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Graysen Sadler

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Vancouver, Canada, Earth
Played by: sadler

Physical Appearance

After over two decades in the Marine Corps, Graysen is in still in surprisingly good shape, even after having been a Tanker for more than a decade of those years. Graysen is the perfect height for someone who served in the cramped spaces of the Coyote and Chieftain's, coming in at a shorter than average 5'9". He has a somewhat medium build, coming in at 161 lbs, with not too broad shoulders and a fairly muscular build. He has on the shorter side of Medium length hair that's black. He wouldn’t admit it, but there is some early signs of gray creeping into the edges. Graysen shaves daily but typically has that dark five o'clock shadow by the end of the day. Between the black, Graysen has bright Green eyes that stand out.

Though Graysen has no discernable accent when he speaks, it's sometimes easy to figure out where he comes from thanks to some of the slang he uses.

While on duty, Graysen wears a Duty Variant with his jacket open. He finds the mobility of the loose jacket preferable to the more confined version of a closed jacket. Underneath he wears a Duty vest just so that he has the option of taking off the Jacket. He keeps his sidearm holstered in a leg holster, taking it literally everywhere with him, regardless of proper company, a habit he picked up during the Dominion War.

While off duty, Graysen dresses smartly, a button down shirt, or a nice sweater, with a pair of comfortable jeans. On a lazy day, Graysen can be found in those same jeans, but generally with a T-shirt or a Thunder Ridge hoodie.


Graysen was the black sheep of the family from a young age. Growing up in a Starfleet family, one that strived for science and more operations and engineering based knowledge, Graysen was always a bit different. Though he loved those same engineering aspects that his brother did, Graysen also had a love for fire, a bit of a pyromaniac. Thanks to his knowledge in engineering, this quickly evolved into a love of all this explosive, and though this leant itself well to a more tactical Starfleet background, the efforts of his father to show him that life never appeased Graysen. It's thanks to his upbringing though in a Starfleet Family that Graysen doesn’t hold that seemingly rampant contempt Marines seem to hold for Starfleet.

Overall, Graysen is an Intelligent man who has dedicated his life to the Marine corps. He is a constant optimist, always looking for the best picture in life regardless of the situation. He has more than once lifted the spirits of his marines by looking at the bright side of life. Cool under pressure and a natural leader who works hard to learn the name of most of his marines, Graysen has earned the respect of his men countless times, in situations that have made some of even the toughest Marines crack. That being said, more senior officers are sometimes off put by his more laidback command style in which he opts for the more informal rather than the formal style of command. Though he still expects the salute when they first meet and to hold up to the standards of the Marine Corps, Graysen's style of learning names tends to lead him to be on a first name basis with a lot of his more senior officers and NonComs.

Graysen has an odd sense of humor that always seems to come out and some inopportune times. Combined with his sometimes lack of a verbal filter, this can get him into trouble. Though Graysen has a long fuse, whenever his fuse is lit, much like his profession, his anger tends to be explosive depending on the audience and situation, things tend to break.

After a long career in the Marine corps, with the majority of them having been served within the Armoured battalions, Graysen has an intricate knowledge of a majority of the vehicles used by the Starfleet Marine Corps, as well as the best uses for them, and a good operational knowledge of Armour tactics.

Pre-Service Biography

Born in 2346 to Commander Harrison Sadler and Lieutenant Alexis Sadler in Vancouver in what used to be Canada on Earth. Due to complications, Graysen and his twin brother Jacob were born at exactly the same time when they were emergency transported out of their mother. This has led to many arguments over the years between the brothers as they tried to figure out who was the older one. Graysen and Jacob were a lot alike from a young age, both had a love of Engineering, though for Graysen it was more of a love of destroying then fixing rather than taking apart orderly then putting back together again.

As they grew older and their parents were transferred to the USS Haywood, Graysen began to get a look at what Starfleet was all about. Though he loved the thought of exploring the galaxy and getting to know the species and worlds that made up the Federation, Graysen soon learned that while Starfleet offered all these things and more as he grew up a Starfleet brat, Graysen soon began to learn that with his love for more destructive tendencies combined with his love of engineering, Starfleet really didn’t seem to suit the idea he had for his future. It was around then that Graysen met the Marines assigned to the Haywood. Even with the friction between Starfleet and Marines, Graysen's parents soon warmed up to the idea as even as a Marine, Graysen would still be carrying on the tradition of serving the Federation that his family had upheld for generations.

After some initial training, more cadet styled to get him a taste of the lifestyle, Graysen feel in love. As soon as he turned the age of 18, Graysen applied for Thunder Ridge, one of the Marine Corps two academy style education facilities. At the same time, Graysen's brother applied for Starfleet Academy. With his family name and their service record to Starfleet, Graysen was quickly accepted.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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