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Paul Cullars

Paul Cullars

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Rilax Colony - Destroyed by Borg
Played by: soundwavesghost

Physical Appearance

One red cybernetic eye borg styled eye rests in place of his left eye. His face seems to not know how to do anything but smile through his goatee. Otherwise he is a well built man but no signs of excess exercise to build muscles that are noticeable without his showing off. There is some residual evidence besides his eye of his short time as a borg as some veins of cybernetic material trails down his left cheek like a strange beard and ends at his chin and his left hand has a metallic sheen to it.


Despite his somewhat tragic background Paul has maintained a positive outlook. He is always honestly surprised when people approach him but loves to entertain others and share stories. After a incident on Ferenginar he tends to mention rules of acquisition and ferengi like behaviors he shouldn't know about.

Pre-Service Biography

aul grew up on Rixel colony with his father and mother and a the few hundred other settlers. It was a planet on the edge of being barely called 'M' class as there were alot of dead areas due to volcanic activity. Him and his father worked the herd animals they used to supply basic proteins to the colony to preserve the replicators for more urgent items. His aunt tried to convince him to help her as she tanned the hides but he seemed to be accepted by their animals and the bee's that he raised so he took over the day to day care and grazing of the herd. In the evenings he'd usually spend the night with his dad at their holotable trying to theory-craft solutions to the shrinking safe zones using different plants to fertilize the soil in addition to the offal of the herd animals. One a solar cycle for their colony the entire town would get together to share crafts and have a community meal and small get together as the youngest person in the colony added another year on the counter set at the center of town. When the time came for him to choose his own path Paul chose Starfleet, because surely with their resources he could get access to the know how needed to improve his homes available land! His family was supportive but understandably sad he chose to leave. The flight aboard the spaceship was eye opening, it was so clean and....well dull to him. He missed the smell of dirt and animals, but he had himself a goal and he would see it through.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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