Thomas Wolf

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Human
Played by: Kate Banninga

Physical Appearance

Thomas is lean and tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has tanned skin due to being outside a lot and running.


Thomas looks like most Northern Europeans do, Blonde hair and blue eyes. He got his looks from his mother. He doesn't know who his father is. All he knows of the man is that he is human, his curiosity made him to do a DNA test on himself in school.

Pre-Service Biography

Being the only son of a single mother, Thomas was born and raised on a small town in the north of Luxembourg, Earth. He was the product of a one time liaison. His childhood was relatively ordinary, growing up in a rural town.

When he was seventeen he saw his mother die from an unknown decease. During the months of her illness he cared for her. When there was nothing more to do to save her he felt so helpless. He decided then and there that he wanted to whatever he could to help other. Having always had good grades at school he was able to apply to Starfleet soon after and got accepted.

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