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Jasper Offermans

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Alpha Baiden II, a Federation colony not far from the Klingon boarder.
Played by: trevor

Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance
Height 178 cm
Weight 73 kg
Hair Color Chestnut with lighter highlights
Eye Color Blue grey eyes with dark blue specks
Physical Description Jasper is a clean cut though fun loving man known for his broad smile. He is about an average build with well-defined muscles that flatter his physique.


Personality & Traits
General Overview If you were to meet Jasper while on duty you would think that he lived and breathed to do his job. From a small child, he was enamored with anything computerized and his parents were not surprised when he informed them he wanted to run the LCARS on a big starship. He got his wish only to be trapped inside a teleport on a system with some of his fellow crewmates he had rigged to maintain their signatures indefinitely. Now freed from this ships memory he serves in Operations on a ship that is now civilian and not controlled by Star Fleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Ingenuity: Able to come up with unique methods using computerized devices to accomplish or fix things.

Self-assured: Jasper is confident in his abilities. Whether it be in programing the ships main computer or fixing transporters he is intimidated by the task.

Sociable: Unlike many who choose to spend their time in computer rooms Jasper enjoys the company of others.

Persistent: He is known for not giving up even when things appear hopeless.

Perfectionist: As a general rule things have to be done correctly and he knows it. Although his patches and fixes might seem haphazard they really are not as reckless as they may seem. He also insists that things work better than intended, not just meeting the expectations of the original designers.

Reluctant to take Credit: Often Jasper will not accept credit for the things he does feeling that he is only doing what is expected rather than actually exceeding others expectations.

Workaholic: It’s often hard for him to pull himself away from an unfinished project and sometimes just as hard to leave well enough alone when things are working well. Jasper has been needed to be told he needs to take a break or gets some rests when there is a pressing task that needs completing.

Gullible: Although Jasper is rather intelligent he can be rather gullible at times.

Jasper would someday like to design a LCARS system for a new starship. He feels that his ideas regarding how systems should work would increase speed and efficiency.
Hobbies & Interests

Computers and Gadgets: Jasper loves any sort of computerized gadget and knows his way around systems, that is old systems from his time period, in ways, many of not most operations officer would envy.

Languages: He enjoys learning not only programming languages but also those spoken by members of the Federation. Though not a linguist he can do quite well in a few of them.
Sexual Orientation Attacted to Femaes
Language(s) Spoken Federation Common, Vulcan, Andorian and Bolian Some limited Roman and Klingon

Pre-Service Biography

On April 7th 2223 Jasper made his appearance into the universe. Although not entirely unexpected it was at a rather inconvenient time and place. He was born during an emergency evacuation from Alpha Baiden II, a Federation colony not far from the Klingon boarder. The Klingons had attacked the colony and left it fairly desolate with only a few survivors. The USS Atlantis had arrived soon enough to rescue the remaining survivors while three other ships provided cover.

The family was brought to Earth as Star Fleet tried to make a decision as to how to handle the growing threats that had caused the evacuation in the first place. His parents took positions at Starfleet Academy. With the opening of open hostilities between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, his parents were needed to help with training and support of the growing Starfleet Academy in San Francisco as the Federation geared up.
Jasper was enamored with any sort of gadget he could get his hands on. His parents had to hide tricornes and PaDDs from the curious boy. By three he had his own PaDD and tricorder even if it wasn’t quite as powerful as his parents. His Nanny thought he would be an engineer because of his ability to figure out mechanical puzzles.

When he was four Mathew had quite the assortment of computerized gear. Most of the budding computer geek’s collection was made up of items which were no longer functional or at least not functioning properly. By five those collections of circuits and gizmos were already finding themselves being taken apart even if he couldn’t get them back together. Jasper was constantly asking questions about how things worked and making things with gears and pulleys in his early erector sets. His mother had begun calling him her little Mr. Gadget.

At seven he had already begun learning programming languages and writing functional code that amazed his parents though others were not as easily impressed. By then he was fixing minor things around the house and by sixteen he had built a small replicator and a transporter from a kit. Once completed Jasper began

His parents were thrilled when he decided to take the entrance exam into the academy and was accepted on his first attempt. They did their best to avoid having him in their classes and succeeded in organizing his courses to ensure there were other professors that would be instructing him.

Things went well with his education until his third year. He had developed a portable transporter device that he could easily attach to a replicator. Once food had been replicated it would use the replicator as the transporter platform and then move the items to a designated spot such as a nearby table. What went wrong is while using his device a Rear Admiral had decided to take a seat at the table he had selected and Jasper couldn’t figure out in time how to cancel his commands. The food appeared on the opposite side of the table just as the man took his seat much to his surprise.

The Rear Admiral at first was furious over the incident ordering his immediate dismissal from the academy. After giving it some thought his opinion of what had happened changed considerably. Jasper was not only allowed to stay but was given a commendation for his creativity.

In 2242 when Jasper graduated from the Academy he was assigned to work at the San Francisco Fleet Yards where he inspected the LCAR systems and transporter systems aboard vessels being assembled there. He continued there until 2243 when his new orders for the USS Ishimura, a constitution class starship that had just been commissioned.

The ship served on the borders between Federation and Klingon space and for the first three and a half years built up a reputation of getting itself into trouble with the rivals.

During the month of June of 2246 after their ship had been damaged by the Klingons they were trying to limp the ship to starbase 12 for repairs. They made it as far as the Devorn Cloud when a could like entity entered the ship and began draining the crew.

In the panic and with not enough crew to run the vessel, the now derelict ship was adrift in space. Jasper had been working on getting a message out for assistance but was unable to due to the clouds interference and the damage already injured the physical structure of the vessel. They young Ensign made a fateful decision to devise a method that would trap them inside the transporter until help could arrive. Jasper had no idea it would take over 150 years before they were discovered.
Service Record
2242-2243 San Francisco Fleet Yards, Ensign, Starfleet Officer.
2243-2244 USS Ishimura, Ensign, Operations Officer
2242-2245 USS Ishimura, Lieutenant JG, Operations Officer
2245-June 2246 USS Ishimura, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief of Operations
2393-Present SS Mary Rose, No Rank, Operations Officer

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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