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Tahira Shoal

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Alexandria, Egypt, Eart
Played by: felnost

Physical Appearance

Typical arab complexion with shoulder length hair permed waivy


An amicable and thoughtful person, she is highly introspective and well leared. She prefers to think before she acts which combined with her short size make people overlook her. She also comes across as having doubt about herself though this is more her awareness of her own shortcoming than doubt.

Pre-Service Biography

Born into a family where here brothers were already grown and her parents felt they had more to offer another child, one that would look beyond the confines of their hometown. Tahira grew up surrounded by her family and immersed in the antiquities and cuisine of her parents. She got to explore ancient Pompey, see the old city of Jerusalem, and learn the secrets of the Pharaohs and then be home for dinner at the family restaurant.

Originally, she planned to follow in her brothers foot steps, but at her family's urging she broadened her horizons and looked further afield. Much to the surprise of everyone, she enlisted in Starfleet.

Her academy life was one of very mixed results: namely on which branch to enter. Her skill sets tagged her for science ut her psychological profile tagged her for operations or security. In the end, she chose going towards security with a tactical emphasis while also completing certification for science at the urging of her instructors. That she graduated on time is a testament to her abilities and determination.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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