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Riv O'Malley

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Leonis III
Played by: kcphysics

Physical Appearance

6' tall
Light Red (almost pink) hair
Pale blue skin
Intense green eyes


Once brash and haughty, Riv has mellowed with age and maturity. He still finds himself quick to anger, but that anger is usually at himself for allowing his emotions to get the best of him. Passionate to a fault, he will let his opinion be known, especially if it is in his area of expertise, but years of service to Starfleet, even during the war, taught him to obey orders, even if they don't make sense.

Pre-Service Biography

The story of Riv starts with the story of his parents, Master Chief Petty Office Jack O’Malley and Jhemess Sh'rakrek. Jack as stationed aboard the U.S.S Bessemer, working as part of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers stationed there. One particularly harrowing mission sought to rescue an Andorian science academy research vessel from black hole, after it lost power hitting a quantum string.

Jack risked his life to save those aboard that vessel, from the officers and science staff, all the way down to lowest engineers mate. Jhemess was that engineers mate, caught in a service alcove after the surrounding areas had already been crushed by the gravitational forces of the black hole. Jack disobeyed orders and saved her. They fell in love soon thereafter, and eventually married.

Jack continued his starfleet career, but Jhemess took on a more serious role than an engineer’s mate, one of mother. Not just a mother, but a mother whose husband saved lives in Starfleet while she was at home taking care of their child. A mother who didn’t have the advantage of family, as Jack’s family was gone, and hers disowned her. She radiated strength, discipline, and honor, all things that Riv picked up.

Over the years, as Riv grew, he learned from both his parents, who were devoted to their little family. Back then, however, Starfleet could not allow families aboard vessels like the Bessemer, who often went into danger, and so Riv saw his father when he could. Jhemess became a mechanic for their local agrarian settlement, and showed Riv the beginnings of engineering. His father would take that one step further every time he was home.

Riv joined Starfleet when was 18, but his brash and untactful ways, as well as some run ins with a well connected officer’s family, barred him from the academy. He didn’t let that stop him, and joined up and went to the Engineering Academy on Ionis III. After he graduated, he went to work where he was needed.

A few years later, his father retired, and settled down into the quiet agrarian life that Jhemess had come to love, and they lived happily. When the dominion war broke out, Jack was asked to come back, and to train engineers on Ionis III, and Jhemess and Jack moved and went to work teaching the new generation. Riv had become a Petty Officer First Class by then. Tragedy struck when the Dominion broke through the front lines and laid waste to Ionis III, killing Jack and Jhemess, who helped saved hundreds of students.

Outraged and hurt, Riv sought comfort in fighting the enemy. He volunteered for front line duty, and, after being denied originally, was assigned to the Mobile Construction Brigade Gamma Company, and went to work building and reinforcing Starfleet’s prime assets. He got into some fire fights there, and tried to revel in the killing of Jem’Hadar. His parents had raised him too well though, and he soon tired of the killing.

He was transferred back to a Corps of Engineers company on the U.S.S. James Watt, and served the rest of the war there. Still a forward action mission, but coming up against the Jem’Hadar with welcome irregularity. When the war was over, he continued with the Corps of Engineers as they attempted to put right the wrongs that had been committed.

A year or two after the war ended, he decided that his life would better be served in Starfleet, making sure the ideals of his parents would never die. A Chief Petty Officer by this point, Riv went back to the academy. His brash demeanor now mellowed by age and experience. He studied hard, and graduated as an Engineer, and now awaits his first assignment.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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