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Tim Portillo

Tim Portillo

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: ericevan

Physical Appearance

Tim is of average Human height, with a build on the thinner side of Human standards. He wears his hair a bit longer than he did in the Academy, but still within regulations. He has a scar on his left arm from a childhood holodeck accident.


Tim is generally amiable, but is seen as somewhat of a “slacker” by those superior to him. After working hard to get into the Academy, he decided to take things easy for a bit. However, this period of relaxation ended up lasting throughout most of his time at the Academy. It was only a dressing down by the Deputy Commandant of the Academy late in his third year that got him back on track. Still, regardless of his efforts to prove himself in his last year at the Academy, he has a poor reputation among his superiors.

Pre-Service Biography

Timothy “Tim” Michael Portillo was born in 2374 in Berlin on Earth, just after the end of the Dominion War, and grew up a Starfleet “brat”. Both of his parents were proud Starfleet officers and were posted to Earth at the time of his birth - his father as a doctor with the Starfleet Medical Corps (although, at the time of Tim’s birth, he had been temporarily assigned to treat the wounded on the front lines of the war) and his mother as a logistics officer at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. They had met at the Academy and their joint posting to Earth gave them time to start a family - although timed poorly with the war, they knew that such an opportunity may not present itself again for a while longer. Tim was the middle child, with an older brother and a younger sister. In time, all three would follow their parents into Starfleet.

Tim and his siblings moved frequently throughout their childhoods and were raised on their parents’ various postings. These included a variety of stations and planetside bases. Most of the time their family was assigned to the same location, but from time to time one of his parents would be assigned to a starship, separated from the rest of the family. Growing up largely in space affected Tim’s outlook on life, making him prefer living in space to living planetside.

Tim’s childhood was rather normal, although he developed an interest in engineering, particularly of the electronic systems present in computers and other technologies of the late 24th century. In particular, he was fascinated by the possibilities of the holodeck, taking time to use it whenever he had the opportunity. Unfortunately, as with all technologies, the holodeck could malfunction at times. One time in his late teens, Tim decided to enter a holodeck bat’leth tournament. However, halfway through his match, the safety protocols inadvertently became disabled due to a programming error in the holodeck software. Thankfully, this only resulted in a flesh wound on his left arm, but he refused treatment to remove the scar because his teenage self thought it made him look “cooler”. He still hasn’t gotten around to going to the doctor to finally get this scar removed.

Tim eventually applied to Starfleet Academy on Earth, much to the approval of his parents. His older brother had already graduated from the Academy and was now serving as a junior Intelligence Officer on the USS Yucatan, a Luna-class exploration vessel. He had been a talented student throughout his youth and was accepted to study computer engineering at the Academy. After achieving so much, Tim thought it was best to take a break before starting his journey into Starfleet. However, he found himself unable to fully get back on track after his period of relaxation. For the first two and a half years at the Academy, he passed his classes, but just barely. Socially, he was well-liked and was friends with a number of other cadets at the Academy. However, he gained a reputation as a “slacker” and was involved in a few harmless, but still disruptive, pranks on fellow classmates. Toward the end of his third year at the Academy, his father, now rising in the ranks of the Admiralty, heard that Tim was on the verge of being kicked out of the Academy for subpar performance and unbecoming behavior and called in a favor to a friend from his own Academy days, now the Deputy Commandant of the Academy. Tim was called in to the Commandant’s office and was severely dressed down for his poor academic performance. However, the Commandant recognized that, while Tim had performed marginally in the majority of classes, his performance in his communications engineering and bio-neural circuitry classes was exceptional. Instead of issuing him a formal warning that would remain in his service record, the Commandant offered a deal: Tim would avoid a formal warning if he immediately improved his academic performance and maintained it throughout his last year at the Academy. Tim, seeing the potential consequences of his slacking for the first time, accepted this offer and rededicated himself to his coursework.

However, despite his efforts to change, his poor academic reputation remained. When it came time for post-graduation assignments, Tim was among the last students to be given an assignment. Tim knew that Starfleet Command might not look favorably upon his first three years at the Academy, but he still hoped for a marginally acceptable assignment that would allow him to prove himself. However, he was still prepared for the worst, knowing full well that the most prestigious assignments went to the top graduates from the Academy. Eventually, he was assigned to Starbase 50 (“Poseidon Station”), as a Computer Systems Specialist, given his focus in this area. Eager to prove himself, Tim set out on a transport to the starbase, waiving most of the usual post-graduation leave granted to new Academy graduates.

StarFleet Service History

2392-2396: Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2396: Enters active duty as an Ensign
2396-Present: Computer Systems Specialist, Starbase 50 (“Poseidon Station”)

Awards Won

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