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Nealas Galin Yvex

Nealas Galin Yvex M.D.

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Trill
Played by: rottenemu

Physical Appearance

Nealas is by no means big and imposing. She is a small lithe woman that focuses most of her physical exercise on speed and agility. She has recently started to incorporate dance into her routine. Her long hair is usually kept loose, except when unbound hair would give her problems during her duties. She always has a hairband on hand to prevent this. While on duty she usually wears a white lab coat over her Starfleet uniform. She feels it emphasises her role as a caretaker over that of a military officer. When not in uniform she prefers to dress in dull, unassuming clothes, in an attempt to keep from drawing too much attention to herself.


As Nealas tries to consolidate her past personality with her present consciousness she finds that it's difficult to strike a balance. This creates a disconnect between her professional and her private persona. On the professional side of things she is systematic, logical and calm. She feels there is little room for error in her field of work and strives for perfection in herself and those she surrounds herself with. On the flip side the more creative, free spirited side of her gets satisfied outside of the medical offices (although sometimes it creeps its way beyond the sickbay doors as well).

Pre-Service Biography

Nealas was born of a love and marriage between Erlin and Meria Galin. Both of her parents worked for the Symbiosis Institute. Neither of them was joined with a Symbiont and were in charge of relatively menial tasks. From early on the expectations for Nealas were high and every aspect of her upbringing was geared towards increasing her chances of enrolling in the Symbiosis programme. Throughout her childhood she was never doing good enough in Academics, Sports nor the Arts. The bar was set enormously high for Nealas and to this day there are moments when she has trouble coping with this part of her history.

Nealas was not a social child. Her one and only goal was to impress the Symbiosis Commission with her accomplishments. She worked hard and was able to enrol into a very prestigious boarding school. It was on a planet at the heart of the Federation, light years from her home. Earth. If she was to impress the Symbiosis Commission she felt she had to stand out. She left her home planet and got on the shuttle to the school. There she spend all of her time studying. She didn't socialise beyond what was convenient during projects or classes. The only time she was not elbow deep in books was when she was scheduled to participate in physical exercise. It was here where she was trained in the Vulcan martial art of Suus Mahna by the resident Vulcan science professor.

During her time there she only visited home twice a year. After six years there she used the connections she had made and her excellent academic record to enrol into another very prestigious institute of medical learning. This time her thirst for prestige took her to Betazed Prime. She finished her basic medical training after six years, where there was a big mix between practical and theoretical knowledge. It became clear that she was lacking empathetic skills, especially in contrast with the Betazoid population surrounding her. During her time in medical school contact with her family worsened further. In her last year of Medical school she didn’t come home, citing coursework as an excuse. She graduated top 10 of her year and felt she had built enough of a case to apply to the Initiate programme.

After being accepted into the programme at age 24 Nealas realised that she needed to double down on everything she had done so far. The road that laid ahead was stricter than anything she had experienced up until that point. With 5000 competitors yearly for 300 symbiotes the competition was gruelling, even the slightest misstep could be used against her and strike her from the programme. Despite all of that it was the first time in her life that she felt at home. She was an initiate, a milestone that was difficult to attain for anyone. She was back on her homeworld and with her parents working for the Symbiosis commission she was able to move back home. Even so it didn’t do much in the way of mending the bonds that had withered over the past twelve years. Most days she was already gone before breakfast and she didn’t come home in time for dinner.

In 2387 the Hobus star went supernova. What followed was an era of political unrest in the Alpha quadrant that matched the Dominion War for impact. Nealas knew that it was during this time that her entire life’s work was coming down to the evaluations of a field instructor. A make or break part of the initiate programme. Despite all the unrest in the area the commission still choose to send her to Starbase 31, where she would be evaluated under Dirin Yvex for three weeks.

After eight days however a Romulan rogue faction decided that SB31 was a tactically attractive target and a small task force was send their way. There was very little forewarning of the attack, when the alerts started blaring and the people rushed to their battlestations Dirin insisted that Nealas retreated to the safety of the civilian shelters. Nealas refused, stating that her medical training would be invaluable in the hours to come. Dirin gave her a medical case and told her to stay out of the way and follow orders from anyone in a uniform. Dirin told her that things could get really messy and he wouldn’t want her to get in the way of them as they tried to sort it out.

Messy was the understatement of the year. The destruction of the Starbase was not far off when an Obsidian Fleet task force was able to get into the fray and fight of the remaining Romulan warbirds. Nealas had been assigned by the assistant CMO of the base to triage incoming patients. Near the end of the attack she was called away from sickbay by Dirin, who had more incoming casualty reports than he had people to send out to them.

The station rocked under constant battering of the Romulan Armada but Nealas had no time to think about it as blood was flowing and she was the one with the dermal regenerator. When the thundering stopped and the red lights stopped flickering Nealas stood in the middle of a shredded promenade looking around herself. This was the first time she saw the scale of the destruction, up until that point she had been focused on saving the people, or in some cases making sure their last moments were not spent in terrible agony. She walked back to sickbay slowly. Beat up and bruised she rounded the corner to walk back into sickbay, she felt the muscle ache sink in as the adrenaline started to ebb away.

What she found however was not a sickbay, it resembled a battlefield more than anything else. Bulkheads had buckled, consoles exploded and the fire suppression system seemed to be offline. Without thinking it over Nealas rushed in, she had to find Dirin, she had to protect the symbiont inside him. She was already digging through the smoke and rubble when the ACMO also returned. She shouted to her, ordering her to wait until the fire suppression teams showed up. That she was risking her life for the minute chance of finding someone on the other side. Nealas ignored the ACMO and kept digging through smoke and rubble. She did find Dirin, collapsed under his desk. Maybe due to smoke inhalation, maybe because something hit him in the head. Smoke was still building and she knew she had to get him out of there. Huddled under a table she checked his wounds, checked him for spinal damage and check if he was still breathing. Somehow he had been able to protect himself from the collapsing sickbay around him. She grabbed him from behind and started to drag him out.

Up until that point Dirin had noted for himself that despite all of her accomplishments there was a distinct lack of passion about her. All of that had changed in the previous hours when they were under siege and he saw that continuation during the instance he came to. What he saw was a dedicated, passionate young woman tending to his wounds and determined to keep him, and anyone else, alive. And in his case she succeeded. She was able to stabilize his condition and get him to proper medical care. For all her years of education nothing had prepared her for this. Frontier medicine. Saving the people protecting the Federation.

Nealas returned to the Trill homeworld and the final year of the initiate programme. During that time she also enlisted with Starfleet. To some it looked like she wanted a fall back plan. To her it was clear she had found her calling, symbiont or not. Dirin had given her a shining recommendation and in 2388 she finished the programme with the promise that she would be granted symbiosis and that she would be placed on the list to await a suitable symbiont.

Dirin never fully recovered from his wounds during the Romulan raid. Thanks to Nealas’ efforts he was able to live in relative comfort for another 9 months before succumbing to the severe damage the incident had caused. He requested that his symbiont would be granted to the woman that saved his life. That he would be honoured to be a part of such a passionate and fiery young woman.

After a short leave of absence following the joining ritual Nealas returned to Starfleet. With her new skills and knowledge and exception was made in her formal education. She took shortened courses for Starfleet, all of which she was able to complete relatively easily due to the knowledge and experience provided by the Yvex symbiont. early 2388 she took up residency aboard the USS Kyushu, where after 18 months she was granted a full Lieutenants rank and the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Serving four years under the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Kyushu she had developed a rapport with the crew and had settled into her role. She was aboard the Kyushu when it was attacked and destroyed by the Themyscira. The Chief Medical Officer forced her to abandon sickbay near the end of the fight, when all seemed lost, appealing to her urge to protect the Symbiont, promising he would follow shortly behind. She boarded an escape pod and waited for as long as she could but her Chief never arrived. She drifted in space alone in the pod before she was picked up by the USS Arcadia in the aftermath of their encounter with the Themyscira.

The refuge on the Arcadia quickly turned into a temporary assignment as the vessel had left spacedock without a Chief of Medicine on board, to respond to the emergency hail as quickly as they could. Nealas was asked to fulfil the role temporarily for this reason, at least that's what she thought at first. It turned out that her help was needed with a more classified endeavour, there was a founder on board, obtained from the future vessel Themyscira, it was sick and Nealas' former host experience with viral agents was needed to heal the creature.

Their efforts in stopping the Themyscira were successful, in part due to Nealas' ability to reverse the damage done to the founder by the genetically engineered virus. Which turned out to have been created by a future version of herself, a fact that had her go through a small identity crisis. The temporary assignment was extended as the Arcadia was tasked with investigating the methods by which the Themyscira had traversed the space-time continuum and in what way they had affected the timeline.

It was while on this mission that they traced the movements of the Themyscira back to an unstable wormhole on the edge of Federation space. Using telemetry from the time-travelling vessel's A.I. they started to do some tests with it, in the hopes of closing it down and preventing future incursions, as well as learn what they could about the nature of the phenomenon.

The incident reports that have been written since indicate clearly that due to the Arcadia's testing the wormhole became unstable, the resulting energy spikes disabled the vessel, ripped some of the decks right open. Of the more than two thousand people on board, three hundred were lost to the damage and chaos that followed. Nealas was counted to be among them.

StarFleet Service History

2372 - 2376 : Formal secondary education, Amsterdam School of Higher Learning - Amsterdam, Earth
2377 - 2383 : Medicine, Medara Learning Hospital - Medara, Betazed
2384 - 2388 : Initiate Programme, Symbiosis Institute - Leran Manev, Trill
2388 - 2389 : Officer training, Starfleet Academy - San Fransisco, Earth
2389 - 2393: Assistant Chief Medical Officer - USS Akira
2393 - Present : Acting Chief Medical Officer - USS Arcadia

Awards Won

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