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Lieutenant Matthew Stringer

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: In a shuttle while evacuating More-haven 9, a Marin base in the Alpha Quadrant.
Played by: trevor

Physical Appearance

Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance
Height 175 cm
Weight 71.214 kg
Hair Color Chestnut brown with sandy blonde highlights
Eye Color Auburn with rust colored specks and rimmed in dark, almost black, chocolate brown.

Physical Description
Matthew is a well-proportioned man with an athletic build. Arguably his eyes are his best feature though he would protest saying his mind is. Although not a His family upbringing encouraged physical exercise and the physician still puts in a substantial amount of time and effort into it.


Personality & Traits
General Overview Matthew is a caring and patient physician with what has been described as a laid back approach to medicine. He is the youngest of four children in a military family. He was expected to become a Marine though his life’s path took a dramatic change.

Born durning the evacuation of a marine base, Matthew was a month premature to a mother that was wounded. After growing up and caring for his ailing mother the plans Matthew had for his life changed. Unable to please his father in spite of being trained from an early age to be a marine and doing quite well Matthew finally gave up ever gaining his father’s approval and chose to follow his own path in life.

His temperament fits his position far more than what a career as a marine would although he was raised to be one. His physique is still fashioned by the exercises he learned as a youth and in some ways thinks in a militaristic manor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Self Determination


Positive Attitude:

Self Critical:

Workaholic :

Ambitions The greatest ambition Matthew has is to someday win the approval of his family. Having decided on a medical career over the Marines Dr. Stringer has experienced a great deal of friction in his extended family. He would also like to serve as part of Starfleet Medical in research but that is a goal he has set for much farther down the road in his life.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts: Growing up in the household where physical fitness, especially that dealing with self defense and physical preparedness, was held to a higher standard than nearly anything else Matt became rather accustomed to the physical riggers and has made it a habit. This activities performed in boot camps and self defense exercises still play a vital role in his life.

Shooting: For a man who is has by his family’s standards become a “pacifist” the physician is an excellent shot with both ballistic and more modern directed energy pistols and rifles. This is more of a hobby where he enjoys a few rounds on a holodeck but is not keep on actually using them in mortal combat even in simulation. His accuracy is excellent and rivals that of skilled officers who use these weapons on a regular bases.

Vegan Cooking: Although not completely vegan or even a vegetarian in his diet Matthew does not as a rule eat any animal products. His main weakness though dairy products, particularly ice cream which he still enjoys from time to time. The vast majority of his meals are free from any animal products but he has in various situations eaten meat though he does not enjoy it. He enjoys cooking various Vegan dishes when he has the chance though it is a rarity for him to have the luxury.

Pre-Service Biography

Personal History On April 17, 2363 Matthew Stringer was born while his parents were evacuating More-haven 9, a Marin base in the Alpha Quadrant. It was two weeks early but at nearly 49 cm and 109 oz and reasonably healthy. Though he was expected his parents thought they had a little more time.

The incident was believed at the time to have been a freak accident. There were catastrophic systems failures and subsequent explosions throughout the facility. Over eighty percent of those at the base were injured and sixty percent were killed. Later it was reviled that the Maqiet were responsible. His Mother Rose was among the injured. Initially it was thought that her wounds were merely superficial. Her left arm was nearly unusable while her legs did not function quite as they should. His older siblings were away visiting their Paternal Grandparents when it happened. Later Respiratory problems surfaced, a result of inhaling

The siblings included an older brother Jason and two sisters Sarah and Hellen They were all excited to have a baby brother. Their play often involved the three of them being marines and was as rough and tumble as could be imagined. They all wanted to be just like Dad though Matthew was the most reluctant of the group to be physically violent.

From third grade on Matthew was trained in the use of both energy and holistic weapons. Of the family, including his father, he was amazingly accurate. Matthew quickly found he enjoyed the activity and as he excelled in it he thought it might bring some acceptance from his father but that never came. Always fighting for what attention they could get from their absentee father it always seemed to Matthew he was the least liked. His father blamed him for his wife’s condition although her injuries were the result of the attack on the base and not from birthing his youngest son. Verbal accusations and favoritism began almost immediately after he and his mother had returned from the hospital home. At first was hardly noticeable, subtile and passive aggressive but over time it became gradually worse. Matthew could feel the distance his father put between them in spite of his best efforts to please him. He never seemed to be able be good enough or even acceptable. With his duties calling his father away on assignments for months at a time the father would call or write his family But Matthew was hardly ever mentioned or spoken directly to.

With one of the parents gone this left Lidia as the main care giver for the children. She too felt the distance growing between her and her husband as she tried to make up the difference between her husband and her youngest child.

As Matthew grew he became more of a care giver to his mother than she was to him. Learning how to cook, clean and perform the duties she had done held the family together but further drove the wedge between him and his father. As her condition became worsened Matthew then became the nurse for her. Lidia was bedridden by his eleventh birthday and his mother would teach him from her world of medicine and caring for others. His desire to be part of the Marines faded giving up on ever gaining approval from his father and by his fifteenth birthday he had decided to become a field medic arguably still trying to make his father happy. When he announced his intent it was met with ridicule and open scorn. This was not the first time his father had belittled and degraded him though it seemed to hurt him more.

By sixteen Matthew had taken some college level courses. Being driven even further from any desire to be part of his father’s world as seventeen he began taking pre Med corses. Following the advice of one of his teachers Matthew decided to look into Starfleet Medical as a means of becoming a physician. His mother encouraged him to visit the facility in San Francisco. His mother rallied enough to come with him through the Academy and Medical facilities. After the tour Matthew decided to take the entrance exam to Starfleet Academy and was accepted into the school of medicine, he was eighteen. In is last year his mother passed away. He studied hard and completed his medical degree in 2387 and graduated from the Academy, no one from his family was present.

His first assignment was to the USS Leonidas, a Centaur class starship heavily populated with marines. As an ensign he was merely one of the three physicians assigned to the destroyer. Assigned to assist in the protection of the Cardassian Boarder the young doctor found even more reasons to dislike the paramilitary group that had injured his mother. After a encounter in the badlands two years later he was given the title of Assistant Chief Medical Officer and was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Upon the return of the USS Leonidas for repairs in 2393 Matthew was offered a transfer to a newly forming ship, the USS Archimedes, where he would serve as the Chief Medical Officer and have the rank of Lieutenant.
Service Record 2387-2389 USS Leonidas, Ensign, Medical Officer
2389-2393 USS Argentine, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2393-Present USS Archimedes, Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer

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