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Relvsian sh’Zorhacs

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Andoria
Played by: Ehestri

Physical Appearance

Tall distinguished Andorian of late middle age with a firm jawline, prominent antennae, and impeccably groomed hair and eyebrows. He has a resonant voice and good at projecting strength.


Commanding, stubborn (or as his press puts it: steely resolve); he has something of a hot temper but having served for several terms as a Council member he has learned to temper it when necessary, and also when to let it show for effect. He understands the system well and uses a natural gift for cunning to navigate it.

Pre-Service Biography

After a decade of exemplary service in the Andorian Planetary Defense Corps, Relvsian stood for Federation representative from Andoria and after two successful terms marked by leading his Protection Party in the Council, he was elected UFP President in 2393. Having completed a successful term, he is now standing for a second term.

StarFleet Service History

Planetary Protection Party,  “Federation Now, Federation Forever”

- Focus on member worlds, the core of the Federation, while also providing security and opportunity for colony worlds, which are essential to the future of the Federation
- A strong Federation through a strong Starfleet focused on protecting our own worlds

Awards Won

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