Augustus Marshall

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Lyshan Colony
Played by: Lamar_David

Physical Appearance

The years since the close of the Dominion War have not been kind to Augustus. He looks as though he’s spent more than enough time in the elements. He has a certain personal strength about him that can be seen in his icy blue eyes.


Fiercely independent and resourceful. He clings to his 2368 model phaser rifle and his land at all times. He doesn’t see much use in the Federation, but knows that he can’t kick them off the world. Deep down he has a kind heart, but he is highly suspicious of outsiders.

Pre-Service Biography

Life started out fairly normal for Augustus. He was the older of the two siblings, the kids of two of the colony’s most established land owners. His parents were able to give the two kids a fairly good education. However, tending to the livestock and crops took precedence over class. Both him and his sister learned to fire phasers at a young age. Their father believed that his children would grow up to become fine Starfleet officers.

However, as Augustus began applying for the Academy, the Federation transfered the Colony into the Demilitarized Zone. This period of life for Austus is relatively undocumented. However, there is some talk that he had been part of the Maquis. There is no evidence to support or deny this report.

As the Dominion turned to wiping out the Maquis, his colony was attacked and utterly devastated. Augustus pulled out of the war to return home to aid his people. He led his people in a guerilla war until Starfleet was able to repel the invaders. After the Treaty of Bajor, which ended the war between the two powers, Augustus hoped to see the Federation take the lead in rebuilding his breadbasket homeworld. After weeks became months and months became years, it became clear that the Federation was not coming.

The next twenty years were rough. The siblings had lost their parents and their fertile farming home in one fell swoop. It took all of the surviving colonists banding together to survive. Food was scarce. Resources were more difficult to locate.

Somehow, Marshall became the elected governor in 2386. Upon his ascension, Jordan promised that he would always keep the colony safe from outide. Recently, Starfleet began buzzing that the colony would again be the focus of the Federation’s rebuilding efforts. What were they up to and what did they want this time? Only time would tell.

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