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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Andoria
Played by: nillers

Physical Appearance

The Aenar are physiologically similar to the Andorians. Like an Andorian, Robus has two antennae sprouting from his head; however, the antennae of Aenar have small indentations in the funnel-shaped tips. With his antennae, Robus is 6’5’’, but is only 6’3’’ to the top of his head. The Aenar species are completely blind yet have a special ability to "see" without the use of their eyes. All Aenar have no skin or hair cell pigments, resulting in a pale white appearance similar to Human albinos.

Robus is no different than the typical Aenar but, with his unique past, his general demeanor considered reserved. Typically standing at ease with his hands clasped behind his back. His posture best described as silent confidence.


Robus is a fairly reserved Aenar. Despite his rather introverted nature, he is by all means very easy to talk to when he does. In fact he has quite an interesting mix of dry wit and humor, which most find surprising. Many think Robus comes off as some wise philosopher, mostly from his quiet manner and select timing to speak with a low, deep voice. He chooses to listen more and speak when necessary.

Pre-Service Biography

Robus (pronounced Roe-bus), also known as Ro by friends, is an Aenar, born of the planet Andoria. Named after a close friend of Robus’ father, was born on July 4, 2315 (Earth Time), on Andoria. Robus grew up with what he would call a normal childhood. Both his parents, Tylet Shoon and Gemel, were intelligent scientists and much of their teachings rubbed off. He was homeschooled by his mother and father from the age of 5-16 before going to Kural University. After graduation in 2335, Robus returned to his parent’s laboratory (Shoon Industries) to help with new medical technology efforts. Robus spent years apprenticing with his parents. Over time though, his interest in the activity of the Federation news got to him. His passion for adventure led him away from his world and science, to seek the grandeur of the Federation.

When Robus arrived in San Francisco, Earth, in 2340, he had no interest in becoming a Starfleet officer. He applied to become a civilian Federation diplomat determined to become an Ambassador. Like his father who had worked with the Andorian government, years ago. The Federation Diplomatic Service accepted his application and he was admitted into the Federation Service for diplomatic training. Four years later, Robus graduated into the Diplomatic Corps of the Federation. As part of his courses, he had learned over 8 new languages before being able to graduate. The four basic (English, Tellarian, Vulcan, Klingonese) and 2 electives (Romulan & Ferengi). This new learned talent came in handy with his new assignment.

Stationed in the Beta Quadrant, Robus was posted on Starbase 21 as a translation specialist. Located reasonably close to both Romulan and Klingon borders, Starbase 21 was busier with Diplomatic tensions than he had previously assumed. Within a few months of being stationed on the Starbase, Robus was called to aid in 7 diplomatic meetings with Klingons. On his 8th meeting, however, a misunderstanding between a Klingon Commander and the diplomat Robus aided broke out. Before he knew it, Robus was pulling a knife the best he could out of the hand of a Klingon and stopping it from fatally killing the Federation peace officer. Luckily, Robus was able to talk down the Klingon before Federation technicians would’ve had to start cleaning blood stains. Impressed with his intuitive skill of talking, the diplomat put a formal citation in Robus’s record for his work. This was Robus’ first, but not last, front with violence or danger ever. Never before had he been exposed to so much brutality, coming from a pacifist culture of the Aenar.

Robus was transferred off Starbase 21 and to a new post after one year of service. Moved to a location where Romulans lived so close, he made a new home on Starbase 14. The Federation Diplomatic Service gave him the new title as diplomat aide in order to take the next step in his career. Robus started his new duties in late 2345. Most of the time the position was spent as a clerk and personal assistant to an intolerable Vulcan ambassador. Other than stacks of paperwork and having to put up with ridiculous commands by his superior, not much happened in his time on Starbase 14. Two years later, Robus was sent to Starbase 718.

Starbase 718 was a resupply/ military outpost, stationed on the border of Romulan space. Robus was giving a new assignment, as Chargé d’Affairs, to provide aid in improving relations between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Empire. Not an easy task, but if he were to become an Ambassador it was to be done. So for three years, Robus worked hard to ease tensions. Robus was recognized for his outstanding dedication and noticed by his superiors as a fantastic wordsmith on the negotiation table. That all ended when he received graves news… his father, Tylet, was dying.

In 2350, Tylet was struck by a very rare disease known to the Aenar race as “Gamba-Tayla”. It was an incurable, genetic disease that caused organs to slowly decay until they’re no longer functional. Robus arrived back at his homeworld as soon as he could. Unfortunately, Tylet and Robus were only given a few hours of time before he finally passed. The traditional Aenar end of life ceremony was completed and Robus was left to say goodbye one last time. Ro took a leave of absence from the Corps. With his father gone, there was a lot to dwell on. One night he awoke in a state of panic and the next day he submitted his resignation to the Diplomatic Corps of the Federation. He was going to pursue the cure to his father’s awful disease.

Starting in 2351, Robus founded Tylet Research. A company to begin research on his father’s life ending ailment. He was able to coordinate some of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants greatest minds to help cure the disease, once and for all. A total of fifteen scientists would take another four years before making any success. Ro considered he would need to fight the disease with the same disease. In the dead of night, he reconstructed a sequence to work out different possible antidotes. When he had completed the genetic sequence, all he had to do was test it. Sadly, Gamba-Tayla was a very rare illness which made it very difficult to find live subjects to test on.

It would be six months later, in the early season of 2356, that Ro would find a young girl by the name of Serah infected with Gamba-Tayla. When Robus first presented the idea of his experimental cure to the parents of Serah, they declined the offer. However, as the situation worsened and Gamba-Tayla slowly started to show its effects more and more they quickly changed their mind. Ro had to act fast if he was going to save the lovely daughter their parents once knew. The first step, however, was to get consent from the individual themselves. Even under the effects of Gamba-Tayla, Serah agreed to try the gene sequence. After a few hours, Ro administered the drug, without the consent of her parents, and they began to wait. Minutes passed and finally signs that the drug was working began to surface. Life signs and vitals began to stabilize. Serah’s appearance slowly returned to the normal white skin hue. But it didn’t last. The Gamba-Tayla suddenly came back in full swing, faster than before. It was not long before Serah was pronounced dead.

It would be discovered later that the disease had adapted to Robus’ gene sequence and caused it to progress instead of impeding the life-ending illness. In the days to follow, Serah’s parent’s story had caused a great uproar from the loss of their daughter. They blamed Robus for his deleterious drug for her death. Riots formed outside Ro’s home and at any attempt to try to explain what happened incited more verbal chaos. It wasn’t long after that the settlement’s Aenar Council was called to make a ruling on the case that had been disturbing the peace to great extent. After a day of deliberation, it was found that Robus was to be put in Aenarian Prison with a sentence of fifteen years.

Immediately, Robus commenced his sentence in Aenar Prison. A rare place for anyone to either come or go. His daily schedule was very simple: wake up, eat, shower (once a week), read, eat, read, read some more, sleep, and then repeat the cycle. Other than occasionally looking out the only very small barred window in his cell, reading was his only hobby for the remainder of his prison term. Books from every subject were brought to Robus’ cell, mostly to pass the time. Ro familiarized himself with all the knowledge he could, and when he got out of Aenar Prison in the last year, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Explore. Years in solitude incited a yearning to explore and to get away from the memories of his home colony.

After being released in 2371, Robus was marked with an almost implicit criminal demeanor among his own people. With nothing to his name now and a mother who would rather associate with a stray dog, he knew there was nothing left for him on Andoria. Almost like a hobo on a boxcar, Ro took to stowing away on cargo freighters and “hitch-hiking” his way around the galaxy. It was obvious drastic times were among him when his next meal was anything he could find or steal. Several years later on a remote starbase, while scavenging the leftovers at a local restaurant, a casually dressed female approached him. Timid, but inquisitive, the individual asked if he would like something to eat. Robus, in his stubbornness, tried to decline her offer. She continued to offer and when he realized that the woman would not stand down, he gave in. The woman tried to talk with Robus. At first, he was impassive, but slowly he began to open up as the evening went on. Robus talked of his long life, the trials he had faced, and by the end of the evening was even discussing the opinionated topics of books he had read. Touched by the life and story of Robus, the middle-aged woman confessed a surprising secret. She was a Starfleet Captain of a small Norway Class starship, the USS McKinley. She offered Robus a way to help. The Captain offered her recommendation to him for Starfleet Academy.

StarFleet Service History

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