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Richard Sharpe

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: kerrymalone

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m
Weight 120 Kilos
Hair Color Sandy Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, Well Built,


General Overview Richard is a swarthy character who likes to do things his own way. Tending to find an unconventional solution to a problem is his natural gift, and his ability to look at a situation and see multiple possible outcomes, and then pick the one that's most likely to get him into trouble is also a natural gift.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical Mind
+ Friendly disposition
+ Loyal to a fault

- Hot-headed
- Stubborn
- Non-Conformist
- Chucks out the rule-book when it doesn't suit his needs
Ambitions - Advance within the Marine Corps, doing what he loves best
Hobbies & Interests Antique Firearms Collection, Poker, Chess, Archery, Sharpshooting

Pre-Service Biography

The middle child of two parents who drifted together occasionally to produce children, Richard grew up knowing full well he'd have to look after himself. His mother cared little for actually raising her children, so his elder brother Philip helped bring Richard up, and their sister Becky. When Philip went off to school, it was Richard who helped look after Becky.

Richard shunned school originally to help look after his sister, until his brother Philip insisted that he attend classes. Academia did not suit Richard well, and he rebelled against it. Deciding that school just wasn't for him, at the age of 16 - with his brother's support as their mother had vanished - he enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Finding this was something that he could enjoy and excel in, Richard pushed himself through Boot Camp, although constantly earning the ire of his Drill Instructor when he'd go 'off reservation' a lot, or challenge the 'book' on how something should be done. However, he passed out a Private, and was assigned to a front line infantry unit as a sharp-shooter.

Richard became one hell of a marine, quickly advancing to PFC and then Lance Corporal, becoming an expert marksman very quickly. He was sent off for advanced training where he became a master marksman, a sniper and a heavy weapons specialist in nine months on the course. Upon return to unit, he was promoted to Corporal, and given a Fireteam to command in the Weapons Squad.

By now, the nineteen year old Richard had done rather well, but as was his way - he came afoul of his need to do things his own way, when he defied the instructions of both his Squad Leader and finally Platoon Leader - both of whom Richard thought were idiots. He was brought before the Company Commander, who busted him back to Private when he'd gone off by himself to achieve an objective. The CO was a kind man, who acknowledged that whilst Richard had indeed completed the mission, he'd broken the code by not putting the unit ahead of himself. To help him adjust, Richard was sent off to another platoon.

Starting from scratch again, Richard again advanced to PFC, Lance Corporal and finally Corporal again. However, this time, he was in a Platoon that encouraged individuality, and Richard could shine when he did things his way. He was promoted Sergeant and given a Squad of his own to command. This squad would go on to become the Platoon Leader's "Muck" Squad - the one group of marines always picked to do the difficult missions, because they always seemed to get them done.

By this point, Richard felt he could do more, and after a year as a Sergeant - he was offered promotion to Staff Sergeant, or he could accept an offer to attend OCS and become a commissioned officer. Richard accepted the latter, and attended the one year training course. Upon graduation, he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant.

It felt like starting out again from scratch, as an inexperienced Platoon Leader. Although his five years in the service had given him a broad education, it was very different being a Platoon Leader than he thought it'd be. However, he kept up his usual style of management, earning him both considerable praise and rebuke from his superiors.

Somehow, he managed to scrape up a promotion to 1st Lieutenant, and was moved to a Company XO billet. Quickly realising that he absolutely hated administration, he chomped against the bit and kept pushing for a field command assignment. However, his CO, felt he needed to be tamed more - and to learn that there was more to the marines than field command.

Seething with the impotency that an administrative role gave him, he applied himself regardless, and proved to be a fair administrator, but not exactly talented at it. Eventually, his hard work paid off, and he moved into a Battalion S-3 (Operations) position. Here, he could ply his mind towards solving mission planning. Whilst not a field command, it did allow him to trouble-solve, something he was actually quite good at.

After five months, he was promoted to Captain, and offered a Company Command aboard Obsidian Command. In this position, he quickly earned a reputation as a fierce combatant, but as a good person - earning him the friendship of Captain Paul Reed of the Federation Police Department.

This came to a head during a terrorist standoff on the station, where Sharpe worked hand in hand with the police department to help save the hostages - one of them being the Station's Executive Officer, Amaya Lance. Despite heavy fire, the marines under Sharpe's command liberated the nightclub and subdued the terrorists.

Following on from this event, Sharpe was promoted to Major and given command of the 2nd Battalion briefly. However, there was a significant political concession to the Romulans on the outset of major talks - and the 92nd Regiment was to be re-deployed further from the neutral zone. Marine command didn't agree with leaving Obsidian without a marine presence entirely, and the concession was that a detachment be left behind under the command of an officer of Commander Amaya Lance's choice, since she'd just assumed command.

Amaya chose Richard Sharpe to be the detachment commander. This was due to her respect of his abilities, but also due to their budding relationship beginning to take off. By this point, Amaya and Richard were now dating, which had been due to the match-making skills of Paul and Archie trying to divert attention from their own clandestine relationship.
Service Record - Enlisted as a Private
- Completed Boot Camp
- Fireteam Marksman, 1st Platoon, D-Company, 882nd Marine Battalion "Kingmaker"
- Promoted to PFC
- Promoted to Lance Corporal
- Rotated to Camp Anzac for advanced training (Master Marksman, Sniper, Heavy Weapons Spec)
- Promoted to Corporal
- Fireteam Leader, Heavy Weapons Team, 1st Platoon, D-Company 882nd Marine Battalion "Kingmaker"
- Demoted to Private
- Fireteam Member, 3rd Platoon, D-Company, 882nd Marine Battalion "Kingmaker"
- Promoted to PFC
- Promoted to Lance Corporal
- Promoted to Corporal
- Promoted to Sergeant
- Squad Leader, 3rd Platoon, D-Company, 882nd Marine Battalion
- Attended Officer Candidacy School (OCS)
- Promoted 2nd Lieutenant
- Platoon Leader, 6th Platoon, W-Company, 43rd Marine Battalion "Spiders"
- Company XO, W-Company, 43rd Marine Battalion
- Battalion S-3 (Operations), 43rd Marine Battalion
- Company Commander, E-Company, 22nd Marine Battalion "Roughnecks"
- Battalion Commander, 2nd Battalion, 92nd Marine Regiment
- Detachment Commander, Obisidan Command Marine Detachment

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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