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Summer Gallagher

Summer Athena Gallagher

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth, Starbase 1
Played by: phoenix-lalor

Physical Appearance

Height 5f7i
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Physical Description Summer is of average height and weight, with medium length brown hair and blue grey eyes. She has scars on her back and stomach from the knife attack in 2261. She excels at blending in.


While Summer presents as quiet and unassuming, she is rather different when people know her well. She can be very happy go lucky around friends and often enjoys a nice night out socializing with friends. But when she is on the job, she becomes very stern and unyielding.

Pre-Service Biography

Year: 2236

Summer was born on Starbase 1 to the incoming Earth Diplomat to Vulcan and his wife. Her father was Lord Charles Parker- Gallagher and her mother was Lady Emilie Parker –Gallagher. They had three older children, all of whom have followed their father into the diplomatic circles. The Gallagher family has been deeply involved in politics and diplomacy for centuries and their family is a very old family and currently holds the Earldom of Morley in the British peerage. Not that it means much these days.

2236-2241 – Birth to 5

Summer grew up in the Federations embassy on Vulcan, looked after by a mix of Vulcan and Human nannies and carers. She was tutored from the age of 3 to read and count and by the age of six was well ahead of normal human children due to the accelerated education program she had been subjected to. Summer barely saw her parents or her older brothers and her sister, her elder by 2 years went to school on Earth at age 6 so from the age of 4 onwards, Summer was alone.

2242 – Began education on Vulcan, aged 6

Summer’s older brother Anthony had attended school on Vulcan but Benedict and Chrystal were both educated on Earth. Summer, was to be educated on Vulcan as well, and found herself in a school of Vulcan students. Summer was shy and withdrawn as a child and these traits kept her silent in the face of the stoic logic driven Vulcan children. It also pushed her hard to succeed in her education. Where her brother made contacts and friends with his classmates, Summer kept to herself, worked hard, earned grudging praise from her Vulcan tutors and ignored her classmates. She in essence became invisible within her schooling years. Something she would later employ in her career of choice.

Her grades pleased her parents, but her lack of social skills did not. So her mother summoned from earth a tutor in social interactions and from the age of 13 to 17, Summer was tutored in both her deportment and social interactions as well as working on her own schooling.

Considering the options, Summer knew that she was to follow her siblings into the Diplomatic Corps after a period at university and she did not want that. Nor did she want, the Vulcan Science academy. She wanted Starfleet. So she acquiesced to her parents in regards to the tutoring knowing that it would help when she went to Starfleet. And secretly applied to Starfleet

2253 – Graduated from Secondary School, aged 17

Summer graduated from Secondary School at age 17, and her father dragooned her into the Embassy for the period of her break from education as he had done ever since she had been old enough. She met there a number of different Starfleet officers, and made a number of useful contacts with citizens as they passed through the embassy.

2254 – Commenced at Starfleet academy. Aged 18

Summer used those same contacts to leave Vulcan just before the start of the University Year, her parents fully believing that she would accept the honour of being a human at the Vulcan University studying diplomacy and didn’t realise she was gone until it was too late. She enrolled at Starfleet academy and put her name down for Intelligence/Security Course.

Her first year passed easily, and she avoided being dragged to the family manor house in England due to the fact that she had signed her agreement with Starfleet to stay in the fleet for a period of 10 years. She also managed to refuse the arranged marriage her parents rushed to push on her.

2255 – 2nd Official year at Academy

After one year at the academy, her Intelligence trainers pulled her into the infiltration course, which was an accelerated course for those they believed would be good at undercover work. She still showed up for her main courses, but other than that she spent the majority of her time deep within the Intelligence department in London, learning all she could. She learned several languages, how to vanish in a crowd and many other skills.

2256 – 3rd Official Year at academy

In her third year, she began undertaking small missions around the Academy. Her parents visited during that time, bringing with them an eligible young man who they hoped would turn Summer’s head from the course of being a Starfleet Officer. It didn’t work and they left with each party being disappointed in the other.

2257 – 4th Official Year at academy

Summer was one of the Intelligence Officer Cadets recruited to attempt to find Admiral Archers’ Prized Beagle. Not that they would find the beloved pet after Cadet Scott, beamed it somewhere. Not that she looked for it very hard..She hates dogs. And she found that dog particularly annoying. Before Scott left for exile, he found a small pile of cash in his suitcase from an anonymous donor. She graduated in the top 5% of her class and was not expected to do a Cadet cruise due to her extracurricular activities during the past 4 years.

2258 – Assigned to the USS Sovak, Ensign Intelligence Officer, Vulcan Destruction

Summer was assigned officially to the USS Sovak, but was not on it when news of Vulcan’s destruction hit. She was in fact on Andoria undercover as a Starfleet cadet on a training mission. Both her parents were killed in the attack and her older brother succeeded to the title. She dutifully attended the memorial for her parents on Earth and again refused to fall into the family line of marriage and a career in the diplomatic corps.

She inherited a house in Bermuda from her parents and a nice sum of funds which were not entailed. Summer gave up her apartment in San Francisco and moved her belongings to the house in Bermuda. And promptly locked her family out with the security system.

2259- London Bombing, Lieutenant JG, Starfleet Headquarters, Earth Intelligence Officer

Summer was present near the building when it blew. Only due to luck, she and several others survived the bombing of the Archives, by the skin of their teeth. She was among the first responders to the tragedy, and even though SI had knowledge of what was going on in that building, Summer was too low level to know about it.

She was sent on recon missions to the outlying planets of the Federation to gain intelligence on what the general populace was saying about the bombing and subsequent events. As well as whatever any other voices were saying. So she missed the crashing of the Vengeance into San Francisco. After that she was assigned to clean up crews, hunting down traitors who had worked on the project and those who had supported the rogue admiral.

2260 – Launch of the Enterprises’ 5 year mission

A year later she was among those who gathered for the memorial and watched as the post she applied for, was given to some blond in science on the Enterprise. SI were not impressed as they wanted someone on that ship but their candidates had been denied by Kirk, wanting as it was rumoured, tits and arse on his ship rather than brains. It should be noted that in her years at the Academy, she didn’t meet any of the current Enterprise crew.

2261-2261: Lieutenant JG, Medical Leave

In 2261, Summer was injured in a reconnaissance mission, when she came up against a group of Orion pirates and unfortunately came off second best. They stabbed her multiple times and left her for dead, but she was lucky and her handler got her to Medical treatment. She spent 4 months on Earth recovering from her injuries, and was lucky the blades had missed her spine.

During this time, Summer retreated to her home in Bermuda and took the time to rest and relax. She spent days swimming and collecting shells and basically being a beach bum.

2261-2263: Lieutenant, Starfleet Intelligence, Undercover Operative

After her recovery time, she returned to active duty with a promotion to full Lieutenant. She spent the next year and a half working undercover and building up a number of new contacts and identities to support her covers. Within the SI organisation, Summer was known as Wraith.

2263 - A year of Changes

In 2263 a lot of things happened within the Federation: Starbase Yorktown is activated for active duty. Launch of the Defiant; Ambassador Spock Dies, The Enterprise is destroyed; USS Franklin is discovered intact (relatively after Kirk finished with it.)

For Summer, it is a year of change:

Summer was reassigned from her Undercover work, to a ‘desk’ job due to the official fact that she needed out of the work and the Intelligence chiefs thought it was time for her to take a break. Unofficially, they wanted an officer on the newest ship in the fleet and could present Summer to the board as a competent officer with multiple skills. So they got her an assignment on the USS Defiant as their Intelligence Officer/Executive Officer.

After a short period she was pulled for undercover work, and she knew that she would lose her post as XO and didn’t care about it. She went to Starbase 1 undercover in security and was able to assist with hunting down more traitors to Starfleet who followed Marcus’s way of doing things.

After 6 more months she requested a transfer back to the Defiant. She was granted it, and at her request her name was left off the transfer paper work. She was feeling rather melodramatic and wanted to surprise her own CO. But She then learned the Defiant was missing and Summer, wrangled to get onto the Search Vessel. She would be there when they found the Defiant. And then she would set about making her life again on the Defiant.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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