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Quinn Alexandria Rose

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Quinn Alexandria Rose

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Federation Colony
Played by: neoqx

Physical Appearance

Quinn is a human woman, with short black hair, green eyes, and a slim but muscular body. She is a medium size woman, being around 5'8. She is very athletic, with a small but strong frame. Her face is covered in freckles, with a medium sized nose.


While on duty, she is rather professional. She is always early to her shift, and always seeking opportunities to volunteer. She will be direct and respectful to her superiors, and always make sure the job gets done. While off duty, she is a bit more relaxed, known to joke around and have fun with her friends. She will often seek adventure, and is known to play holo-novels that involve a sense of danger and challenge. However, she does have a soft spot for romantic holo-novels (but she won't tell you that). Who not running holo-novels, she is known to exercise for fun, and to work on complicated 3-D puzzles. She is also a writer, you will often find her with a PADD in her quarters. She is known for short stories and poetry.

Some will say that she has a stern and cold personality, especially if they only know her professionally (or if she doesn't exactly like them.) Some may also see her as an overachiever and a try-hard. She can get easily distracted, and doesn't like asking for help (even is she needs it.)

Pre-Service Biography

Year 2374- Born on Federation Colony Planet.
2387- Accepted into local Prep Academy, and began taking higher level courses. She proceeded to take certification courses dealing with tactical and investigation.
2390- Age 16, traveled on a starship for the first time in her life, and was on her way to see Earth.
2390- Her Mother died from an unknown illness.
2391- Graduated from the Prep Academy, and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. She would graduate in a vocational Certification in Tactical Systems.

StarFleet Service History

2391 to 2394- Was enrolled into Starfleet Academy as a Cadet. She would graduate with a Bachelor's in Security Operations and a Certification in Investigative Operations.
2394- Served the rest of the year as a security team leader at a Starfleet Outpost.
2395- Currently waiting transfer to a more permanent post.

Awards Won

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