and the moment he had turned for all time.

His now tearful gaze broke from the town below to behind where he stood, a simple stone stood out of place, carved by unskilled hands to dedicate something meaningful to someone.

He read the inscription to himself in a hushed breath "Here lies Hunter. The true love and final hope of a tortured soul. Born 2297, Died 2320." Sharr's gloved finger wiped away a sorrowful tear. It was this year he received his promotion to Commodore and assigned to Starbase 157 as its Commanding Officer, this was also the year that he lost the very thing that had given him meaning.

Hunter had been the grounding force to Myrkul, he was kind and considerate as well as strong and brave, but above all he cared nothing for Myrkul's tainted past and cared only for the here and now, the trait which had taken Sharr by surprise. A 20 year old man had persued him, an El-Aurian whore and Starfleet Officer for more than a year, by ways of letters and gifts, he was part of Sharr's attachment to the Romulan Empire, a simple clerk but he was the best of them all. Admirals, Ambassadors and officers trying to get the best deal, Hunter wanted nothing but the best for everyone, even the Romulans.

The day Hunter died was the last time Sharr would ever care for any other species, even those who he had strived to help. He had just received his Promotion to Captain and Sharr was to take Hunter on a 2 week holiday to the very planet he stood on now. The trip would have taken 4 days from their current location and the U.S.S. London was the ship which would be passing the system, the trip would mark the final act of kindness Sharr would give towards the Klingons.

The IRV Semeket, a Romulan transport had sent out a distress signal to which the London had responded, it was being attacked by a group of Klingon Birds of Prey, the London being an Ambassador Class was capable of fighting off the Klingon attackers and so it did, engaging the Klingons in a firefight, as the ship was attacked several Klingons transported aboard through a hole within the ships shields. Sharr took arms and headed out to defend the London where he could, Hunter wanted him to stay in his quarters but Sharr had insisted that his skills would be beneficial to the ship. He had kissed Hunter, for what would be the last time, and left to kill the intruders.

The battle ended and the Klingonss were killed, but there had been casualties through the ship. By this time they had already done what they had been ordered to do. Hunter was the support for the new Captain, the person who would stand by him and support him in everything he did. Without him the Captain would be unable to do his work with the Romulan Empire, leaving the Klingons free to invade the Star Empire’s territory.

As he was escorted to his quarters by 2 security officers and the councelor, he looked upon the seared doors. For a moment he paused and stared in shock, then he burst past the officers and ran into the blistering heat, though the fires had died the metals were still glowing and there, on the bed was the lifeless body of Hunter. Sharr stood silent for a moment, contemplating his emotions, would he break down? Something inside him seemed to break away, the image of Hunter on the bed made a part of him die with his lover, as if a blanket of ice had been pushed over him his face remained calm and emotionless, he turned to the officers who stood respectfully outside as the engineers cooled the metal and cleaned up the immediate dangers. He picked up Hunter and carried him out of his Quarters, all the way to the Shuttlebay he looked at his lovers peaceful face, how innocent he seemed now and at peace. He refused to look at the wounds, even as he placed him in the shuttle. He turned to see the same 2 security officers and councelor standing behind him, they were speaking but Sharr could not hear the words. Silently he closed the shuttle doors and took the helm, the system had been locked out but it was nothing for him to bypass the security of the Commanding Officer and launch the shuttle. He set course for Albion II and entered warp.

There he burried his love, the planet was inhabited by a warp capable people who chose to live a simple life, using the technology to gather new foods and explore their own system, these people Sharr had encountered and befriended before he joined the Federation, and they promised to tend to the grave and leave the view as untouched as they could. Myrkul spent the 2 weeks on Albion II with a family he had known many years past, they were a support to him but the time had come for him to leave.

During the next 4 years he would improve the starbase, relations with neighbouring systems and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with. In the latter months of 2324 he started to profit from trade of barely legal artifacts from around the galaxy. Racking up a substantial profit, influence with the Ferengi and using his contacts in the Romulan Star Empire, he moved to bigger things. In 2328 evidence was brought to Starfleet Command and they approved a formal investigation, this lasted several weeks before he was brought to Court Martial. The Judge deemed he should be demoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Fearing that his Longevity of life and his knowledge of Starfleet workings could be turned against Starfleet. The second saving grace would be his track record and work with the Romulan Star Empire.

Sharr’s career would remain as standard for an Officer in Starfleet at least until the next notable event in his life. On Stardate 64663 he took Command of the USS Ragnarök, a Normandy Class vessel attached to the Ninth Fleet, set along the Romulan Border. There he would go through many a crew member and face his worst enemy, an enemy so harsh that she would tear asunder his life, bring about his own destruction and alter his very existence for the simple aspect of revenge.

Empress Xi’ia, the former ruler of the planet Maya IV, a planet which Myrkul had visited before his arrival within the Federation, had vowed to eliminate him, to destroy him in a manner which was becoming of someone who had destroyed her life.
Nicknamed the Demon Queen by her own mindless cloned subjects, the Empress’ true nature came about when she revealed that she herself, was not from this plane of existence. Her species took a host and used them to shift between the dimensions, their power over others was astounding, able to manipulate flesh, both living and dead, to her own whim, she set about building an army to destroy those who stood in her way.

Myrkul would discover that the Original Xi’ia, the first host of the alien, was the foundation for the personality, her species were a polar personalities, one become suppressed and this is the one the symbiont took for itself, the sadistic and cruel nature.

The feud between Xi’ia and Sharr, though solely on Xi’ia’s part to begin with, grew beyond measure, her first Death came when the Ragnarök returned to Maya IV to engage in official diplomatic relations, Captain Sharr knew of this species and was the one chosen to engage in First Contact, however this was not something which was meant to be.
Investigations into an unusual asteroid lead to the events which the Empress placed into motion to unravel and start. Capturing Sharr she intended to make him watch as the inhabitants of Maya IV died, all 20.4 Billion souls were ordered to die by her Cloned Mutilated Warriors and by the mass weapons she had launched towards the planet.

Unable to stop the onslaught he managed to kill Xi’ia, tearing her head from her shoulders. There he accepted his own death as the asteroid hurtled towards the planet, the final nail in the coffin. What he did not realise was that she was far from dead, she was now inhabiting his own mind, attached to his very brain, unable to be removed by any force and there, attached to him, the horrors would come, the mutilations and the End of Days.

A dark time for the Captain, he resigned himself to the gym to work out his guilt and to drown his sorrows at the bottom of his private collection of Romulan Ale, he announced himself on Shore Leave and appointed his Executive in Command. Both Doctor and Counsellor found him impossible to deal with, unwilling to talk and unwilling to take medication for his condition he spent most of his days working out his anger, his guilt and through the pain and exhaustion he would eventually find some solace.

Officially it would go down as Shore Leave, unofficially the crew knew he was not coping so well with the deaths of so many on his conscience, his actions brought about this effect. Something which would always haunt him.

Taking Command before arriving at the designated Starbase, it was here he would find a young boy, a Trill by the name of Aidan Datari, who would steal his heart.

This Trill, though young and Naive, would be the centre of his world, a selfish act in which he would neglect his ship and crew, finding that Starfleet and the Federation were something to which were now seen as just another Empire yet to fall.

Xi’ia would eventually surface, images of a small child would appear in random locations, a face he recognised. Hers. It would haunt his dreams and even when waking would appear in random locations with a sinister grin, in an attempt for him to relinquish control of his own mind by falling into paranoia and insanity.

At the point of madness and the crew ready to relieve their, now Admiral, of Command, a confrontation was made. Forcing her way through the rifts of her dimension to ours, Empress Xi’ia appeared in one of her avatars, a mutilated breeding machine, where she attacked an Officer under the Admiral’s command for figuring out they were no longer in normal space. In defense he forced the beast out onto the bridge for all to see, everything she felt he felt, every punch he landed onto her vile and grotesque body landed on his also, summoning the crew to see that he was not mad it caused a massive uproar, not only was the Admiral sane but he had finally snapped. Pointing his rifle towards the beast he had accepted that he would Die with her, no matter where it was, they would die together. He saw no need to bring his crew with him, to spare them from the agony and anguish that only lead ahead this path. Fate had other idea’s as one of the Senior Staff risked all to save him, the shot missing and causing the Fallen Empress to retreat out of his dimension to save her own skin.

This facade would finally come to an end at a point where Myrkul would have not guessed, a Distress call brought the Ragnarök to an abandoned facility, though unknown at the time. The Admiral himself would lead the away mission, with weapons signatures of both Borg and Klingon, he thought it prudent to be the one down there to handle the situation. Once the Marines cleared the area and secured the failing power reactors an investigation was underway.

Something dragged him. Xi’i’a had not been heard from for a long time, but was now bringing him towards her final trap. An explosion ripped a hole between their realities, Sharr was dragged through while a replacement took his role, an almost perfect copy over a black and plain figure, missing vital parts which remained behind that of the Uniform. While under investigation this doppelganger would be discovered and destroyed, but at the cost of a Cyi host, Ainari.

Myrkul Sharr’s whereabouts remained unknown for 6 weeks, until a combination of Cyi Vex and Aidan Datari’s love for the Admiral found the one logical place he would always retreat too when injured or beyond help. Albion.

For Myrkul, however, it was a different story. The year would be known as 2153 by official Federation Calendar, the year Myrkul remembered he left his life of prostitution behind to seek out a new and happier existence.

His arrival on the planet was unnoticed, but the place he knew all too well. As if time had found him a place to start again, he looked behind him to see a boat within docks, for a moment he shuddered at the thought of Docks, but his gaze fell to the moonlit mountain, a mountain he would never forget in all his years. There, in 175 years, he would bury the man of his dreams, the one person who knew him better than even Xi’ia knew him. Behind the bitter cold wind he shrank within himself, before he could wallow he was being pushed along a line of people, a bag on his back. He looked around to see what was going on, this was clearly some sort of cargo vessel, from what he could manage to see in the darkness he was travelling. Instinctively he checked his pockets, several coins clanged but he would look at them once he found some sort of shelter from the cold.

This time he would not revert to his old profession, though easy money, in his eyes he was still with Aidan, though the Trill had not been born yet, he would, one day and all Myrkul had to do was the stay quiet.

The years would be rough on him, he would labour in any fashion to make a living, however his talent for listening to others, a skill which had always come in handy, started to pay off. More money seemed to come his way, he would gamble and win, trade secrets until one day it all changed.

The night was dark and wet, though warm and the streets were almost empty, a few adults were littered around the streets, some were drunks and some were just poor unfortunates who’s luck had abandoned them years ago. But one figure stood out, a young boy, he was curled up in a doorway trying to remain dry. One look at him and Sharr’s heart sank, something which he was not used to dealing with. He approached the young man, who instinctively offered himself up for pay.

Myrkul offered his hand, to which the boy took it and started to do what he seemed to know best. Mrykul simply took off his tattered coat and wrapped it over the boys wet clothes, “Let us get you fed” he said in such a soft and caring tone as he wrapped an arm around the young man and lead him to the only open Inn.

Sharr listened to the boys story, much of it relating to his own, a want for exploration but lacking the means, finding himself with one asset that could bring him money, but the risk of not making the night also just as high. The story broke Myrkul’s stone covered heart, it was different going through it himself, he knew he could handle the pain and the suffering, but for one so young to go through such tragedy was unforgivable.

He had gone twelve years on Albion without any luxuries, saving every coin that came his way, keeping his head down and filtering money from those around him with his skills. But no, this was a fresh start for him, seeing this young boy stirred something inside him, a passion to do something. Myrkul paid for several nights in the Inn and for anything which he would need and told the boy, Jaymes, he would be back in two nights time.

That following day Myrkul had checked his balance, cashed in favours for money and went to the town council to look at buying the local orphanage, his persuasive skills swayed their vote and they signed the derelict and failing building over to Myrkul, who they thought was insane.

He had found a new passion, he would spend the next two hundred years looking after the unfortunate children who would pass through his doors. Jaymes would become his lover, though he never forgot Aidan, he knew not what the future had in store, let alone if he would ever see Aidan again. And so began a new Era for the El-Aurian, he would do some good in his life after all.

2320, a dark year for Myrkul Sharr, in any reality. The Orphanage had become a huge success over the years, gaining a fame which helped other Orphanages through the planets eastern hemisphere, Sharr’s business savvy and people skills had earned him a fortune in money and also the huge respect of any child under his care. He had come to love each one like his own, though never turning straight to have his own, he found adoption was the most fulfilling thing he could do. He never chose his adopted children, then chose him. They grew close as family and they saw him as a true father, kind and caring, loyal and doted. Myrkul would do anything for his children and he would ensure that each one of them got some form of education, be this paying tutors to come in to teach or to send them for vocational skills. He would not see any child, no matter how disruptive, without.
But it all lead to that fateful day in 2320, Myrkul had already purchased the mountain and refused any mining rights and expeditions into its cave network, it would become a memorial for the one person who inspired his every good action, every action that brought joy into someones life was down to Hunter. Without him Myrkul Sharr would have turned into Darkness, he would have followed Xi’ia without question.

The night was just as he remembered it, clear. High above the burial site the older Myrkul stood behind a tree, watching the Younger Myrkul place the headstone which he had made. Little did the younger Myrkul know that it was his own children who carved the grave stone which would become something which heard so many secrets it would have shattered any normal man’s world.

The tears falling from his cheeks just as he remembered them, the pain echoed through both Myrkul’s just as if it was fresh in both of them. The older Myrkul held his chest, the physical pain starting to take its toll. There, laying under the soil was the man who changed his existence, a man who brought him out of the numb life he lead and showed him passion, love, joy and happiness. Watching as his younger self mourned, sitting at the grave side staring into space, though he knew it to be the void of life, that place where someones soul stands just before death. If death came for him at that time he would have not noticed, he failed to notice the weather, the cold and even the rising sun. He remembered the loss, the agony and the unyielding urge to join his lover in the cold embrace of death.

Though tears fell from his older face, he understood how life worked, he had gained a better grasp over it. Jaymes had been a wonderful person, though short in temper and a little unstable, he loved him dearly. The day of his death brought a sadness through the orphanage, He had grown old, yet Myrkul looked no different, not a grey hair, not a wrinkle had found its way onto his face. A side effect of having the Xi’ia entity within him, she had altered his body to age at such a slow pace compared to normal he would barely change over his lifetime. His wounds healed faster than they had ever done, several days and a cut had gone to nothing but a small red area and then faded into nothing. She had brought to him both a gift and a curse, he knew he would outlive most people, his friends and his family, but he did not know how long he would stay alive and if he could endure the loss of so many he loved. Albion had become his home now, he had settled here, he had set up his orphanage, an orphanage where children did not want to leave, no matter their age.
His attention came back to his younger self, who had succumb to the dark hold of sleep and was now laying on the grave, an arm around the stone. He remembered how uncomfortable it was, but at the time it was a reminder of what he had lost.

Slowly and quietly he made his way down the cliff face, there he would place a single flower on the grave and put his jacket over his unknowing self. He had always wondered where the flower and jacket come from, but had thought it a villager who was worried. He placed a single kiss on his own forehead, “It works out” he whispered as he made his way back to the Sharr’s Stars, the name of the Orphanage.

He would never meet himself again, he had ensured that the two weeks which his other self was on planet, the people acted as normal, that they did not know him at all.

Those two weeks were harder than he could have imagined on himself, the memories that it brought back, the death was just as fresh in his old mind as if it happened that same day. All the children could feel that their father carried a heavy burden, the first time he had even showed such a thing. To them he had tried to always be happy, fun and loving. His nature allowed them to openly talk to him, to trust him and he loved them for this.

The year came which all would transpire, he yearned to do something about Xi’ia, if he had a ship worthy of space craft back then he would have gone to Maya and stopped himself from landing, but they had only been space faring for a little over seventy years, their neighbours were traders and Albion had opened up trading ports for luxury goods and foreign items. His eldest adoptive son, Jonas would be support beyond measure in 2388. Myrkul would confide in his son of the events which transpired, when they were happening and where. He had made preparations for Sharr’s Stars to be took over by one of his finest, one of the young girls he took in from one of the big cities had come back on his request to take over the orphanage, to continue the work he had started and to give the children a future as his was getting ready to take him back. He could feel the timeline coming back into how it should be, a lower instinctual feel told him it was time.

Jonas, Alexander and Isabelle were Sharr’s current children, these were the loves of his life now. Not taking an actual lover since Hunter had been buried he had dedicated his time to children, they were his passion and raising them to be the best people they could be, from orphans to those who were homeless, Sharr’s Stars had gained a reputation for helping anyone who was in dire need of a meal and a shower or just somewhere safe to stay for the night.
The day came when they were due to leave, Sharr knew that Cyi and Aidan would be on their way, he could feel it, something an El-Aurian could do, but he knew they would not give up on him. The Ragnarök had been in orbit a little over 20 minutes before he had got the notification, he was still their Admiral and they had done as he had asked and remained on the ship.

In an assembly with all his children he announced that he was leaving, “I love every single one of you as if you were my own” he stated, as Jonas handed him a tissue to wipe his eyes, “You are my babies, my friends and my stars. Everyone of you has had such a huge impact on my life and I shall always be grateful to each of you for this. Be yourselves, be proud of who you are and know that somewhere, at least one person will always love you.” In a flood of tears he turned to leave the stage, Annah stood in his way and wrapped her arms around him, “Myrkul Sharr, the ageless guardian of us all, you have done so much for us, for two hundred years you have fought for us all when you did not need too...” she pulled herself back and smiled at him through the tears which trickled down her own cheeks, “Without you I would have died on the streets, you found me and brought me here, you looked after me when I was sick and showed me that I could do anything I wanted. That anything was possible, I just had to make it possible. You have shown everyone here...” she waved her hand out to the children and volunteers in the simple, yet seemingly grand, hall, each one showing a raw emotion, from sadness to joy “We wanted to get you something, a little memento from us all, yet there was nothing which could do the job, so we saved up our pocket monies and got you a few things” she said, laughing through the tears, groups of children, of all ages, came on stage with presents, Sharr’s face red from crying silently, first a large bound book came to him, two young boys stood either side as older ones held it, they opened it up with childish glee and showed him photographs of every child that had come to the orphanage on the day they left, their names and what they went on to do. The most recent ones had signed the book themselves and at the back, when the pages turned were the ones from the current children.

Myrkul bit his lower lip as he forced a smile through the tears, “Thank you...” he managed, “I love it”

Jonas was handed the book as another group came forward, they presented a group photograph, of all the 273 children which the orphanage now housed, “We don’t want you to forget us” a little girl said as she hugged him, Sharr knelt down and wrapped his arms around her, “I could never forget you Rose, you are my little gem” he held her tight before letting her go, she ran off in tears.

He looked out towards the hall, then back to Annah and Jonas, “Thank you. Thank you for being amazing and bringing so much joy into my life, you all have changed me and I cannot forget any of you.”

Eventually the day came to an end and Myrkul was ready to go as the Captain’s Yacht came to pick them up from outside the town. With his three beloved children he stepped inside the vessel, his entire fortune from the orphanage left to those who needed it most. He sat down and let his children cuddle into him, to comfort him, as the Ensign set course back to the Ragnarök.

For several months he adjusted to the new way of life, his children getting used to the ship and the crew who would become an extended family. Myrkul faced a difficult time with his former lover, Aidan, would they get together again or had too much passed between them. Myrkul required space and Aidan, who was ever patient, allowed him that space to find his feet once more, however this was not to be. With an excursion to Iconiam to recover an artefact of great value, their new mission little did anyone realise that the trap that the Admiral was sensing would turn out to be fatal.

Having been publically executed by his enemy, the Klingon General T'Qhem the one who hunted the USS London those many years ago and killed Hunter, the Ragnarök limped back to Earth in a state of shock and mourning.

A memorial service headed by Rear-Admiral Elizabeth Marlow, the Academy Commandant, saw a lot of tears from the senior staff and an immediate transfer of command to Commodore Rowan Skylar, who would prove to be a Commanding Officer of some of the highest standards and of the lowest morals.

Myrkul's escape from the Klingon vessel was aided by an old time friend, Sela, his wounds had healed and only the memory of the kill remained, though Myrkul had his fun while he awaited for the Scimitar Class ship to collect him. He now stood triumphant over T'Qhem, straddling the Klingon as he paralysed him, the Klingon's chest wide open and the pain making the General wanting to scream but finding himself unable, as his tongue had been torn out and his vocal cords severed. Myrkul had already killed the remainder of the crew by feeding the toxic fumes of the warp core back through the ship, it was just him and the General and he made him suffer for hours until his time to leave arrived. There he severed the head and had the body transported to the Scimitar vessel, dismembering it and sending it to his enemies in the Empire as a message that he would no longer tolerate their games and the same fate would befall them.

A hard time came with this, he had to choose to abandon his children while he let the dust settle, he had seen his own death on the galactic stage and now it was time for him to become low key, Risa was his first stop and here he presented Sela with a gift, the skull of the former general, they parted ways on good terms, she was off to seize an unstable empire and he was out to find himself once more.

He met a handful of people, both young and old who's backgrounds varied greatly, from a young bartender who took him in for the night, to a rich old woman who's family had long left her abandoned, he listened to them and he let them talk, he found a comfort in listening to others tell their story. Though, this was abruptly ended when he had arrived at the Aarelyn Colony, a peaceful colony where the Romulan people had started to rebuild their lives, he had took it upon himself to help through the colony, looking after the children when the adults needed to work late, he cooked for several community groups and generally found himself in a supporting role. Wherever he was needed he helped out, but one evening as he sat relaxing on the edge of a cliff, watching the sunset and letting his mind wander, a familiar voice boomed through the comm systems, the Borg had arrived and they had been searching for something.

Rather than let his body fall into the control of the Borg he brought an end to his own life, but this time he would remember where we went and what the consequence's would be of his actions.

He found himself in a reality which he only knew by sense, he felt at home, but still uneasy. Here he found the reason he could no longer die in the primal plane, he had become linked to the same creature Xi'ia had been linked too. A gargantuan brain who's tentacles seemed to go on forever, it explained who he was, what had happened to him and what this meant, a daunting future lay ahead, he would become one of it's drones should he continue to return there and have his mortal wounds repaired, he would eventually loose his identity. The revelation weighed heavy on his mind but he had no time to react, he found himself drowning in a pool of the Elder Brain's fluid and then waking up in the middle of an office in Starfleet Command.

Finding his way to getting dressed and setup, he returned to Starfleet with some fabricated story of his escape from the Klingons and being helped by a trader, his knowledge of the Aarelyn Colony and it's current status proving invaluable to the Ragnarok as she was headed directly towards certain assimilation.

With the return of the Ragnarök, and the sad death of Commodore Skylar, the crew of the Ragnarok were ordered to undergo retraining at the Academy before they would be trained in the ways of their new home, the newest vessel to the Federation and a beacon of light in these dark times, the Elysium.

An off the record favor was asked of Admiral Sharr by a friend within Starfleet Intelligence, his special set of skills were required to bring several black market traders and traitors to justice. Upon departing for this mission, under the guise of a Diplomatic Event to Qo'noS, the Elysium was attacked from within a terrorist group known as the Humans for Genetic Purity (HGP). The Elysium suffered heavy damage and casualties, among them the Admiral's own children.

The discovery of his children, murdered in the same manner as his true true soul-mate, caused the Admiral to shut down in shock. While he wept in the burning doorway a member of the HGP aimed their temporal rifle at him and fired before Captain K'Tox could intervene. The shot displaced the Admiral's essence to the Space/Time Continuum where he bounced from reality to reality unable to be placed anywhere. He found himself standing on a new world, it was young and just starting to support humanoid life, his rage ran deep and it was his will that brought him here, to the start of humanity. His one goal was to remove humans from existence, one by one if necessary.

Before he could cause irreparable damage he was imprisoned within a cell deep below the earth's surface, below what would become Mesopotamia's capital, Babylon. There he would sleep and dream for many ages, watching as humans settled the region again and again and as they did their dreams would be corrupted by his own, or at least what he thought was his own. An old friend was with him, the creature that would become known as Xi'ia, she influenced the man's dreams as she kept him in a forced state of sleep, her own hunger being fed by the aggression within the humans and using Myrkul's guilt and anger she slowly reached out to have it corrupt the world above. From this the Terran Empire grew strong in the final stages of her plan, but unbeknownst to her the Elysium had been displaced by the HGPs attempt to destroy it using the same temporal weaponry. Myrkul had left a silver trail to his location as he bounced through the space/time continuum and the ship had been dragged through to 2255, heavily damaged and unable to defend herself yet Captain K'Tox had no intention of leaving his friend, something in him told him he was alive and evidence from the crime scene had justified that belief when the Temporal Weapons signature had been confirmed.

In a daring rescue attempt the Elysium crew secured the ancient city of Babylon and extracted the Admiral at great cost, Kes Hrae had been knocked out of the way from the creature from Cargobay 2 as it fulfilled its duty to end Myrkul and Xi'ia. Absorbing Xi'ia and being incinerated by the chamber filling with lava the official report stays that it is the end of the road for her but Myrkul knows that History will repeat itself. She has been displaced to the same point where he first met her and so it would continue.

Now the El-Aurian faces reality, through his 4.4bn years of sleep he had thought he had come to terms with his actions but as this thoughts clear from the cloud Xi'ia held him within it has become apparent that though the time has passed he has yet to recover from the events that took place.

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