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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: CT 457
Played by: xalanth

Physical Appearance

Big mean scaley just like most gorn. Not someone you'd like to meet on any kind of night. From his body language you can tell there's something mystifying about him, perhaps it's a feeling of guilt or perhaps it's simply his unfortunate past.


Many things can be said of Sthilg, but at the very least he's helpful and patient. Of course he’s also sociable, aspiring and capable.
His helping hand though, this is what he’s kind of cherished for. People often count on this and his focus when they're feeling down.

Pre-Service Biography

2368: First appearance in records as doctor working in the M'Kafa defence force.
2370: First contract drawn up with KDF border fleet as combat medic on IKC BochHov
2372: Assigned to IKC BIrHegh as assistant surgeon.
2373: Assigned to IKC BIrHom as chief medical officer.
2374: Assigned to federation medical ship Cape Town as part of the KDF detachment.
2377: Commision with starfleet accepted assigned to deep space 3 as assistant surgeon.
2380: Assigned to Starbase 856 as chief surgeon
2390: Assigned to USS Manchester as chief surgeon
2393: Assigned to Starbase 218 As chief surgeon.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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