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Taal Pietersen

Taal François Pietersen

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: South Africa, Earth.
Played by: kharlpieterson

Physical Appearance

Taal stands at 6ft, weighs roughly 205 lbs and possesses a fair skin complexion with short blonde hair styled like the marines of old. His misty blue eyes fluctuate between his natural colour and a more grey tint at times.


Generally on the level though known to be a hothead at times, something he has strived to curb with relative success over the years channeling his aggression into sports like association football and boxing.

Pre-Service Biography

Born in South Africa on Earth, Taal is descended from the Boer people of his countries past. Whilst proud of his heritage he has often sought to go out on his own two feet, leading him to join Starfleet.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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