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Tan’ato Tejera

Tan'ato Tejera

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Orion
Played by: kahlessnestor

Physical Appearance

Height: 7'0"
Weight: 300 lbs
Hair Color: Black/None
Eye Color: Green
Physical Description: Tan is huge and hulking, his entire body tightly compacted muscle. He has black Orion tribal tattoos and scars, both ritual and inflicted, that he usually keeps covered with clothes.


General Overview: Tan is a gentle giant, but it covers a tightly controlled deep-seated violence he struggles to keep in check. Loyal, watches out for the underdog, compassionate. Violent when provoked, passive toward females

Pre-Service Biography

Tan doesn't know who his parents were. His earliest memories are of running with a Syndicate-affiliated orphan gang on Orion. He would beg, or pick pockets, or break into homes and steal.

When Tan came of age he was chosen as a slave by Deneia Tejera, a high ranking Syndicate member and pirate. She had many males in her service and was a cruel mistress, and Tan, like all her males, was under the subjugating effects of her pheromones. He served as muscle in her criminal endeavors and as plaything. She soon came to recognize his intelligence, however, and he moved up in her organization.

Eventually Tan was arrested after one of Deneia’s endeavors went sour. He nearly died as he went through severe withdrawal from lack of his mistress's pheromones. When he was released, having nowhere else to go and wanting to improve his life, Tan applied to join Starfleet. Wanting to get away from his violent past, he self-educated so he could enter the engineering program rather than a security or tactical position to which he had more experience. He was sponsored by Captain Artemis Pierce.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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