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Shanyrria Kelmys

Shanyrria Kelmys

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Uyelbel, Varlar
Played by: phoenix-lalor

Physical Appearance

Height 5f8
Weight 142
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Is of Medium Height and Weight for a female of her race. She has lightly tanned skin tones and has pointed ears, that curve back unlike Vulcans which are straight upwards.She has Copper based blood like her vulcanoid cousins


General Overview Shan fits the Campaigners Personality profile and she is very much a campaigner. The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Curious – Shan want to go out and experience things, and don’t hesitate to step out of her comfort zone to do so. She is imaginative and open-minded, seeing all things as part of a big, mysterious puzzle called life.This can lead to trouble though.
Observant – Shan believes that there are no irrelevant actions, that every shift in sentiment, every move and every idea is part of something bigger. And she watches and learns.
Energetic and Enthusiastic – See that high bounce ball over there? That's Shan. Eager, happy to move from one project to the next, often without warning.
Know How to Relax – It’s not all “nature of the cosmos” discussions with Shan – people with this personality type know that sometimes, nothing is as important as simply having fun and experiencing life’s joys. That Intuitive trait lets Campaigners know that it’s time to shake things up, and these wild bursts of enthusiastic energy can surprise even their closest friends.
Very Popular and Friendly – All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a
person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition. Shan gets along with pretty much everyone.


Finds it Difficult to Focus – Campaigners are natural explorers of interpersonal connections and
philosophy, but this backfires when what needs to be done is that TPS report sitting right in front of them. It’s hard for Campaigners to maintain interest as tasks drift towards routine, administrative matters, and away from broader concepts. This means she hates Paperwork!
Get Stressed Easily – All this overthinking isn’t just for their own benefit – Campaigners,especially Turbulent ones, are very sensitive, and care deeply about others’ feelings. A consequence of their popularity is that others often look to them for guidance and help, which takes time, and it’s easy to see why Campaigners sometimes get overwhelmed, especially when they can’t say yes to every request.
Highly Emotional –
While emotional expression is healthy and natural, with Campaigners even viewing it as a core part of their identity, it can come out strongly enough to cause problems for this personality type. Particularly when under stress, criticism or conflict, Campaigners can experience emotional bursts that are counter-productive at best.
Independent to a Fault – Shan loathes being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules –She is a highly independent master of her own fates, or so she believes.
Ambitions She has ambitions but not what most would expect. She wants to explore every planet, every area and sector of space, both known and unknown and chart the history of races and worlds. She is not one for command. She is not looking for rank in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Scuba Diving, exploring, Spelunking, Rock climbing
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Varlarian, Vulcan, Federation Standard, Some Romulan and little Klingon.

Pre-Service Biography

Born to the Kelmys clan in the Deep woods city of Uyelbel, Shanyrria is the youngest of three children. She has an older brother and an older sister.
Her childhood was very simple, for her family was not interested in the material things. Their home was on the outskirts, her father, a tree farmer, whose main crop was syrup from the Miliia Tree. The Syrup is used in Varlarian cooking and is only found in their area of Varlar.

She went to school at age 4 and found herself for the first time, thirsty for knowledge. She became an avid reader and was often found in the school library during break periods, or siting in the high branches of the trees in which the city had been built, above the roofs reading a book. From age 6 to 12, she explored the written word and learned of the worlds beyond their planet. She worked on her family’s tree harvesting after school but still found a way to indulge her interest in other races and life beyond by listening to the newscast.

Her older brother finished school at 17, when she was 12, and after much discussion, he moved to the planet’s capital to undertake university courses. While he was there, he sent home information to his sisters, both younger than him, to let them know what they could do with their lives. He wanted to be a structural Engineer, her sister was headed into Medicine. Her parents had hoped that one of their children would take over the family farm but it was obviously not to be. At age 12, with her brother off in the capital and her sister spending weekends in the local hospital, Shanyrria found herself at a loss.

She heard of a scholarship program to one of the best schools in the capital. But you needed excellent grades and a sponsor to get even a look in. Undeterred, she, without parent permission, submitted her candidacy. She had excellent grades, even in her worst subject - mathematics, and she had requested her Head teacher give her a reference, which she had done without a qualm. Much to the surprise of her parents Shan received the scholarship and at age 13, she moved to the capital city of Var Illanor. Considered the country mouse, Shan found a very different environment to what she had grown up in. But she didn’t let it affect her. She bloomed. She found herself looking into different areas and enjoyed studying in a newer larger library.

She made her career choice, she was going to be an archeologist, dig and learn the secrets of the past and how it will affect the future. But Shan also knew that it would not always be the thing that would make her life fulfilled. So, she knew she would have to add, Anthropology to it. Anthropology & Archaeology is the scientific study of societies and the things they leave behind. It encompasses humanoid and non-humanoid life from the distant origins of the universe to the present day.

Throwing herself into it and the life of her new school campus, Shanyrria made friends and became very interested in the different paths, her career choice could take her. At 17, she graduated from school and was accepted to the Varlar University where she commenced her studies in 2389.

In 2390, her brother moved off world to work with a group of Engineers who went to planets struck by disaster to assist with rebuilding, and her sister, recently graduated from medical school, worked in their hometown hospital.

Shanyrria, studied hard and worked to make her grades stellar. Then one of her friends suggested that she look into Starfleet. Her people had only recently, in 2380, commenced sending students into Starfleet, despite being full Federation members since 2278. To make things fair, you could put your name into a lottery, and the winners were announced by the monarch with much fanfare. Intrigued, and willing to undertake such a lark, Shanyrria did so. She put her name in and promptly forgot all about it when her class went off world to assist with a dig. When they returned several months later, Shanyrria found the invitation to the Lottery drawing in her dorm room. It took her a moment to remember that she had put her name in.

3 nights later, she, dressed in her one and only best dress, a silver sheath dress, along with 50 others who had put their names in, arrived at the Palace’s ballroom. Despite living in the capital since she was 13, Shan had never visited the Palace and while others looked around in awe of the grandeur, she was letting her historian/Archeological mind work and barely noticed when the King and Queen arrived.

What she did notice, while examining an artefact from before the Revolution was the names being called. Three would be chosen as per every year. Drawn by the king with the Starfleet Academy Commandant at his side. She listened with half a year as the first two names were called out.

“Galan Wranmenor” She had known him at School. He wanted to be a doctor. Shan noted his calm walk up to accept the offer. He was from the water clans.

“Khidell Wysara” She didn’t know him. He all but stomped up to the stage and bowed as he was presented with the official scroll of offer. He was a gruff Varlarian and one who came from Mountain Clans by his demeanor.

Believing her chances were nil she had just turned back to assess the item when her name was called out “Shanyrria Kelmys” stunned but quietly pleased, she turned back and as she was at the back of the room, had to make a long walk to the front of the room. She accepted the scroll of offer with a polite curtsey and stepped back to stand alongside the two male Varlarians who had been accepted.

They were to report to Starfleet Academy on the first of the year (earth year) which was in 2 months to the day. There they would undergo, course and subject selection and determining any prior learning they have had. The Commandant also requested all educational records be sent to Starfleet as soon as possible.

The Ceremony over with, they were dismissed and Shan now had to explain what her lark had done. Starfleet? What had she been thinking? She went back to her dorm and called her parents. She talked it over with them, the pros and the cons and two months later, arrived in San Francisco to commence at the Academy.

StarFleet Service History

Even with prior learning, she chose to undertake the full four year course load. She chose a various range of courses within the Science Discipline.

2391 -2392
Courses Undertaken: Semester 1
ADMIN101: Starfleet Operations - 90%
ADMIN110: Chain of Command and General Protocol 95.4%
DIPL101: General 99%
LANG101: Federation Standard 90%
ANTH101: General Anthropology 99%

Courses Undertaken: Semester2
HIST101: Birth of the Federation 85%
PHYS101: Concepts 90%
LANG1_0: Klingon Level 100: Elementary 75%
MATH101: Concepts 89%

Courses Undertaken: Semester 3
ANTH102: General Archaeology 99%
SURV101: Starship Emergencies 89%
MED101: First Aid and Field Medicine89%
LAW101: Federation, General 97%
PILOT101: Runabouts and Shuttles 89%

Shan had never shared a room before. Not even at University or in school. Among her people it was not needed and as most liked their own space for their own experiments/activities or just plain space, room sharing with anyone other than your mate was very unusual. So for Shan, to find herself in a room with 3 other cadets, she had a lot of conforming to do. For one, she could not leave her belongings out willy nilly. But after a few weeks of being hinted at and finding her papers stacked out of order in the door to her bedroom, Shan got the point. She spent the rest of the year studying hard to get through the course load. She did almost fail Klingon Level 1 due to her inability to say certain words.

2392 -2393
Courses Undertaken:
Semester 1
XEN101: General 90%
SURV110: Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training 89%
BIO101: Concepts 97%
ENG233: Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems 85.4%
HIST270: Leaders and Explorers 98%

ENG232: Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks 88%
ENG221: LCARS Programming 1 88%
TAC110: Combat, Small Weapons 70%
CHEM301: Physical Chemistry 1 97%
ASTRO101: General Astrophysics 99%

Semester 3
PHYS180: Elementary Temporal Mechanics 96%
TAC101: Combat, Unarmed 70%
ENG231: Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces 85%
ASTRO200: Advanced Astrophysics 95%
CHEM301: Physical Chemistry 2 90%

Passing the courses was not always easy for Shan, she struggled with some and found that she hated living in her cadet quarters, in her second year due to the fact that she had new roommates and two of them were Vulcan who treated her patronisingly, as did most of that race when faced with her people. She often locked herself in her bedroom and made sure to memorise their schedules so she could avoid them where possible, but as one of them was undertaking a science course like her, it was hard to do. At the end of the year, she applies for and is granted a single room.

2393 - 2394
Courses Undertaken:
Semester 1
PHYS201: General Physics 1 97%
PHYS202: General Physics 2 94%
ANTH111: History of Archaeologic Thought 98%
ANTH112: Archaeology in Different Cultures 99%
ANTH113: Museums and Collections 95%

PHYS260: Ionising Radiation 85%
PHYS300: Quantum Mechanics 90%
BIO151: Cell Biology, Humanoid 85%
HIST110: Pop Culture 89%

Semester 3
HIST140: Federation Literature 90%
HIST160: Earth's Eugenics Wars 90%
BIO201: General Physiology 94%
BIO213: Genetics, Non-Humanoid 99%
BIO152: Cell Biology, Non-Humanoid 90%

Being in a single room, gave Shanyrria more room and she was able to spend more time studying and she spent time helping the new Varlarian Cadets as they came into Starfleet. She also joined several clubs on the Academy grounds, the Chess club, which she only joined to see what it was like, the Stargazers Club, which she found out was more about the mysticism around the Stars rather than charting them. It was interesting but really not her idea of fun.

It was during this year that she also had a brief relationship with fellow Varlarian Khidell Wysara, as they were the two remaining Varlarians from their cohort, the other having had to pull out in their second year due to a family issue. The relationship was brief, and nothing more than a couple of sexual encounters that were more of a just for fun rather than amourous.

Khidell went on to date an Andorian shortly after. And Shan chose to just get back to her work.

2394 - 2395
Courses Undertaken:
Semester 1
BIO326: Zoology, Major Worlds 99%
BIO320: Botany of Major Worlds 90%
ANTH120: Wonders Beyond Our Galaxy 94%
HIST210: The Five-Year Mission 96%
HIST230: History of Ethics 90%

ANTH132: The Preservers 90%
ANTH201: Advanced Anthropology & Archaeology 94%
ANTH300: Ancient Empires 99%
ANTH321: Iconia: Demons of Air & Darkness 90%

Semester 3
HIST220: The Romulan Mystique 99%
ANTH131: Galen's Ancient Humanoids 96%
ANTH115: Theories of Cultural and Social Anthropologies 94%
ANTH114: Avoiding Imposition: Recognizing and Mitigating Cultural Assumptions in Archaeology 99%
ANTH322: The T'kon Empire: Masters of the Stars Themselves 96%

Cadet Cruise: 100% USS Hadawatha

Shan’s last year in the academy was quick to her mind but she enjoyed it nonetheless. She worked hard and was sent to the USS Hadawatha for her Cadet Cruise. After that, it was back to San Francisco for Course completion and graduation.

Graduated 2395

After Graduation, Shan returned to Varlar for two weeks vacation and to see her parents. Then she returned to Starfleet and was assigned to the USS Nogura as a junior Science officer.
Service Record 2391-2395- Starfleet Academy
Graduated 2395
2395-2396 - USS Nogura, Science officer, Ensign
2396- Present: Starbase Poseidon, Science Officer, Ensign

Awards Won

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