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Remak Davik

Remak Davik

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Cardassia
Played by: shatners_hair

Physical Appearance

Remak keeps himself in good physical condition, believing that a Doctor should set an example to his patients.

He is fairly attractive by Cardassian standards, with his pale eyes considered unusual.


Remak is friendly and personable, although often a little guarded around new people. He is particularly uncomfortable around Bajorans, finding that he suffers from a great deal of cultural guilt for the occupation.

Medicine is an integral part of his identity, he considers it his calling and his purpose.

He has a tendency towards conspiratorial thinking that's bordering on paranoia .

Pre-Service Biography

The war changed everything on Cardassia. It changed young Remak Davik too. At the end, when their supposed Dominion allies turned on them, he saw that they had chosen the wrong side from the start. He lost his parents and a sister in the Dominion executions, but he also saw Starfleet personal helping the victims after their victory, something that the Cardassians and the Jem'Hadar would not do. It was then that Remak decided that he wanted to be a Doctor.

Having always shown an aptitude for science, Remak turned his focus to medicine. He worked hard and eventually earned his medical degree. However, when he began working in a hospital, he started to see the same corruption that had been evident in the old regime. It may have been a new government, but the same faces were still in power.

For a while, Remak tried to be a voice for change and progress. It soon became evident that the regime was entrenched and veiled threats started to make it clear that his actions were putting his remaining family at risk. Eventually, somewhat reluctantly, he decided that Starfleet was his best option.

At the Academy, Remak found much less prejudice than he was expecting, and in some cases even friendship. Starfleet proved to be one of the best decisions that he had ever made.

Eventually, Remak would like to return to Cardassia and make a real difference to the world he still considers his home.

StarFleet Service History

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