T'Loa Amihan

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Vulcan
Played by: Martyrzade

Physical Appearance

T'Loa is a mixture of High Vulcan, British and Philippino. Short of stature but with a lean, athletic build that makes her surprisingly physically strong. With long black hair, usually accented in a varying array of brown tan and blonde, with deep brown eyes. She is strong and exceptionally fit from a triad of daily workouts. Her browline takes after her father's side with only the pointed ears betraying her partial Vulcan heritage.


T'Loa was the product of an illicit affair between a Human Engineer and a Vulcan woman. The girl was unwelcome as part of the old Vulcan family and when her father returned to Earth, she returned with him. Welcomed by her stepmother, she found a home on Earth. Always the best student in her classes, she turned out to be exceptionally bright even by Vulcan standards. She also did well in athletics due to the natural strength and agility her dual heritage gave her. T'Loa moved through the curriculum quickly and won early entrance to University level training as well as early entrance to the Academy.

The latter led to her rediscovery by the Vulcan side of her family who attempted to have her returned to Vulcan to be raised properly in the ways of logic. T'Loa embraced an emotional path especially in her response to her mother's family. She has taken up a correspondence with her birth mother but has had only limited contact with the rest of her Vulcan family and considers her stepmother to be her actual mom.

Growing up with older classmates led her to mature more quickly than would normally have been expected of her. Though she has a fully operational conversational filter she will often choose not to use it in off-duty situations. She is warm, friendly, talkative, generally likeable and is eager to try new things.

She is dedicated to physical fitness, specifically deadlifting and Lacrosse.

Pre-Service Biography

2375 Born in Tivuk Range, Vulcan
2388 GED from Pacific Edge High, Siargao Island, Philippines, Earth
2392 Graduated from Siargao Institute with a degree in Psychology and concurrent coursework from Starfleet Academy
2393 Graduated from Starfleet Academy
2393 Promoted to Lt-jg based on Academic excellence.
2393 Assigned as Chief Diplomatic Officer aboard the USS Endeavor

T'Loa was on Cadet teams for gymnastics and lacrosse during her only year at San Francisco. She was on the Lacrosse team for her University in her final year as well.

Author Martyrzade
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