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Kyle Reece

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Long Island, North America, Earth
Played by: Kyle Reece

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Cobalt Blue
Skin Colour: Caucasun
Height: 6’ 9”
Weight: 295 lbs

Physical Description: Slight bump in the middle of his nose due to having it broken in a fight. He wears a short, neatly trimmed goatee. His sheer size is one of his greatest weapons. He has a large scar on his back that was caused by a Borg disruptor blast. He also has three knife scars on his chest received in a brutal knife fight with a Tal Shi'ar operative.


"Death Before Dishonor." This ancient Earth slogan is how Kyle Reece lives his life. He is unwaveringly loyal to Starfleet, Earth, his friends, family and shipmates. No matter what the odds are against him, if he sees someone in need, he will stand up and give aid.

Strengths & Weaknesses; He possesses a spirit of eternal optimism. He always believes that there is a solution for any problem. His main weakness would have to be a strong feeling of personal failure when someone he knows falls in combat.

Ambitions; He hopes to one day become a master and commander of his own starship,

Hobbies & Interests; Reading, Mastering any new form of armed/unarmed combat that he comes across, poker, swimming.

Languages; English, French, Chinese, German, Klingon, Romulan, some Bolian

Pre-Service Biography

His parents met while stationed at the Starfleet Shipyards on Earth's moon. His father was a shuttle engineer and his mother was a nurse. After they wed, they decided to return to Earth to raise their family. They returned to his father's ancestrial home on Long Island, located on what was known as the North American continent. There, his father got a job as a teacher, and his mother became head nurse at a local hospital. Kyle and his twin brother, Nicolas were born soon after. Over the next three years, his other brother, Liam, and his sister, Alexandria were also born.

Theirs was a happy childhood, full of love and opportunities. Growing up, the children would listen spellbound as their parents would tell them of their family history and tradition in Starfleet. There had been members of both sides of the family in the service dating all the way back to the formation of Starfleet itself. The lineage on his fathers' side alone could be traced back to a crewmember assigned to the historic USS Enterprise, NX-01, under the command of Captain John Archer. His paternal grandfather also lived with the family. Kyle would listen to the stories that his grandfather would dole out about his career in the Starfleet Marine Corps. These, added to the stories heard from his parents had the effect of pushing Kyle to wan tot join Starfleet himself.

Kyle always dreamed of joining Starfleet. He made it his personal mission to get himself as ready as possible for the day that he would don the uniform. He would read everything that he could get his hands on. He also trained his body. By the time he joined the Academy, he was adept in a half dozen forms of unarmed combat. He also held black belts in Karate, Judo and Akido. Upon graduating the Academy, his grandfather presented him with a gift that had been handed down in his family for several generations, a pair of throwing daggers that could be worn on the underside of either forearm. He had been trained by his grandfather on the use of these weapons from the moment he could stand. By the time he was given the gifts, the knives were more than just weapons, they were extensions of his arms, his aim was so perfect.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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