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Sha’nae Ba’au

Sha'nae Evelle Ba'au

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Calliope Colony- Of El-Aurian Race
Played by: phoenix-lalor

Physical Appearance

Height 5f8
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue/Green
Physical Description Sha’nae is fit and healthy for a woman of her age and race who partakes in regular exercise. She often has her hair left loose when off duty and it hangs well below her shoulders.
While on duty Sha’nae wears it up and is also often wears the skirted version of the Starfleet uniform. She says it throws enemies off when they see her legs.
Off duty she wears comfortable clothing, either jeans and shirt or sometimes a skirt and top.


Shae as she is known, is rather quite unless you do something idiotic. She will sit back and let people talk and give orders and then if those orders are stupid she is disregard them and do what is right.

To those who know her well, they find a very well educated woman who has little tolerance for stupidity but is extremely loyal to those who earn it.

Pre-Service Biography

2238-2254: Childhood and Early years

Born to an El-Aurian family on a planet in what would eventually in the mid 2300’s became known as the Bad lands, Sha’nae grew up in a small village surrounded by dense woods and a lone river. A beautiful place.

A curious child, Sha’nae Nicknamed Sage by other children, would tag along with her father, an engineer by trade when he did odd jobs and built things. She studied at the school and was soon doing more than tagging along with her father.

2255-2259: Starfleet and studies.

In 2355 she went to Earth on a small cargo vessel with her father and mother. She was 16. Their hope was that she would be able to attend Starfleet academy. Sha’nae did as her parents wanted, but was not happy with Starfleet and the rules and regulations.

From 2256-2259 she studied Engineering and graduated in the top 10% of her class, a reasonable position her parents agreed.

She was 21 when assigned to her first posting. A shipyard posting working on starships being completed. It bored her greatly.

2260-2266: Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Rank Ensign.

Ensign Sha’nae worked at the Utopia Planitia shipyards in Mars orbit. And when the chance came to join a crew heading into deep space she jumped at it. She also heard about the destruction of her parents birth world by communication from her parents. She was glad that her parents and her had never gone back to the Home world.

2267-2270 - USS Colombia, Rank Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Engineer

Assigned to the USS Colombia as their Junior Engineering Chief, Sha’nae, believed to be human by the crew, adapted to the new environment and learned a lot about the workings of an active starship. And how to fix things without the benefit of a dry dock.

2271-2273 - USS Dartmouth Rank, Lieutenant, Chief Engineer

After three years on the Colombia, she was transferred to the Dartmouth as their Chief engineer. But the Dartmouth was badly damaged in a fight with the Romulans and was towed back to Starbase 1 with half its crew complement dead. Sha’nae lost a lot of good engineers on that ship.

2274-2276 - USS Colombia, Rank Lieutenant, Chief Engineer

Sha’nae was again transferred, this time back to the Colombia. She spent a quiet 2 years there and worked hard.

In late 2276, Sha’nae applied to University, wanting a change of scene from the Fleet. She took a leave of absence and went to earth. Also, people were starting to notice that she did not age.

2277-2284: Yale University, studying Law,

Sha’nae was accepted to Yale University where she set about studying Law, Where she worked had and did her honours and placed the emphasis of her studies in Galactic Law. She graduated 2nd in her class and was granted the ‘Ambassador Sovol’s Galactic Law award’ for her grades in Interspecies Law.

2285-2289: Studied at the Vulcan Science Academy, Studied Archaeology

In 2285 to 2289 She studied at the Vulcan Science Academy, Studied Archaeology, Graduated first in her class and got a doctorate in Archaeology, She then accepted and worked at the Vulcan Science Academy for two years.

2290-2300 - Wanderlust years

In 2290 to 2295 Sha’nae studied at London University, Deciding on a Bachelor of Education, Elementary Schooling, where she somehow managed to graduate in the top 15%of her class, even though she rarely applied herself to it, content to float through her newest lot of schooling in the years 2296 to 2300: She worked at a London Primary School and undertook another Course, this time in Literature at the University of London. She then travelled about the Universe and many men were entranced by the younger woman, who was older then she seemed.

2312-2339- The intervening years

During the years 2312 to 2315 Sha’nae taught at Sydney University as a junior lecturer in Archaeology, She then took some time off to travel to Risa and lived there for five years while she thought about what to next.

Sha’nae bought a house on Earth in what used to be Colorado and settled in.

In 2320 She began writing Fantasy Novels under the Nom de Plume Glade Hollidae. and in 2321, Published First Novel, The Winds Of The Mountains (New York Times Best Seller) the first in the long line of a critically acclaimed Series The Makenstra Trilogy and again in 2323, Published Second novel, The Setting Sun,(Best new Writer) and in 2325 Published Third Novel in the Trilogy, The Spinning Waters.(New York Times Best Seller) Sha’nae then moved to Southern France and Brought a vineyard and while living there for five years she research the history of the area and eventually wrote her second trilogy beginning in 2330. Still set in the world of Makenstra the books were called The Fire Gods Trilogy. Started with book One, Garnk, God of the flame,(New York Times Top ten book of the Year) and then Harken, God of the Heat,( The Time’s Best Seller) and Marehk, Goddess of the Spark.(Best Fantasy Novel of the Year) All three were critically acclaimed and she continued to write under her nom de plume.

In the years 2335-2340 what she called the Wanderlust hit her once more and she travelled a bit more around the universe, this time exploring Betazoid and Trill as well as Bolia and Deltan.

2340-2345: Harvard University, Advanced Masters in Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Sha’nae returned to earth to brush up on her engineering skills and entered Harvard to study Engineering and Mechanical engineering. With her background in Starfleet Engineering, she sped through the course and in 5 years, she had her advanced Masters in Engineering and Mechanical engineering.

After 5 years working in the civilian sector, Sha’nae then reapplied to Starfleet and was accepted.

2350-2352: Entered Starfleet Academy - Refresher Course
The two years she was forced to spend at the Academy were quite different from her original 4. She made no friends this time around and kept to herself and didn’t care.

2355-2359: Rank Ensign, USS Melton-A

Assigned to the Melton A, she spent 4 years working as a general engineer basically acting like she had little experience, which her CO saw through immediately and she was soon a shift leader, despite remaining an ensign. While on the Melton She wrote To Zephryn, with regards, (Best New Children’s Author) the First in a long series of books called the Tales of Zephryn, All written about a young boy thrust into the spotlight of his world because he was descended from the late and former King. The series is eight books long and is acclaimed as a great series for children, to be places in the same annals of literary expertise as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Obertnyeten Chronicles.

2360-2366: DS 34, Engineer, Rank Ensign.

Transferred to DS43 in 2360, again she tried to hide her expertise. But was again content to sit back. She was however very disturbed by the events unfolding in the Badlands and around Cardassia.

In late 2366, Sha’nae resigned her commission and returned to her home world in the badlands.

2366-2370: Resignation and Life after Starfleet:

Sha’nae returned to where she had been born and found that her parents were moving on, leaving the world. This did not sit well with Sha’nae who took over her father’s business and set about assisting the maquis in any way she could.

Not four years later, she was arrested for being a member of the maquis by the cardassians. A charge that stuck pretty well.

2371-2374: Prison, Earth

Sha’nae was among 50 Maquis prisoners in an exchange between the Federation and Cardassia and then she was in prison for 3 years from 2371-2374. She had just been someone who basically gave aid and shelter to the maquis. And, fixed their weapons and ships.

Her years in prison was not something that affected her. She was so unconcerned with her sentence of life. El-Aurians were so long lived, that 25 years was nothing. Plus it gave her time to write.

2374-2375: Dominion war indentured War Service - USS Medusa, Rank Ensign

The Federation made a deal with her as they needed competent engineers. Her sentence would be commuted from the 15 years to 3 time served and 50 years service to Starfleet. After which she was free to do as she wished. As an El-Aurian this was a drop in the bucket. So she took the offer. And was instantly assigned to the USS Medusa in the Dominion war.

Sha’nae did not take to her new crew mates well. She was called Convict, Maquis and other such names all of which she calmly said “So? True aren’t they? And look who was right all along. The cardassians are horrible and now you all know.” And so saying, would walk away as the next lot of injuries and deaths were announced in the war.

From 2374-2375 she served on the Medusa as a junior Engineer. She ignored her chief often and used her knowledge to fix things that might not have been fixed by the book.

2376-2391: Deep Space 5, Engineer, Rank Lt JG

In 2376 her current superior was glad to be rid of her and sent her to DS5 as an engineer.

There she has remained as a junior grade lieutenant 15 years. But in those 15 years she had seen 10 chief engineers come and go, basically run the department even when they were there. She is the most trusted engineering officer on the Base, though one of the most carefully watched when a Cardassian is about.

She had to be pulled off of one in mid 2383, when he insinuated that the maquis should have all been shot. He needed several stitches by the time she was done with him and he still walks funny to this day. Sha’nae however walked away with minor bruises. It should be noted that she is considered a child by El-Aurian standards and often is mistaken for a teenager by those who do not know her.

2392-2393: DS7, Engineer, Rank LTJG

Transferred to the DS7 after 15 years on DS5, Sha'nae didn't really see much difference in her situation. She works, keeps her head down, kicks butt when needed and ignores idiots.

She has made no connections and lost contact with her parents in 2366. She has, had lovers over the years but nothing other than the odd one night stand.

2394- Present: USS Roanoke, Engineer, Rank Lt JG

In 2394, Sha’nae was assigned to the USS Roanoke as their chief engineer.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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