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Selina Fenruse

Selina Fenruse

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Betazed
Played by: Ehestri

Physical Appearance

Selina is slim built with long curls that she keeps up and out of her face with a ponytail. She is pale skinned but it suits her because of her pale hair.

Body Art A trail of blue stars up her back


She is loving and honest as most betazoidsare but she has fiery tongue and had spunk in her step thanks to her human father, she assumes. She has never found a use for lying, nor is she good at it. She usually keeps a level head and rarely panics. She is known for never cracking under pressure even if the warp core is five seconds from losing containment.

Pre-Service Biography

Born on Betazed and grew up there for the first ten years of her life before her mother decided to take her to Earth and then onto ships and then Starfleet Medical head quarters to follow her career over the next eight years. Despite the movements Selina developed her empathic abilities with the Betzoids she met on the ships and then eventually the big community she met on Earth. Her childhood was fall of exciting places and people but the one thing she missed was a proper family not that her mother wasn’t enough as they had a special connection due to the nature of their species but she always felt something was missing – a father. To this day her mother will not tell her, her fathers name or anything about why he isn’t around only that her was human.

At twenty despite her mother’s protests, she joined Starfleet majoring in engineer and a minor in Emergency medicine and Piloting to appease her mother. She eventually graduated second in her class and joined the USS Victory as an Ensign and Damage Control Specialist, quickly making her name for herself for her quick thinking which came in handy two years after joining USS Victory, the warp core lost containment after a very haring battle with the Cardassians. She managed to contain it after the Chief Engineer was knocked out in the fire fight which he was very embarrassed about but Selina was gracious when he asked her to replace the Asst Chief Engineer when all she had been doing was her job. With the new job title t she was given the Promotion to Lieutenant junior grade and an offer of any posting of her choice if she wanted to leave the ship.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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