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Reeza Ral

Reeza Ral

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Trill
Played by: matt-davis

Physical Appearance

Short and skinny, Reeza is clearly not one that indulges in physical activities. She kind of looks a bit on the frail side and bruises really easily.


Reeza is a rather cheerful and happy person, always trying to keep true to the mentality of the glass is half full. As such even in the worse situations, she does her best to keep things light with a bit of humor. That doesn't mean she doesn't take problems seriously, it is just that if she doesn't do anything to alleviate some of the gravity, then her anxiety might get the better of her. Which would lead to her performance suffering.

Pre-Service Biography

Reeza was born on an isolated Trill colony, which studied rather strange solar phenomena that took place in that system. Her childhood has been filled endless science and engineering lessons, as well as having the chance to learn how to tinker with cutting-edge technology. Both her parents were scientists or engineers, and she was raised by the community as well, with most of the small adult population of the colony serving as her mentors and teachers. Who encouraged a talent for the technical.

She joined Starfleet shortly after turning twenty, the same year as her Joining. Her symbiont was passed onto her by one of the aging members of their small isolated colony. Who deemed Reeza as having great potential to be a worthy host for the symbiont Ral. After that, much of her career after graduating from Starfleet Academy has been rather normal. Without many outstanding moments, but filled with quiet experimentation and learning.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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